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Careless Farmers

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It is amazing to eoiisider the extent towhicli loases are incurrid on tho one hand, and sales and oceupations affoi-ded on the othcr hand by the inexcusable earelessness ot' people who kn&W betterand ought to do botter. Tlie fastening of a well-buckot is derang'od or a hoop is loose, but the thoughtless man or woman nover notices the u-ou ble nnt il tho bucket isdroppcd in tliewell or thebottoin is out. Taen time is lost, the family inconvenicneed, and perhapa a neighbor gets a job ot' work and tlic pay. Tlie gate-lateh is out ot' order ; no atteutión is paid to it : tho hogs or cows get in ; the shrubbery is destroyed ; tlie gardener is eniploycd, and tho nurserymau lias an ordor. A tire is loose on the wheel ; the wyod is swiftly wearing away - a littlc care wou ld sét inatlers righ t ; no pains are taken ; away on tlic road, a wheel is crushed, andthewheehvriglithassoinceniployment. A shingle is out of place on the rooi'; one nail would mend the trouble; tliat nail isn't driven ; tho rain sleals in, and soon tho plaslercr is paid to use trowol and brush. A bridlo rein is woaU;a bit is worn; nobody thinks of cxaniining either; a hors:: is drawn to oue side, or a horse runs awáy; á veliiclí is broken - and a carriage-makor or Idackudtli is prolHed, or perhaps a birgcou has a proliLabloetigageníeat. Tlie waierofa well is impure; those who use it complain, and lio proper steps are taken ; the tamily have serious sickness'; the druggist sells hls medicines and the doctor getg-ilis tees. in the same way the cellar is i'oul, and the mephitic gases escape through thefloor; the blood is poisoncd, and the lever rages ; soine suli'ui', so:;ie ilie ; the physician has a harvest, and even the and sexton fiuds employmcnt. A st.ove chimuey is in dangerous condition, people have oyes to see but dou't, use Uiem ; the fire soon does its work. Öo ot' many things. During Iaat year twelve pei"8ona in the U. 8, and Europe gave an aggregate of $3,000 to the causo of foreigu inissions.


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