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Luminous Paint In Railway Coaches

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The evoiiiikm oí' ligut trom iiianinate objeeis is universal ly kuown, ,uough ït is veiy uiüicult to uve a atistiictory explauation ol' the princi,'lcs mvolved. The light eiuitted Vuui Prof. Balmaiu's Uuuiiioiis paiut 8 uudouutediy due to cnemieal acion. TheEnglieh JiaiïitfayiVewisays : We uidersüuid Laat onc oi lue carriages 011 the GreaL Western Raüway has teen uaiuted witli tUu lato Prol', iiaiuaiii 8 luminotis paiut, and tiiaiiy sci iutitic men und nuhvay represen ta.ivea have taken ad van lage oí' their iivitation to lauc short trips on the Metropolitan itailway in order Lo e.t Liiu efficiency of the experiment. t is gratil'yiug to Jiave to aniiuunee ,hai on all hands considera oie sausactiou has been oxpressod at tlie reiiit. A íirst-class carriage was ciioseii or the experiaieuts, and in the dayigbt its appeai'ance is very ÜLLle, it" diiy at alj, üitlereiit lo oi-ainary paiut, jut du ring liie imie tlie carriage is xposeü lo the liglit the paint is rap.iiy absorbing tie daylight, only to ive i'orih the saine the moment tlie airiage is traveiing in the dark. At liit tne light emittèd is only slight - ïot tliat the paint is auy different in is illttniinating powers, but me pujils oi' ihe eyes of the travelcr have ïot yet been acoustomed to the light, 'or, as the joiinioy proceeds, the eariage ftppeai's to be coinpletely lighted up, so much so that the paesengers are euabled easily to recoguize the tea tures ol' tbeir lellow travelers, while üie inic by a walcli is clearly diseernible. L'liia light lasts uot tor a short time, jut continúes forafeyr hours, when tlie carriagc can be again exposed to tlie [ayliglit and the same procesa is gone hmugli. The paint, when once ap)licd, wil!, it appears, last as long as ordinary paint. It may inte est Darwiuites to knovr hat an au top y was pérformed on a mn at the' Hertford hospital in Paris, ha otber day, wlio was discqvered to nive thirteen ribs, the noniml numt-v beins twelve. Tliis isa biological etrocession and is su westive f a uearr relationship to apea han is gonerlly supposc to be tliu caso at tiiis teriod ol li story. During Jlarcli, 83 voq-ols loffc the kïersey, urith 13,963 passen ren. Oi líese, 12,167 went to the U. S., 12 to iritish America, 170 to Bouth America, 28 to Australia, G7 to the Sast Indies, 21 to t!io West Indies, 63 ;o China, and 36 to the west ot' África. L'he natioimlities of the emigrants vero : English, ö.O.Jö; Scotch, SJ ; Irish 2,2a7; t'oreign, 6,614. William Dowd, being bronght np br s'cuteiice at Fonda, X. Y., tor rcroltüig cruelty to his borse, tlie judge jave liiui a Bevers lecture, and said no yould take deliglit in giving him flvo cars in State prison, it, as lie had lea i guilty, lic would vnly senteuce liin to payv line of' flUO and oost, wnich aniounts in all to Si 78, and to stand coiuuiitted until boih wew were paid. The memoirs of Mr. Deliiiip. cAHor of the London Times, are to appear in the feil. In view of his death being so recnnt, and of so many of the cniiïcnt persons with whoin he was closey associated being alive, it might be expected that these memoirs would eay very little as to a great deal of wiiicli the public would like toknow; but, on the other hand, the editor, Sir George Dasent, has the reputal ion of being one of the most Lndisoreet moa in Englandr


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