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MEDICINAL. To Nervous Suíterrs--The Great Kuropeaii Kemedy - I)r. ƒ. 1!. Simps.m's bpeclflc Medicine. It ís a positivo cure for permntorrhea, Seminal :Weakne-H, Impotency, and all dweaaes resulting1 from Self-AHwe, aa Mental Anxiety, after. jL.. Losa üf Memory, L Jl Jf ide. and diseasea %2@=L, ■.''í?- euml'í'unt insanity lP'JM?} í_Si tiV V ' riiir is beimr u",iyíf'' witli wnn'liTfTi! sn eneas . Pamphlete sen1 freetoall. Write for th' m and ge( ful] particniars. Prlco Spwfflc, $1.00 peí packge,qi hix pacientes íor $5.00. A Mress a' ordera t . J. R. SIMPLÓN MKPTCTKFCO,, Ko. 104 and 106 -Main Btíeet, Buffiüo, N.Y. For sale in Anu Arbor ly Eberbaoli & Kon, nnp by alLdruggista cvQTjyihete. NERVOUS DEBILITY. GRAY'S 8PECIFIC MEDICINE. TRADE AR-nXG Grmit lín_r,DE K "k Hsli Iteineüy, $fë$$h JsSft s- Jh''ai 'mfiiilint: cure if'f, 'Si ;, 'tfjn Weaknese, LjAí'"'" a-I Jt-ptF tency.and all 7 Before Taking 8 rfSSÍo After Takin Univeral LassKudc, Pnin ín the R;ick, Diiniu'ss of Vision, Premature Oíd A#e, and many ollier diseases tliat lead to lnsanity, Coimumption and aPrematnre (nive. J$jf Ful! partioulars irt ourpamphlets, which we desire to send free by inail to every one. The Rpeeiíic Medicine if sold by all Drutísristp at 1 per packagot or bíx pack ages for $0toi wiíl be sent by mail on recPÍpt of tbe monr-.y y nd dressing THE (.JUAY MEDICINÉ CO., No 10 MeohaniOB' Block, "Detroit Mich. -VffPolfl in Ann Arbui by all Drugyiatfl, and by lruggists everywhere HALLS BALSAM Cures Cl!s, Pneumonía, Bronchitis, Asthnra, Croiip, Whoopinz Congh, and all disenses of the Jireatliíng Organs. It soothes and heals tiie Meiubrane of the Luiigs, inflante! and poisoncd by the disease, and prevenís the nigrlitsweats and tightness across the chest whieh aceompany it, CONSÜMPTÍON is not an incurable nialady. It is only ecessary to have the ri?ht remedy, and HALL'S BALSAM isthat remedy. DON'T VESPAIll OF RELIEF, for this benisrn speciílc will cure you, even thoiigh professional aid fails. HENRY'S CARBOLIC SALVE t he Most Po werfuZ Uealing Agent ever DLscovered. Ilenvy's Car bolle Salve cures the worse tforcs, Henry's Carbolic Salve allays the pain of bitrris. Henry's Carbolic Salve cures all erupttOHS, Henry's Carbolic Salve heals pimple and llenry's Carbolic Salve tvill cure cttls uittl bruis es, Ask for Hemry's, and Take No Other PT BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. Jtf IBTMIj híWlñ CURES IJÍ OSE MINUTE. ggn_jjjiiÉ3p A SURE PREVENTIVE OF Contagious Diseases, C'oíds, Iloarseness, Dipñtheria,' and Whooping Cough. IHfasant to lite Taste. v JOIIN V. HESIiY, ('CURAN fc CO., i COi-lUETURd, 24 Ooileae Pluee, New York. THE READY FAMILY SOftP IfiñKER: 93 PER CENT. PURE. (Patented.) STOELY POWDEltED. HIGItLY PERFUMED. Tho Ntrongcst and purest Lye made. Will make V pounds of the bost Pcrfuiued Harti Soap in 20 minutas withmil: boilin. Tho best watcr-softcner mudo, ïho best lisiiifectant. TÍU3 fOUOWiiiK are Borne of tlio nlvnntnffn obtained ly usmg1 Lewis' 98 Per Cent. Puwdered Lye; .g. First. Tt ifl paokeeï ïn an irnn ran with ■HT'i iP ' RP or roiiiovablo lid, easily taken off BrnBA and leavinK the contenta exposed, there' Tfwlp by the trouble, aunoyauce, and L■■ Ib (■tn"'-r Cfrom flylng ptutix&eá). u HflBwith nther Lyes, which, lviiif? am mk 8oli(i in the canR, must be n arl broken with a iiaiuiner to get i V sKCnf l rl)B jye outA UA ccond It beiner a fine x9J CBApowdcri yon can romo ve the ! AyJjfV lid and [our out all tho . V sfll ' toiits, bcinK alwayB ready for ! T 1 use. WOL Thïrd. A teappoonf ni or more oan be tfrifafcr nwïd. hr in water-softening, Bcrubbiiwr, fB etc.,adtheUdreturnodtothocan,and Mfa thereby save tho balance of contenta. ■O Wilh othorLyos all nmft be rtinivcil Hiet once and usei ia a short tioiu, or the MLJw, Btronsrtli is peone. ■rí S Kmirtli. Ábsnlnte purity. Free -'' '■"' frdui all tilultcratioTis. FifHi. The best Soap can be madü in from ten to twenty minutes with this Lye. Sixí.Ii. No failure is poseible in making1 Soap Wlth thla Lye wiien the biiailo diractiuna givea are followea. Seventh. One can of thia Powderöa Iye is equnl to twenty iionntla ui' tíul bu da ur Washiutj Suda. KilUi. Ono can of this Tye wiU aponify one Eiund moro of ktcíisc than any other Cünociitratud ye. Eall Potash, or Saponíñer. TViiith. Thia Lyc ie 2S pur cent, stronger than aTiy other Ijye or Potaeh. Tentli. One to two iBpoonfuls will Boften a tub of tho hardeet water. Kleventh. One teaepoonfnl wili thorouhly cltMiir'tï Binks, Dralns, or l ! Invaluable fT kilhng Boachoa, Mioe, Kats, etc. Thu best articlo lor wapliiug" Trees. MAKUFACTUHEÖ OTïTT IïT G.T.Lêwis 8b Mensies Co. ,v.-jrsïv,-# WIELIAM HEID, flJgfOg Windovy Glass, Piaie Glass. 0 I K9 f? 11 eleá 5i.m. Silvcr Plated ■ I Hl ,-. I ■ Hl Ij BMll '■ ■"■ t'rci..-li and :,.r. rj 9 h J nrt flí'3T.?l i ';' "i OU, Colon, l'utlT, 1 1 i I B WJW'TJryi BJI Folnt, et. Mlf'3lilMJ_:M ol : .„.thlng, irrite for - i -- J minea. ÍS & 1 Oongress St. East, Detroit, Mich, IIIIIV 'l'O AI'TAIN MJCCESS. Wilhout keaUK, Ufe is a i'ailure. Yeli.ow Kyes, Salj.ow Comtlexion, Loss of Arri:iiTK, Dyspepsia, SickHkadachk, Biijoi58iíess, and Constipation. is tiic n Bult ui' i complaining Liveb. MAJvCKAU'iS LlVKR AND ANTI-B1I.IOU8 Cümihu'M) is acknowledged as a uure cure íbr the enfeebled system. Powe8ing ';CAS('AKA SAGRADA," witli other meritorioue ingrediente, makea it an infnllible remedy lor Equai.izing the CmcuLATio.v, purifying the Blood, and restoring tu Perfect IIealtii the enfeebled tystam. 75 cents per bottle. Town'i Bronchial 8yrup cures all Lnng, Throat and (Jiiest diseases. 75 cents per bottle. Fahi-.axt), Wtlliams & Co., Wholesale Druggi.sti, Detroit, Agtnts. lor salo by II. J. IJilO V & CO .


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