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A Curious Clock

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The clock i3 eighteen feet hih, eight fcot wide by five feet deep, and weigha four thonsnnd pounds. The framevroi'fe is entirely oí' bliek walnnt, ciegan tly carved. Above the main body of the clock is a marble (lome, upon wliii'h Washington sits in bis chair of state protected by a canopy, which is surmounted by a gilded statuo of Columbia; 011 either .si. lo of Washfri :- on is a coloreil servant in livery guardins? the doors wliich open betweeu the pillars that support the canopy ; ori the four corners of the clock ire black walnnt niches containing human figures, emblematic of the luarch ot lile; the two lower ones nrc supportert by flaming torchos; one of them contains üie figure of an infant, the second the figure of a vouth, the lliird of a man in tniddle life; the fourth ofanaged graybeard, and yet another, direotly over the center, contains a srinniiig skeloion representüig Father Time. These figures hare bella and hammen in üicir hands. AttheeiuLofevery qaarter hour the intant in bis carrea niche strikes wiüi a liny hainsner apon bis beil. At the end ol each haif hour the youth strikes, at the end of the three quarters. tho nian, an nt the end oj each Uour tbc graybeard. Death then followa with a measured stroke U lojl thi: hour, and carved Cupids project irom eitliei' sido, with wuis to itiiicate thai time flies. At tiie same time a lare niiisic box begins to play, and a surpri&ing scène ia enactod upon ilie piatform beneath the canopy ; 'i oí) slowíy riaes trom the cuaii lo bis leet, extending his right ban .1 presenting the Declara don of n te. The door on the Lelt is opeued by the servánt, adinitting ie presidents frora Wasljintou's , inciUdiii, President layes. Mh presitlcnt is dressed in the costüme of lus iiiiic. Passing in file before Washington, they face and nise tlieir handa as they approach hini, walking nauiraUy across the platiorm, disap. pear througb the opposite door, whicli is proinptly clvscd behind tüem by Ihe socond servant. Washington rétu'es into hU cliair, an 1 all is quiet the measnrod tick of the Li i , and the riiigisg of tna quartcr bodrs, until auotiier liour h.u p.lo.sCd. Tho Bank of En rlan 1, it i roportfld h'is at leir'lh liylite i on a Ihorou eüectual safcTii i ■ ■ ■ ■ y. The old in . of Au n ('. ■ :r, al Bonio, is bi'in t iv..i. an arcliitect imo a Buicui'id luod i'u theatre, A íifrroéri Harris County, GenrH, pulls liis [)low while ono ol lus I boys hol, Is the hau.ïle-, au L aUJtUer AT: o; 8 lrvi! ■-. il r I cultivation, and more tüaa ciuo j dred. vartcties of peurs. 1


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