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The Carpet Has The Floor

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"Wïmt a bcnutil'iil carpetP Yes, Indeed, it is benutlful, nnd col! ld anytliiiur be moi-e delitrhtful than to have ftll ofone'fl dear live lnmdivd (rienda make tho same fiattering observntion on entering the favorita, the week aftet' liouse-cleiiiing? It really seems. f such a thiug is poaaible, an abn: .ut compensation for the tiresome tri to the city, the protractf.'il labor of viewing, eompartng, and seloctiilg, tho braiu-racking bother of ïuatcliing and cuttinif the bread tb, Uie finger-wearlng tofl of Sffwinjr the seuiim, and tli bHck-iiching operation of "putiins1 down" tlie n:r osrpet. In tl 10 enjoyment ot' unasked and nnsiiiiLcil nra'ïse these light adoc-iions are forgotten. Tho consciousness of being the fortúnate possossor of a "ijerfbotly elesfant" caj-yet buriea tin; painful past, and lor the lime at loast puta outofaight the future perila of ink stains, grease spots, aunlight, tlie ineviiiiblo ftccuinuiation of hidden heapa ofdust, and the seini-anmial "whippill'8." Ear bfi it f rom me to disparage beauty, bnt it is a grim and stubborn f;ict tlüit beuitiinl ihinis are apt to Ik; daugerous. ïo escape ghipwreck tbr tliemselves and all tlieir intímate assooiates, they must be ander the wise control of a mas ter. Fact number two, bearing on the same subject, and even grimmer than nuinber one, i8 tiiat beau tics oí' the most pronouncod type gi-ow tiresome soou or late - more dien soonthan late. Thirdly, iinally, and most painful of all, it may bo sa fel y afflniied that those tkinga which the g'reatest number of observeis precipitately declare to bo beautil'ul, are usually jiositively Ugly. 'But the carjiet bas the floor, and general observatioiia ought not to be introduced froiu which cynical persons tiiight draw ungallant iuferenoeg. Iji the place a carpet bas 110 cali to be beantilïil in the sense in which a picture or other ornament is beautiful. ltnnybe fitting, apuropriale, hannouious : never conspicuously and bewitchinuly beautiful, "But a haiidsome carpet furnishoi a rooxn So uiuch I" Indeed t does. It furnisLes altogether too much. It ia ■elflsh, and in its ovvn aggrandizement mars the beauty of ever thiiy else iu the room. It may be possible tofurnish a room in a slylü correspondiii wiüi these obtrusiTely elegant door ooyerlugsf whicii would rehuiré the walls, the ceilings, and the various articli;s of luniiture to be stiil more itriking in their display. Lut with a carpet that provokos tlie irrepressible saluiation. "Oh, hor lovely !" as the most quiet and retiring eleinent in that combination, whieh it gurely ought to be, since it is the most huinble, wlio couid the glowiug generousnesa 01' the entina effect, dy alter dayand year after year? tlonestly, I wou ld rather hare i good, quiet, home-made "hit-or-miís ra-curpet lor the parlor - -yus, tbr tho aduruble partor itselÉ- than the high-tooud, large-flguied fabrica that are olieu touiid iu these ainbitious apartmoiita. A'; ij wci"ti.s. Itacc caf'pcTS, lel lis not tbrocit that they ure made to bo t'ro.lden ouder foot, that their beauty, like that óf the violet, should bo tliu beauty of huiuiiity. We ïiaturaüy looic arouud us heï'ora looking up or down, ana thé wal is of i-.xjuh thould be more beautiful and iutoi'ostin than the ttoors or the ceiliug. When we liave ieea what other lovóliness a room eoiitams, havo feit tue spint that prevails wiiliiu its walis, and be;;ia to study and atialyze ihe cleioents that uuite to make it beautiful, we may then be dclighted ij lini tho color and patteru 01 tne ground on vvhioh tno ipai'tnieut and Lts con ten ts rost, tasto tul aud hai'inojiious. Then, and not u. i tiren, wili it be .u order loeelahn, " w'nai a beautiiul uarpetí"


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