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Both Sides To Blame

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A lady irritar complains that tho expcnsive habits ot' youii,? w-otnen nowadays exerts a serious inlluence in deterriug ypoag nicn who are not rich from niarr'ying. tílio cites ínstauces of tho increasing timidity of young men in this respect, and scema to thinic that tho fault resta entirely vith tho lovoly wonian. As usual, this particular woman is rather hard upoii tho rest of hor sux. That the passion lor dress and display on tho part of girls haa preveiitea many marrüiges we have not the sltghtest doubt, buc it is uufair to claim that this inania is reBtricted to the ladics alone. Young mea, as a rule, aro quite as mach given to show iu dress and to tho iniíulgence of expcnsive tafites as aro young women, and to the fact tliey aro not willing to relinquish these iuxurios is to be asciibed mucb of Iho falling olí' in the popularity of márriage. Iudeed, we seriously doubt whether, if tho í'acts could bo obtained, it would not be found that the gírls are much more i-eady to give up line dresses and jewelry and display, iu return íbr modest litúe homes With the men of their ciioice, tinin aiv the lateer to join them in the sacrificial act. iiarriage without adequate mecuia of support is a blunder tliat is tilniost a crime, out no girl made of ordináry stuflf vvill hesitate to share tliu trials and sacriticea of the man she loves, provided he has that competente, however niodest. Tlie thousauda of happy, smiling homes, whew true love oonstantly abides in spiLo oí tlie slondornoss oí thc lannly iuoome, sullicienlly attest the roadiness oi' tlu average vromau to sun-endor the glittering baubles of Wealth and fashion in oruer to becomo a dovoted vrife and mother. If the opposile sex Tfere uiiií'orinly aniniatod by a similar spirit, we venture to assert that tlie number of maids and bachelors wouid rapidly dimininh.


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