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Overheated Rooms

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The gTeat teudenoy in winter 1 to keep rooms too vrann. The foundatiuu of pneumonía, pleurisy, and pulmonary consumpuyii is lreqiientlj laid in over-heated, ill-yeniilated apartments. The 1-nmatOi beeomo accustomed to breathing hot, air, the system is toned iluffn and relaxed, and a Blight exposura to cold and Wet results iu sei-ioiis illness. Tiic greatur degree ot' health is obtained by pur6ou3 who habitually takt out-uoor exercise, aud tlie ripe oíd age of our ïorefatliers can be asoribed in a great measure to tlie fitot tliat tiieir liousea were open to not oiily tliu gentie breezes of suinuier, but to tlie bowling blasts of winter. Log huts cougtnjctod in lts most primitiva lusaion, in many cases noc evou "chifiked," give live acoess at all times to the pure air, and if the cold and gnow did euter, they bl-ouaüt with thein hcallh and long lile. A uniform heat of seventy clerues is adequate froin a wuitary poiut of viovr iu auy weather. If that temperature is uut Builiciuut to ivij wannth, it is au in. dicution that the person does nol take suliicient exoruise, and the euro lor it is more miles thuu flunnel. Iu tiie coldest weather, whea the grouud is like sLone under eet, wlien there is no drip from the eavcs, and wiieu snow Hes ou rool's, rooms sliould be ventilated. l'uro air siiould De admilled througb open doors und Windows, so that thooxygen uousumed by ñame and by respiraron may bo replaeod, ' and effete und poisunous matter throwu orf uy tlie body tiwi'Oughly driven away.


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