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,ffow is yonr politica] pulse? [jvery Vod y goes for Hancock. „farewell, strawberry season. ,Cort re-convenes on Tuesdav. ,Come aixl help Ann Arbor celébrate. ,flurrah for Hnncock and Engliah! .Company A. forty-five muskets exKtto fro to Monroe nn Monday. Jt is expected five hrass bands wil] jjnote for tlie premiums on Saturday ,Wit'iin e pnst two weeks a nnm 1 of Germana have arrived from tfie hfrland to !ooate in this city. ',Rev. Jotm Btancrer of thia City oepie(t the pulpit of Bctlilelipm Luther, pinrel] on Sunday, in absence of ff,,1no. Natímann. ,The regular monthly meetingoftbe Uneopathic Hospita} aid association be heldin the parlor of the Hospital Piursday July 8th at 3 P. M. )!Sb6 Young People's Society sociibeld at the residence of MrS. "R. J. uyon Tuesday evening was largely nded and au enjoyable occasion. A party of eighteen young ladies ypntlemen go to AVhitmore Lake on tnrdsy for a week'H rerreation. jfvwill be guesta of landlord Smith. ,Iichael Stirle of ward second died Idenly on Satnrday of apoplexy and i bnried on Tuesday. Deceased esthree children, Mrs. S. dying a mirmtlis since. .Tbe Pomológica] Society will meet t Saturday afternoon July 3rd. A [ lively meeting is expeoted! Al! gonlially invited to attend. Mttsic (lowers will form one of the usual jotions. ["srtiea desirïng to forward telems during the rüght can do so by ng at the room of the operator of American Union, in Haven block, pnd fioor, first door at the left, at lofstair'. ,The General Bund of Germán Workmen's soeieties of Michigan lately il the 2S8ih doath loss, from assessitsof ten cents each on surviving mhers. A branch society is located Ann Arbör-, -HenryC. Wentworth, general pasnjpr and ticket agent of the Mïchi1 Central Kailroad Company, notios tiiat during the 3d, 4tli and 5tli july excursions tickets to all stais nn the raain line and branches of Michigan Central wifl be sold at ifsTe for the round trip, good at any e Bot later than the 6th. ■Reform club officers for next six iiitlis: President, .T. Schnmacher; lst ï.O. M. Jones; 2nd Vice, F. Fssr, 3rd Vice, Geo! Wood; Sec, II. itaigaver; ïinan.Sec, B. J.Conrad; ia., O. F. Webster; Steward, W. rtand; lst Mar.,Z.Sweet; 2nd Mar., id Fisher; Sergeant-at-arms? Wm Bpion; Janitor, William Fisher. -The programme for Saturday : Prelinir officer, Gov. Felch, Chaplain, , ff. II. Ky der, Orator, R. E. Fraser. procession comprising flve brass aas, Company A, the fire departmsnt, wentatives of businsa and delegams f rom townships will form into offssion during the forenoon and pare the principal streets. A grand disyof flreworks in the evening. -Mr. J.B.Irisb challer.ges the statemtof Gen. Clark asbeing the persan hss residedthe longestcontinuous. rnder one roof. Mr. Irish has so M since Sep. 1836 and exceeds the ae oí the General by one ycar and memonths. And when Jaimary Gtti rives he and hls better half propose celébrate the 50th mile post of their trimonial jonrney in golden style. -ïhenew hotel at Mount Clemens be opened for guests July 15th, will managed for the company building %)■ James F. Avery, the builder and mer proprietor of the Cook House of is citv. The hotel fronts on three beta and is surrounded Vy a piazza feetin length. The widely-known rative qualities of the mineral water this city, used as an apericnt, and edically'as a bath for the last live rs, witfa great suceess in blood and in diseases, from whatever cause aling, in rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, iatica, paralysis, salt rheum, chorea StVitus dance, scrofúla, erysipelas, fcíney diseases and general debility, ings a large number of invalids there t treatment. Mr. Avery's brother me to Detroit on business and prosited by disease was induced to visit mnt Clemens where relief followed ) promptly that he undertook the fction of the present large hotel that tter accommodations might be ofwlto those seeking help from the ove troubles. The New York Graphof June 11 contains a picture of the w house. The manager is quite en■isiastic over the prospect of the enïprise iii his charge.


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