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The Jesuit System

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One of the worst features of the Jesuit s_t'iii of oducatioii, aboul which we hear so mach of late, is that it brings np boys to bo nice-mannered littlo formalista or line acholara, but rails to ïiiiikc manly fellows of them. The boy who is tanght that it is his dut y to denounee privatelyacomrnde hum be soes doing wrong may irrow up to have a ínucli kerner eye lor the shortcoiniugs of others tluui lor liis own, aud may at all events beoome m arraut mibcliiet'-maker. One of tlie rules of Jesuits' schoola is tlint iu the pluygrouud tl) reo boys may walk togcHier, but not two. Two might wíix conlidcntial aud become confedéralo in mischief, but there is loss dauger of this if a, third be present. Three boys, Iiowever, who uhould constantly "be seen together wouid soon flnd a reverend lathor gilding alongside of them to join in tlieircouversation. The Jesuits apply all tlieir energies to obtain mastersliip over the Blinda of thoir pupils, and the Worst limit in tlieir eyes is to be un indicipline - that is, to have a mut'mous spirit. If a boy conlided to them bc unciean, grecdy, uncuuth, meudacious, or dissipated, they try, not unsuccessfully as a rule, to cure htm of hia bod habita ;. but if they find that he luis au indepenxlent spirit wliich cannot becurbed, they speedily get rid of hini, lest lie should leatl the others aslray. It mattere nothiug to them that the rebellious boy be frank, honorable and iearless ; the moment it is pro ved that he can not be remlered docile he is regarded as dangerous. The resul t ol this is, that in the Jesuit colleges boys grow up to have a uniform pat ter n ; they must d.ller in their , ; . , i . i , , ., i .. )',:.. .i . - -wio et re slowly aml surely shaped in the same mokl. It' the Jesuits are abhoiTed in France it is niainly because men bruuyht up in other schools find that they can ïi'-ver thiuk or argue with their pupils. Jusuitry timkea men whose opinioiis and prejudiees are not of Uiis a '0.


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