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USIN ESS JDIRECTORYj !,? TaUvZ promptlï and satiafaotoriiy ■cuted . It. TWI.OK. ATTORNEY AT I,1W, ft Chelsea, Micli. nH,Ai.o írfcor. Office hour Ma fc to 9 a. m. ; tore A Arbor, 3ich. Anwiheiicsadmin1,1,, l ii '.('sired. . ■ ; . "TrAMKK, FUI K VlFF f COKlilN, (Attorneys t Tn.w. ' F K FUUT. ! PF, .Tutkeot tlioFeace. HRNEY U. HILL, A.ttorney n,t In-vr, üealei la Keal Bátete and Insurance OHce, Ho. S Opera Hou Bloot. AX A8tOR. nu EDEBICK RRAtüSK, rn ttend U. all ales, on short nolir-e, ft re?OTjlechurse. Kor furtiier part'cu'a.s iH al tiu p 110 TK VN UOTSt, Xps'.lanU, Jlich. New HouM.Fiif-Cniw'Ciiï.lc, Clean ik'Js, i IjO Tri-es. W.H. Lewis, ProprlB-or J. H. NICKELS, PKAÍ.KR TN RESH AND SALT MEATS, H-uns, Saixages, r-nvrt. etc, ïri-TiMiiïT,upr ■■ rr soi: riMvixrcoR Orimrlrl l'i"'"!.-8 tu.iug wen tosei' sife liim ii '-"''■ EVEEYBODY SAYS T1IAT S. B. REVENAUGH ISUR rboloj-a-nber oF Adu A-b,v. Fou-th 8tiei. Ei of Cotnt House, UtfloorThe am arbor SAVINGS BANK ASS AIU5OIS, MICHIGAN. Capita l,,al in - - - 50,000.00 Capita securily .- - - J 00.000.00 TriiKMtí a general UaLklrg Bnsii,e-,s; byi and ■el!sliichn;-cs..n;ew Vork, Detroit. au-' G'"u',,o; sclIsSiglit lirutls ..i all the principal cines oí )u,tope:aUo,8Plls Tickets lo Liverpool, )iOiiJ.JU ana Glasgow, via te Anchor U.e üf Scaiuihiiw, wbos rtts re lower tlian most other lirslelasslineü. 'Thisi;ant,alreaclyliaTÍligalaríebusii.ess,mvil.e nK-rctiantsaudoth;:rst&oi.eD accounts witli Ibeid, Jth the arañe of mostliheral deallug consisent witli safe bankiig. In theSavings Department interest is paid seniiannuaüy, on the firstdays of .lai.uary and July.on llsums, that werc ícpusited tliree montüs prf Mug to those aays, tlius alf.Tdii.g the of üiis ciiy indcounty a perfectly safu' ileposilory for Iheir fuiiJs, together wltli a fait return til interst for the same. Moaey to Loan on Approved Securities. LMaitcToiis-eiinstkmMa.-k, W. ?IoajW. 1). arriuiitn. l'i'ui'l iüscuck, E. A. Jieal, Wm. Ifcubel, aud VVularJ J). Sniith. OFFlCËfiS : ÜHRISTIAN MACK, W-W-WWES President. Vice President CHAS. E. 11LSCOCK, Cashier. EMANUEL MANRS, Dr.uggist and Pharmacist, S9 SOUTUMAIN SIKEEI, ANJÍ AKBOIt, has ou hand a well selected stock of PÜEB DlvUGS. MEDICINES, CHEÏÏICA1A CIIOICE PERFUMES Toilet Aitit-lM.ShrmMcr Bruces, Tnisscs, &c, which be offev forsale at prices to auit the times. B3T I'hyaicians' Ptesctipliojia curetuïiy irepnred it al) hours. EttERBACH & SON, üruggists and I Pharmacists,1 13, South Main St., Have on huilt large and well selected stock of DRUGS, MBDICJWES, CHEMICALS, DTE STUFFS, Artista and Wax Flower Materials, Toilet Article, Trnsscs, Etc, PURE WINESANO LIQUORS, edalattontlonpaidto thefariilstiin of Thy ■icians, Cheinlsts, Schools.etc., wüli PhiTosopTiica n Chemical Apparatus, Bohemlan ChcmicalGlaM Tari-, Porcetein Ware, Pure ltewmts, cic. Physlcians' itrescruitions c.aivt'ully preparen at üll hours. Abstracts oí' Titles. JMlvartiea who are desirousof ascertaininfr the lonlition of the title to thHii land, or partie who ish to loan me ney on real estáte will dowelHo üill at th tte{Í8tei'BOíBce and coneult a Compared Set of Abstract Books. idboikiare o far advnnced that the Register ■a furaif h oq sliort aotiee a Pevfoct Statement as to the Title I 'f nny parcel of land in Washtenaw county as 'liowaby he orglnal records. (J. H. MASLY, Register. Í


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