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Stories Of Jacob Bright

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A story wkh a qnaint, old-vrorld flavor abeut it is lold of tlio Quaker coUon-spiniier and his Solomon-ltko jnode of deliverinijiuigmcnt ia oses which bia néighbora brouht boforo liim i'i au inl'orniiil Wiiy. Soino pïgs belóuging to a cerUlin Aun Jones Ijged Lo be pnLout tolmlonCroiikoyshavr comiuou ; but, prompted by a, tlesh-e tov botter fare, they were ín the habit of straVing into Mr. limht 8 garden, much to the nttuoítnce oi tHtí man-servant, 8:irauel Slieiiñ. Samuej expelled tbe swine froiu time to tuno iu bis own rougb: way, and oue day, his patience beiug exliausied, lie ave one of the pig.8 such a treinenUoua blow Witü a Btlck as to vender the hind les of Uie animal cojupletely úseles. . , Us. Jones appenlod to Mr. it to íiive iuUce, an,l Mr. Bruut. Buuiiuouoil biiiiiuoj, the pi,-ü"ü -"1Jones befoi-e hiai in propria personas, and alter hearing all tlie ovidüiice, and consideriñg the ariiiueuts brouyht forWard on eitlier sido, siuiuuel up to tin; effiiét tUat M4-8. Joiiea had bueu to blaine iicrniiuiiii; liflï 1}SS u lres: p iss iu ilie gardeu aftor i-eyeatcil Warnings, and tli.Vt Samuel had nu ri"ht to deal the pi-' só hufttul a blow. llisaward was tliat tho animal shonld beilaughieimlauüdiviUed into two paris, MttS. Jonos to retaiu the midauiftgea half, and Samuel to take ihe woun.led hall, paying Mi'-. Jones tbr it at the theu luáiket pnuo of uoi-k. Mvs. .Iones was tlilia msured the valueoi'tliepia, and, at tho sanie time, feanmel, tlioiili ordered to pay u sum ot inoney, liad the satislaelion oi' lnivinyhis moiiev's woiah ol eann_. Mr. V. Roberttfun, wlio Has wiuteu a biogiapht óf Mr. Jolíü Bvight, tells us huw Mr. Jacob BiiyliL Woulu1 tsikc liis stand a llie mill-gates 011 a winLcr's nig-lii, wiUi a l;iia.Tii la ins httuü, autia Uiick overcoat rírappeü ti-liiiy round hun, au l as his Workueoulö trooiidl uut of the íactory wuuld givo tlio cliildron iato Wie ehargb oí iheir oldors, with iustrucí tiuiís tlwt thoy shonia be suuu siUcly [ hu me. -


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