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Alarmed At The Congressional Outlook

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The Adrián Times is alarmed- ana it has abundant cause- over the ontlook in fchls congressional district. A study of the vote in the four counties in the eleetion of 1878, develops thefact tlmt the republicana are in a minority of three thousand on the popular vote. PïOTided the opposition roí toirethev, nd our cotemporary believen it wöl, It ii certain to defeat the republican candidate. The Times says: Hillsdale county was republican by tlie scant majority of 54. Lenawee county gave 1,1 majority apainst the republican nominee. Monroe comity 1.40G majority against the republican ñominee. Washtenaw county 1,064 opposition majority. In the above ficnires the prohibition vote Vil is inclufled in the opposition.- The total opposition vote as suniman.Dem. Oieen'k and Pro 17,856 Kep 14-jiL Opposition majority 3,544 Says the Times: " Tt must ho romembered that in 1878 the demócrata and ureeiibackers ran separate tickets, and in this was the sulvaí ios of the republican nominee. This year the opposition will be united. The Albany Argus tvuly says: "No Pemocrat likes to assail Gen. Gardeid. Tliere is no personal feeling against him. There is no desire to injure Mm. But he is running for public office on Bis public record, and thatpublic record is itself an attack on him. Stating it condemns him. That is why the Itepublican press do not state it. In stating ft, the Democratie press are doing their duty by the country. If Gen. Gnriield has become better tlian his fonner record, his friends ought to say it and show it. We would be gkd to believe that he bas; but there is no evidence of it. The risk of takinf! the chances on putting at the h end of the governinent a sí.atesinan vho feil into such temptations as tbe Credil Mobilier and the DcGolyer business ave to great. Ko Bepublican would conduc his business on the principie of selee tion of head manager advocatcd bytha party in the person of Uieir candidate. Mr. Tüden's letter withdrawing himself from tbe eanvass for the presidential nomination Isavery able document, and full of undéniable trutliasto the achievements of lus guberaatorial administration ín Ñew Yprk,and the vital importance to the American people of disapproving and rebuking the flagran! act by whicb a minority candidate was seated in the presidential chair in 1S76. ín more tlian one respect it iB a very Ëatisfactory epistle, and its effect at Cincinnati was immensely SQOtbJng. After this letter was read io the New York delegation, they accepted the declination in the following resolntion: Resolved, Witha sense of profound gratitudefor hisgreat services to the country and to the Democratie party, a:id unqúaliüed admiration for nía character and abillties, I ;aüon pressive declination by ( lo be a candidato for renomination or election to the Presidency of the United States. _ As the repablican organ-grinders have all at once discovered that the execution of Mts. Snrratt was a most infamous mimler, the ftiends of Gen. Hancock are making an effort to show that her blood is not on his head. - Judge Clampitt of Washington, the only remaining afctorney of the woman, is out ■ wiüi ii statement, in which he declares that Ilancock Bhowed the condemnod all the eonsideration possible; that as a soldier lie could only obey t)ie mándales of the court and precident, and that he did not give the order for the execution uutil his friends had tried every raeans to secure a respite or a commutation. This question promises to be one oï the principal " issues " of the coming campaign. The republican congressional committee bas sent a circular to all federal office holders, requesting from each a contribution of not less than $24 for campaign purposes. With the remark that it presumes the persons addressed will esteem it both a privilege and a pleasure to yield up the minimum sum, at least, the committee says that it is authorized to state that " voluntary eontributions " from persons employed in the service of the United States will not be objected to in any official quarter. This is regarcled as a delicate way of announcing that Air. llaves' civilservice order No. 1 has been agaiu suspended. Mr. Conger, of Michigan, by bis anxiety for the interests of certain enonnously wealthy sugar refmers, has Maraged to kffl Ihe Carlista sugar bilí. By this act he has imposed iipon the people the Tiecossity of paying froin H to 2 cents per pound to refmers more tlian Kiigar could be bouglit for were tha Carlisle bilí in forcé. Not alone that, but by las fllibusterlag in the House in order to win the case of liis cliente, he opposed a fatal obstacie to the bill for the D.troit public buildings. Altogether Mr. Conger is a patriotic sort of etatesman - in a hom. AVhether it was through our suggestion or not that Ihe proprietor oí the, Courier and candidato for gpveruor onght to be inyited to orate somewhere on the-day of our indcpendence, we observe he is annmmced to speak at a . picnic July 8, in Parker'8 grove in Lima. That he wil! acquit himself creditably and demónstrate the trntruth of such people as assert "he doesn't know enough to be governor" we have ho doubt. Senator Cameron resohitely refnses to ■erve as chairman of the Bepablican national commiü'tee. He is not responsible for the ticket, and does not propose to be saddled wïth the blame of anything which may happen at the polls uext November. A prominent greenback politician at St. Joseph, Ghamppign county, 111., is under arrest for obtaining money under falso pretenses. He used the funda to parchase a suit of clothes and a hut to weur to tiie Chicago fiat convention.


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