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CLty Ufe has iti ploasures anA gyr (i w, which wii'ill ike to enjoy wiion opportnnity ofFbrs, yet Cor real, salid comfort ;ui.l gunuiha cnjoynient, grivo us the fiw, frcsh air of l.iio country. To olio wlio s :in ailinirer it' nature iu her bost aspect, the'cpuntry offers nre opportuiiity tbr research an I Btiuly.- The botanist horo has spi-md bofore liiin subjects tor iuvestisitiou nnd i u 1 - in the grcatest profusión, from ti ic talUcoinmamliiig tbresl trcos to tlie tiiiiesl shrubs oí' flowcr wliich grows. The naturalist heru i-:m stuily untura', tVi'c from (lie nmnv disnilvintacres whicli are foun 1 eNewhuro, tbr lien tilintara intlioir liuinc, and Irce aiul uní r.i ■ 1 1 : ) '.1. :ui,l rail be stmlieil in ;ili their varyiunspi'clsiiii i uoiuüti m. - Tlio habits, turind tu.l cou.litioiH ot' bii'da can bo Btu I i. id witii the most fuvorabia opporttiiiitics ot' arriviii al just conchisiiHH, wiii :c. niyi"i:u!s o[' iirsccts can be can f'nt, hiipaietl íijkI prescrvfil. vvhiJe i heii' luibite .-.i be elwu'ly (U'íiiü'ii. Eich uid every bi-atvcli offers a life-tiuiü stiuly toonewho is boru íiatnraKst, auJ there is not the least danei' ' ever hxliaustliig tha subject, foï it i-; :i- exJiaustless as n:iture herself. Look wliat a wu:ilth oí minorals are stwod up tbr ttie uso ns well ;is tha atudy ot' man, and lo trace tlirouh loujf uea ot' time, the prooesses íin;l the foives whigh proilinxíd tliese resul ts ís iu itself a lifo-tinie stiiily. However, th(wa who an: kopt so continua! I y on the go in the i! y, iVoin rliy to tUiy nii.l j'cai' 1 1 yeai', a e ycaerailv tlie ones ivlio uro e"oi' sigliilig lor a trip to tho country, or. w no expectore long, to ii'.vn a couifortable country or rural place, where thcy can pass t.!io downward iva le ot i h'eir 1 i vos iu poace aiul quietness, hikI in a whole-souled coniniuiiion with naturfly Tiiis louging Bcenifi to !)( iuiplanted inthe breasta of all who are pit'ted with the lincr feelings of huniunity, and it is well tliat it is, olsc talent and cncrgy wouhl soon wcar itself out bótwcen cndless rows of brick and stone.


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