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Points About Welding

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Tlio lilarksriiith rtnd Wkeélmrtght, a fonrnal 1 lint ou rht to kii-nv. vs lint to olitani a srooi rotittI wH, thn folowiii;;- poluta shonl i bc obscrwi : The senrf shonld bo niifllciontiy lavi'oi1 thnn the lini-lid sïilo to permit ( lir weid to lic well (li-iwii out after wpWíiit. Thfi iiiiüt surfawi of tlic scai'f gliould bn sHarhtlv roiinlinj?, so that, wlirn tho tivn olores nre plnoed to (rnMipr to wold, tlioro wül be 110 airinolo ■" 1 lii'hn'i'n thnm. T!ioy rIiouIiI !) hoitnfl ín n clenv firn ofbi'i ilii ren ! nol ■■!■;(' 'in no.i!. Tliick pïpcos slioiiM int 1 r hcated too qnicky, or the interiov iiitil will not bo brought ny to tlifl ivqnïréil tempcraliiri. Tlinv rli 'ii i iil l)c frotJhfiBtly lunici in the flie, to insum uniformity of t.Miipcr:i t 'i rr, airl ihido M hot is possil''c wil hom bnvnïn r thern. Tliey sbould bo withdrswn froni th fii7 oer ■i'-i i!i:ill', nul api"inklO(l willl s:ii 1,%vhichserves toiixclnde (heairfrotn the siu'faco au I prevóíit oxidüfion, and ui the H'inu1 time coola lbo ontev nul tli ï ii cdj-os, glviini thfi intoroi" nidal nnd thickcr parts timo come lieateu all tlirough. Whon the piceos aro plaoOd upon tho anvil to weld them, toey ghonld bo qniokly cleaned with citlier a wiro hrush a pioce of wood made r:iríc.l by liaviii! been hammerod. The soui's shoiikl bo placed to woll overlap eacli otlior. and shoiikl recüive lifrht and qtiiokly euccoeding blows at iirst, and heavier ones afterwnrd. As soon as the píecen are firmly joined, the lnnner blovvs slionld be delivered with a view to close the edgea of i lio scarf, so that the joint of tho weid shall not show where tho job is flnislied. Itrequires precisión and quickiifss to do a nice job of weldinr. Tiie metal must be haudled whilooffll Fistenonh to join well nudor the liaininor'a blows amí the work should be thoroniíhly finished during that time. A perfect weid if seldoia obtaüiej in tlie oi'diuary shops.


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