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Questions For A Wife

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i)o yon rccollect what yonr fijiitin;- ■ were iminediately aí'ter yon ad spoken the flret unkhid word to your hu.sband? Did you not feol ashatncd and grieved, and vet too proud to admit it? Thatwas, is, and ever will bo your cvil genius! It is tho temper wMeh labors hicessantly to destroy your pnacc, 17111011 cheats you with au cvil delusion that your husband deserved your angpr, wheu hereally most required your love. It is the cáncer ■wliich feeds on thosa unspeakable emotions you feit on tho first pressuro ol' his band and lip. Ncver forget tho manner in which tho dntie3 of that callillg can alone be l'ulülled. Ifyour husband is haaty, your examplo of jj'.uieiice will cliido as wcll as tcach hini. Your violence raay aliónate liis heart, and your negleot lmpel him to desperation. Your soothing: will redcein him - your büue him; and the good-mtured twinkla of thosa eyes nuv iillinj beautiuilly with priceless tears, will inake Uim all your oivii.


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