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Ktato oí Saraí Aun Lathrop. ' OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTY O of Walbtenaw, ss. Nctireia hertïy givcn,Uiat y anordooí tile 1'iobateCotlrt fnr the Countj of Washtonair, made on the seveiïteentb 3T ui June, A. D, isi),iix rnonth.s from Uiat date weru llnwed 'orcredilontopiesent thcir cbums arnimt the W tate otSarahAiMi Lathrol, late of aiil cnunty, deceaBed, amltliat, all creditors of said ileccaf(--d me requiroj to present their claims to said Probate 3ourt, ut the Probate uffice in tbc city of Ann Ar. tr, for examiiintinu and a'.lowance, on or befort theseventeennday of December next, and thftt surli claims uili bo liearrt before sakl Court, on Friday,the seveiteenth aay of September, and on Friday, the BeveBtecnth day of December uext, at ten o'clock in tbei'orenoou of each of khíc! days. Dated, Ann Arbor. June 17. A. T. 1880. WILLIAMU I1A.URIMAN, 26W4 # Judfe of i'robate. SmiÍelÍ O31 BOSTO2ÍT,! Teacher of Euglifh and Italia AID CULTIVATION OP THE VOICE, "WiU lócate in Detroit durlng a poTtion of the Bumtner of 1880, and will be preparad to receive pupils on and aíier June 28th, at C. J. WEITNEY'8 Musiü Store, Rooms 40 Fort Street wtst. Biy As Mr. "Whccler enn rrceive bnt. KLIUITTD KUUBXXt of atndents applications Bliould he made AH BOOV SS 0HV1 NIEST eith to Inm, 161 Tromont Street, lïoton, or at tlie Muaíc Hloií! oí C. J. Whitney, Detroit, v.-here a book for siguutures will Ie kept and full parttculars givea. 21-6t The Universal Hatli. I „i - 1ANÏ BATOS " Oí Vl"r ""' v"'"S ft IN ONE Dj-SA-L" "Z CemrnnM Aw.irJ ij3g- -rS- 'jSC f ,j M.dM.nd Dlplom, N"WH2Sfcií.Cr -r J P Prie, Re,lnced OM BUu lliwl, ' ? .nJr círoiíart. E. J. KNOWLTON, ftnti Arbor, Mioh. For sale at the Druj? Store of L. S. Lercb, Cook s [otelblock; íleo by C.Eberbaoh&Son, South Main treei ; :uid üt by the mmiufaeturer, E, .1. Knowliin, No. 24 Nortli State Street, Anu Arbor, Mlcb. o whüiu all correspondenceshould be addreaeed. A ET EMPOEIUM And Artist's Supply Depot. 217 JVoodivard Avenue, Detroit. ANDKEW J. EBOTF, Froprietor, Dénier In Picture Frames, Looking (Jlasscs, Oil Painllugs, Engravlns, Cliromos, Artist's Materials, and Art Specialtles. OLD FRAHE8 RE-GII.DED. 3' o n;y F.'iciH'. üiiií I": tious: I Iibtc nc in htetk k .iat Varíe ty of Jíjns'riiM' B]l' ZíuIrueú Caps, cndlknow itwillliclo your it.tcrcst te ínukc your pnr lian of nio. I niïi dcleriKÍríed tu moTe n {food. man; ro'l Ibis Spring nnd Suiuioer and liare saiadc priccs tltat vil! En ture it. As I staten in my . ment last "Winter, thcie ivas no cX cuse for ulgb pricea lht Wa so mueb tnikci! ol !y sonto, ais él n':r!,-dy tboreis licginniu; tobe k dccSiie in priecs. Binre my return Irmno, 3 hart made r;iuc neaTy piirclk'scu iX írom TEN MTWEXTT per ct-.r.t. tei than tlivy nero bouglit tor curlicr, Lenco iiiy ubsciscc ivas i bncl'it lo me ti nnnciully as vell aa pliykically.- I caudidly belieteve I atis selllno' ■ ults frem 50 cents to 2.0t) caen leí tkan nur otber Ilouie In the State f michigamtana flats f rom SS cents t %1.00 Icss eacb. I tatc oponed a Elrnncii In Dextcr, ïor a kbart time. as au ouilct for tbe Iieiny purebase I li&ve been niitkiBg reccntly. Boat tbinkof buyingr acent's wortb notil y ou Ixave scen my stock. JÍUE T. JACOBS, Tbe Clofbler. Young Men w2ffl33Sr Business College at KALAMAZOO, MICH. Send for Journal. W.F. PABF0N3, 21-13t PresidentJACOB HALLER &. SOi DEAI.KBS IS TOCiS, CLÖCKS Jewelry, Spectacleg, PLATED WARE AND GOLD PENS 24 Soutk Main Street, Special nttcntioo giTen to lepairing iretcho locks.ttnd jewelry.


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