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Carefully KeviscdWeekly by the Publislier. Ann Aebok, June 24. .Asbuyers aay, the "wheitt niarket niuat have touched bottom" at the low priee of 90 cents, cur. rent rates of yestej d.iy and day before. This is conceded to be a lower figuro than the new erop will bring, though $1 ia believcd to be the outside price at wMch it will open from aalt'B for delivdry in July and Auguöt, in Toledo anl Detroit. Larga as the crops of the past three yeara have been the present is though t to be a largurone and without theforeign demand that cuusumed eo much of thera the price cnn not be expected to be higber, if indeed it is so bijïh as $1. Wool is moving more freely in Ann Arbor. One of our iirnis purchased 12,000 pocnds on Tuesday at pi ices rangingfroru 30 to 35 cents, S6 being paid lor extra nico. TUa 1 itter iig'ire will n jt from the iresent outlook be paid for much of the erop. Far. ncrs compluiü because there is not a better inarket for this article. ïhey believe and with burae plauyil'ility tbat woel having reached 40 to 50 cents ate ia the winter and spring the figures nowofFered iro lower than they ought to be. It should bc remembered that there was f "boom" in many other hinga, nails lor instance tbat advanced íruiu S2.50 to $7 per keg, the price of wbich bas receded to ïearly the oíd figuro. So it was with wool. It advanced too much and the declino is the natural ... niaii:uu(uurers win not pay last sprin's prices and will close their inills rather than todo o. Henee the ideas of buyers and growers are bo jffereut that this season's erop has thus far inoved veryslow. "Wool has not declinedso muchas wheat wbich has fallen from $1.40 to 90 cents. "We quote rom a Boston circular of dato June 19: Thrre is no improvement in the woolmarket ovci iPt wetk, and tbc situation is praetically unhanged. The sales foot up abuut the same, but iere and there we note sales at lower prices th:in ïave been quoted since Üctobor. There have been uiti' ii number of our leading ma nu facturera in uwd, Int they li uve been content tu purchase only vhattlny required íor immediate use. We have ttrely known them to be so indiHerent at this time f year. Sorae of them niu&t make large purchüses etore a great wiiile, but for the present they seem ntiiel eatistleU to take their chances later on. Ve Lear of a little iniprovemeut in the dt?in!ind for woolen goods, but it has not been of eulficient krenRih to huve auy eöect. Manufacturers say hey must have further concessions in wool to euht- tlum to sell tfuods at ruling prices and make nything. This may or may not be so, but we oiice that there are iewer of them in thu interior Liying wool than lor some years past. EETAIL KATES. Beanp - 5c per quart. Bran- 70cts per hundred. Hutter- 15c. Oheese - 14c. Corn- 30c ear; shelled 55c. Corn Meal-Coarse 1.15; $2 bolted. Effgs- 12Uc. FÏour- 7. Patent #8rS!9.ñ0pei barrel, (round Feed- $1-10 per huudred or$16 per ton. Ilams - Buaax cured 12c. Hominy- 4c per lb. Lard- 10c. Oats- 35c. Oattural- 4@5c. Potatoes- 60, Pork- freafa LOalíUo: salt SalOc. 8alt-Oiioinbiga$l.75,Saginaw 31.75, CoarseS2.25 Shoulders- 8c. Tallow- Ge.


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