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High School Exhibition

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The annual exhibition of the High School lakcs place to-dayat the Presbyterian church beginning at 10 a.m. An mui.siiallv intarestintc entertainment is proviaea tnere ueing a ïargegrauuaimg clase numbering aixty-eight and combining moro üilimt that any class that lias graduated for many yeara. The follovving is the PBÖQRAMMK. Music. l'r.iyer. Music 1. The Turn of the Screw- Martha W. Iiarry, Ann Arbor. 2. The Debt of Capital to Learning- Iiarry Bitner, Mt. Carroll, 111. 8. Pyramids and Pigmies- Mary E. Farnsworth, Ann Arbor. 4. Lessons in Stones - Cliarles II. Cooley, Ann Arbor. Music. 5. Olouds- Mary L.Gott, Ann Arbor. c. Diplomacy and Diplomatists - J. Albert Case, Aubum, Ind. 7. A Rock Ahead- Clementina L. Ilouk'hton, Ann Arbor. 8. National Conscience- Richard M. Dolt, Anamosa, Ia. 9. Origin of Speech- IsabeJlalI.IIull, Hamburg. Music. 10. Simon says "Thumbs up"- Bessie V. llnnt, Ann Arbor. 11. One of the fine arts- Mary M. Hendrickson, Ann Arbor. 12. Limitations of Development - Frank C. Wagñet, Ann Arbor. 18. Popular Admir ilion to greaft Tliieves- Addie M. Knight, Aan Arbor. Music. 14. Edücatlon in Ancient Rome - Bdward I!. Wagner, Ann Arbor. 15. Essay on Criticism - Millie S. Knowlton, Ann Arbor. IC. Schiller- Emily R. Stebbins, Ann Arbor. 17. Brlght Spots in Uir Middle Ages - Ely C. Williams, Wauseon, O. Music. I'resentation of Diplomas. Music. Benediction. - "■■ II --1---+ ________ CLAS8ICAL COITRSE. Lois T. Angel], ('liarles Ashley, Karry Bitner, Charles E. Uennett, J. Albcrt Case, Charles II. Cooley, Alice E. Cummins, Mary M. Hendrickson, Bessie P. Munt, Isabella II. Huil, Henry J. Jackson, Lydia A. Mitchell, Walter Miller, Kihvanl C. Fitkin, Albert B. Stonns, Julián H. Tyler, Edward R. Wagner, Frank C. Wagner, Ely C. Williams and WillianiF. Word. LATÍN COUESJ5. Marthfl W. Barry, Ilenry O. Crane, Richard M. Dott, Louis J. Fasqiielle, Mai y L. Gott, T. W. Gilmore, Clementina L. Hcmghton, Addie M. Knlght, Millie S. Knowlton, Fred A. Mulieynolds, Lydia A.. Mitchell, Emily B.Stebhiiis, Cliarles II. Riehmond, Edward R. Wagner, Frank C. Wagner, Bertram Wheedon and Ely C. Williams. SCII;.NT11K.' COIKSH. Anna R. Burnett, Carrie M. Comstock, Warren A. O)mstock, Charles V. ('annan. Maria L. Douglas, Alice Douglas, Maiy E. Farnsworth, Henry F, Fdrbea, Nettie G. Gregg, ('liarles E. Houghton, Martha Henion, Elida M. Lovejoy, Charlotte L. Millard, Idella C. Stanley, McKendree T. Seolye, Charles W. Thomson, Walter L. Taylor, James II. Rrosenkranz, Edltb M.Wood, Jessie IJ. Woud and ('arrie L. AVatts. ENOLIMI COtTBSB. Ida May Cook, Emma K. Sabin, Esiclla ;. MozArt, Jessie B. Wood and Clara Winegar. COMMERCIAL COUKSE. Charles M. AnnstroBg, Jdhn F. Hertschen, William II. Prioe, Jacques M. Paul and W'illiain V. Watte.


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