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Chiidrcn are but little poople, yet thoy füi-m aa important part of society, expend ïnuch oí' our capital, employ a greaier port ion of our population in tlieir scivice, and occupy half the lilevatiotour dy in labora lor tiffeir iustruction a;id wmuaemeut. Tuay cause moro trouble aud auxiety tiiüii h national debt j the loreüest of' wonion in lier ïnaturity of charms, breaks uot bo niany sluiubers, nor occasiona so niany sighs, as sho did in her eradle ; mil the handsomest of rnen with full grown mustaohes, must not flatter himsolf that iiu is half so inuch adiiiired as ho was wlicu ia petticoats. Without any roference to tlieir bcing our futara statesumn, philosopliert ana magistrales, in minialurc, ohildrea forni, in their present ttate of pigmy existenoc, a most iiilliieiitual clasa of beiugs : and the arrivRl ot' a bawling in fan t who eau scarcdy open his cy(;s, and only opens its iifoutli, liku an unfledged bird for lood, wiü eüect the most extraordin-iry altemtiou in a wholo liousobold; substituía aiieotion lor coldness, duty for dissipation, cheerfulness for gravity, bustie lor forinality, and unito hoarU which timo has divided. Tho Postmaster of Victoria, Mo., recognized ttic handwriting of a rival 011 a letter kddressed to a young woman to wlioin he also was paying attentions. 11e eould not resist tlio temptation to open tlia envelope and read the cpistle. His crime was detected and he was fined $60. In Webster parisli, La., a negro murdered I113 wub aud wu arrested lur the crime the next day. In au attempt to escape he leverely woundcd two of his guardg, wheu a number of eitizeu took him froiu tho oölcon and killed him by liiiiig inoro than tweaty bullets into his üotly.


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