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Evory lnn1-owner hns nor-1 of íhe kn'iw]('i!.;p of' ;i few tilcnwntiry prin' et'trn of reat utility, nfd to s ivo 1 1 i ui imicli perplexïty and aiiiioyniico. I wm spomiing i few daysin a New Kn.íiand vilJaire, writesa correspondent of Land and Home. lt was the cherry sonson, ai, d direetly oppoaite the house of my friend was a rovr of hirirc trees richly Inden with fruit, and idlc men and boys strippcd theni of tlieir fruit, vraiitonly brok off tlio branche, covercd the stdewalks with leavei and broken twig, and made themsplves a uui&mce to'all wïiudvrelt in the iiciirliborhoud. A wulow lady ïi'i,ied ojipoftite and as tlie troes wei ontside ot' her feuuc, sho was nu.iwure Umi he liad any claini to the fruit. My friends wcre not a lit'le surpi-iscd vvhen l told them tliat the olierries were just aa much the property of 0v widow as il' the trees gvew in lier back yard surrounded byavrall ioi-ty feet hih. 1 cxplnined to them tlial tlie land-owncr ovvned to the lle of the hihway, and had a ! to snch eSciusive use and enjoyinent of the same, and of natural producís theieoi', as dïd not obstruct, nu pede, oreudanger the public travel. This is almost invariably the rule in liiis country, except in incprpoi-ated cities control led by municipal charters, wherethc rights of the public are lome times moro extended, and those of the land-owner correspoudiiyly bridget!. Súppose tbat a coiuiiy or a town desires to lay out a road over the land of A. All tinit the county eau claim froni A. is a grant ol' "the riïlit of way" over his land. If he is unwilüng to do this, the proper court Ifill, upun petition, exercise what is known as the rijjht of eminent domain and pass a decree coudenuiiug iiis Innd to the public use. By tliÍB pi-oeeeding1, howcver, tlie public oniy acquire u rightqf.way over the land, and do aciual ownership in the soil itself. Yet a man miy, il he choose, make a deed of lus land to the town or any public Corporation, without enibody[iig any couuitioiial limitatiou as to the purpose tbr wniuli it ia to be usod, and uy so doing he parte wiih hia land total ly and entirely, and the town or corporal ion can appropriate the land to any use it pleases. Nuvertlieless, whenever land is laken i,y judicial decree tbr the pjblio or se..ipuUliC IM6) or is conaeinned to the uurden of a eeryitude (i'or example, a right of way,) it can only be Laken ior a particular purpose, whiefa purposc musí b a piioltc onc; and wiienever in the future, tor any cause whatever, tiie purpose ton wuat il was ly tukeu lails, the lauu imiúeiUuusly reverte lo the original owuer, thei'r heirs or assigus. Tuis ia, I uunk, the estatilishod auciriue ui tiic iN'ew ugland Otates, Nuw Sfork, and most ui ihu Btatei oi Lne U...DU. t u seo, tiiereiore, that the i'ariner ocross who e lauda roud is extuuuuU rualiy oyviuí me soii oJ Uie hiou v ,iy, su.j,uot otuv to the ."-iil-i ui ui ■ pabilo u pass aiul repass ihureui, aud iu keep in..: sanie in a proper si.iic Oi repair lic is . u uile.i ui the grogs, Lul' ruit, ad l.h; nuiv enjuy uie sume lu tl ie iuiic-5i. exU-'llt COlliiatt'lll Wilil lUC pjili.o i uu [imiiii! - aud uy Uie puulic 1 im-iu lik; luwn ur iiiiüiic LiiU.ioiiLy fiupuriy liuviliDontrui - ltós liic i'io.n La cstabiUn the g;rade il uaay geu üi, md iu takoaud uso Uie suii uud gnivul wiunu L.iü lillllUi Ol" LilU llltl.W V foi" 1L6 [jroper cuimi'iUHion and repair, in all cuses wliiTu land is uiken lor the use ui tac puulic, or is üll ,.'. i id loaiiysi' its lieuclit, uncquate oonipensatioin must du inaue; and cotB'ts n'.'ii;;.,i.iii ; the riglit oi ■ninciü domam us oue oi t:iu most xalted 01 govurmueMt powors, look wiili pocuii.ii' sL-nuuiy io t.ic rigUU ol the ui'UViuu.ii, aiul lika paittuuiai' care that a liberal conipoitóaiioii is uiourud. It is clainicil that, whrn completad, the Jolni Hopkius hospital in Ditltitnore, will bt; ihe finest an;l best endowcd in-ii i LtiLion of' the kind in the World. Tlie gi-ounds cover anareaof fonrteon and one lialf acres, and thei will be tweiity-eijrht builáings in the inclosurc. For ii in 1 foracolorod orpliau asyiuin Mr. liopkius left $1,000,uuo. Mrs. AVilkin-i oi O.vior.l, JST. C, had three children ot' bw un n aud vraa 6tei)inothur to a boy. The Ifttter annoyed her by stealing eaiabies iroin thu paiury, au 1 shc tricd in vain to prevent lus depredations. Olie locked the uaailiCit ot the lood in a cliest, and he opeiied it with a ekeleton key, Finally, she poisone.l soineuake, ptit it in a ciosut, aud went away íor a day's visit. On lier return, astead of iindiiu that ihe boy was dead, she saw the reinains ot two of hur ohildreu wlio had been killed by Lho poisoo. Some towels belongiug to the Hudgon rivor steamcr Drew were accideutaily lbund in the poasession of a reBpecUble-loookiaa man at Albany, N. Y., last week, aud he was arres ted. - Whiio in prison he wrote a letter to the sleaniboat aent, iniplorinjf inercy on the ground that hu liail buen a Methodist Bliüister in the Vcrmont Conlerunce, hut ill-healtli liad foroed him to give up preachiug, that he vu travel in on burrowed iii#nuy to hia home at Burliugton, and tiiat ás takinor the lowels was iroai ,i feeling ui aiycr at some impolite treatinent trom one of the boa't iiands. The complaiiit was witlidniwii, aud buiore luaving the couri-rooin, the uniui'tunate man, who gave Ihe name of Kev. V'. L. Johnson, knelt down and invokod a blesing on aU who were present. Tlic great iniiux oí, Europeans into this eouniry, wlnle gratLfying in the main, is nol without disugreeable features. The disouvery luis beun ni.uie in New York Unit nol only are tliauy Of üie iiiinu.riinu destitute, bul feoine ot tliem pauper within the legal ujemüug ot tin; term, and that those puupurs are baing seut here at ihu expL'ii?u ol' the auiuurities ut' Lheir native country. Tne (jovcrumoiit ui Bavaria il ajjjjéara u-om iurestigatioiu niade by i'v Vui-K Etuigiatiuu Coniniissiuiicrs, Uas'birn jui.iy ot' uu dis gi'acet'u'l practioe. A party of eiiuy adulus auu a hu_;e nuniucr oi' chiintu ] arnvuU at Casile G-arden reccmly, ! passage iiavin been pro.viued Êur by Uic ikivar.un Goveniuieut by contract witli a öüjpyniy ajuut ai Asca.iiiL'uüci-.;. Tu. -se peoplé were a : tien on me euw ma were bl-ui, 10 AlucriQü üi;U Lüo Otate nu_;lit be rulicvud ui' lui; tic.i.v: 01 luvidiug for tliem. F rom luü .stuLt'iiiuius ol the uaupora u appuar Uiat tiie Bayarwu Guvönimeut uouteaiiateü rid iin iiBtiii ui unici'.s ;i itó ueíplOdS CiliitíUS iii the sarao ui:uiucr, -j m J


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