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Real Estate Transfers

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Celeste Brown to Florence Ilnson. Aun Arbor city real estáte. Trice $2,00. Samuel Frain to Wm. Connors. 40 cíes in Superior. Price $1000. latherine Weinette to CalebM. King. aliñe village property. Price $50. ('. M. Kiiiu; to weinette andKrause. aliñe village real estáte. $60. Marie J. íloot to John G.Frank. Sane village real estáte. $80. Chas. II. Winesto Celia ir. Barnes, helsea village property. Price $638.33. Celia H. Barnes to Geo. V. Palmer. !belsea village property. Price $900. Emily s. Gillet to Wm. Platt. rpsiuili city property. 540. BJioda Kirkland toThos. Wilkinson. helsea property. $370. John Kirkland to Thos. Wilkinson. Ihelsea property. S100. Thos. Wílkineon to ('lias. Wunder. ea property. $500. Grant T. Perry to Fred Marken.- jinul in Lodi. $1. and Evarts to Michael Berr. Dexter village proper. $275. John Costello to Michael Bereuder. ige property. ! AJexander McFarlain to Siary rJ Anrew. JLiuiid in l'ttulioli. Piíion fifí,, 00. QUIT-CLAIM. Isaac W. Alien to Miles Sweetland. jand in Bridgewater. Price $975. James M. willcoxson to Sheldon Ide. acre in Aun Ailx.r town. $25. Frede'k ('. Hnson to Florence líuson. nn Arbor property. Price s,ooo. Sheldon Ide lo David (.ates. Ann Vrliortown property. $50. Oh as. S.Gregory to Michael Bersuder. Dexler village property. $1.