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Home, Sweet Home

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■Vhcii the wandenng minstrel thftt wrote "ilome, swcol home" ramblod about the si reets of Loiulon, without a roof to cover him, in l hcard the sad voioos of WretcJied ballad-singers chantifig "Home, swect home !" liow his (iesolatioii must liave srushed his niind. The world was heloie him, but 110 home lor blra that snng of a happy liomc. Verily, the tender sensibilities ot' flue niinUs u-e often ti-ied with a vengeancö. 11e who feit most kccnly the charras of home and doraeStic biiss couldnever cali theinhisown. "Home, swcct home I" llow liltle do wéthuikof Lumie when intoxieated with the gaieties of fashiopabls life ; yet lioinc is the haven of rest, wnere tho wk'7 spiiii sceks repose, where thn nflijnio""! bloom iU)l uiu-o.n. Xf osskUea fch boilliy ör mental troüble wliero c;ui We turn fov pure sympaihy bui at liomc. Yoix )' have w.ealth, and wualLii wil bout, üyinpiitliy, Init uot without admiraïion un.l eiivy. Ailminuion will not make us hax)py without love and synipathy ; aud wliere will these bo lumia in all ttieir deuth and puriiy, bat at home. Home is tho union ot all these social ties thiit bind brothers and sisters, párente and childien, in one holy bond- a holy bond of mutual iove and brotlierhood. . A man of a loving heart, with gooa moral resolulion, and the genius oí moral discipline, can niake home a paradise indeed, llomc is wonian's province; the sphero of her love and initv; it is her lungdum; and liow ffraiidly does a viso vronmn rala uer empire, lier wonls are of peace umi lovo. 8hd riïles lier hoUBBhold wiLli a moral hillui'iico thaí cleü.hts the heart ot' her liuskunl. "Yoang men are too apt to be taken ■witli tlie aliuremcnts of soóiety ; stiü tliose charms yossess nothing so endeariii"' as Lho sweets of tloineslu; atJccLioir. These expaud the hc.u-L witli tlie ti-uest W'ii'it ai-uiicial eiijoynieiits can compare to the greetiiv smile of a fond wiic or the pialtiw of pretty babes? Thcro is uo chana ot society so deur as that.


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