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Postoffice Salaries In France

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Few tliing aro moro stmklng tiian the rrhuive inen,Teness of the salaries which, in France, are íbund adequate to insure a pastal service quite as prompt and more trustworthy than our O.W.B. It is truc that the Postmaster General receives $10,000 a year, and that his IViur ohief aasistarits get frona $2,500 to $3,000. Chiefe of bureaus, on the otlior hand, are deemed well paid with an animal stipend of $300 to $1,800, and tha elerks employod in the central administrntion are glad to obtain $820 to $900 a yiar. The chicí postmaster of Paria is content with a salary of $2,000, the provincial postmasters are satlsfled witli stipenda rauged frona $1,600 in thelargest cities, like Maráeilles or Lyons, to $160 in the smal! towiis. The pay of subordínatea is much lower. The waae oí' mail-roate messengers, fov inBtanoe, range ftom $200 to $860 a year; thoso of letter-carriers, in chics iVoin $160 to$360, and in the rural dis', triets from $80 to $180. As iiSgainle poBtmasters, it should be said that ai additiou is practically made to the salaries above uainod, owing to thc ívg-u lation which compels them to liv1 i the building Avlierc theiroflSces are Bit na tea, and of which the rent is paid b thc jovermiient.


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