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Arctic Commerce

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Prof. ïiortleiwkjoM recentiy lectrirèd before tho French Geographicnl Society, On the possibility of Navigation for Commercial Purpose in tho SiberUn Arctic Ocean." Ilo smumed tip his diseoveries as lollows : "1. The route by sea iïom tho Atlantic to the Pacific along the northrn shores of Siberia oujpfht to be frequently navigable in a few weeks by a suitable steanier having aboard experienced marinera ; but it is not very probable, from the knowledge tliat wo nctually possesa of the Ice sea of Siberia that this route -wlll beoome in Hs totality of great iinportaiice to comme ree. "-. It may already be giren as a thesis that there exist 110 diflicultics íbr tlie utilization as a commercial route of the way by sea between tb.0 Obi-Jenisei and Europe. "3. Accordiiig to all probability the route by sen between the Jenisei nnd tho Lena and between the Lena and Europe can be equally utilized aa routes of conimerce, but the going and returning botween the Lena and Europe can not be effectcii in the courso of tho same suiuiner. "4. Ulterior exploration3 nre ncccssary to decide on the possibility of marítimo commercial relations between the mouth of the Lena and tho Puciiic. The experience acquired by our expeilition shows that in any caso there can be introduced by that roulo from tho Pacilic into the basin of tha Leun, in iteamers, heavy engines and other eñeets which cannot be transported conveuieutly oii sledges and in wagons. "Mauy persons ■will, no doubt, flnd thé views that ï havtjexpressed a litllo too rich in promises. The experienco that we actually possess of the parta of the leo sea situated betwepn tho Jenisei and Behring Straits is in rcality so small that it leavcs au ampio field ibr diverse opinions, and it 3 clear that tho qiiestion cannot be defínitely solved except by ulterior ex-ploratious." The rapid ajiirregation of wealth in' New York and New England is shown in a striking nianner by an inspection of the books of the Treasury Department. The savings banká of Massachusetts and New York and W. B. Vanderbilt own one-eighth of all tho bonded debt of the United States. So far as can be ascertained, more than one-half of the entiro national debt is owncd iu New York and New England. A condemned murderer in Connectient. compelled by tho inexorable rules of tho prison to sacrifico his mustache, had it cut off and presentedit toa lady trho had been kiud to liim.


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