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A Home For Aged Clergymen

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Ver y lev TrojtUM RW awui-e ui ■■■" has been ilone duriag the l:ist four yciu-s at Bast Lino. 8ix acres of wild woodland have been pnrehased, a necit linie chuivh erecteil, and a spacious and bëantiful house oompleted as a home for &ged niinistei-s. A "arden weU-stocked witU vegetables has been started, shade trees plantea, and tlie ' whole lace of the scène nietamorphos1 ed. Features ot' the exercises were uot on 1 y the i'ourth auniversary of this work, but eBpecially the i-ecosruitionofllie coinijleüoii of the Home for Aged Clergymeo. H is iuteuded as a quiet country residence for u few ftu-ed niiiiisters who have passöd tlie limit of active w rk uy reasou 01 yeu'ra and iiifirmities. Tiie suaciuiid rooinsare ueatly fiuufUed, gtiowing the natural gruiu of l.lie wood. On one sido of the oenU-al hall ia a lavíe i'ooui foï social purposos Uiat niay bc called a reailiug-room. On the otlier silo aro a parloranUdiiiiug-ïooin, and b.ick of tliese a laro kitchcn au.l iuclosud Avood-shcd. On Uiu scon.l floor ore sis siceping aiiurtiueilts and aspacious central h.ii'l. Tiio UUUtlillg is ihe dobigu of Col. GlVggi of Granvilli;. pTcLly fcaturu oí íiUe panor an.t resuliiii-rooin is the Quccn Anno 1WU US. (JllO OÍ U1U5U ib mío liu ví tírastus Coming and Mrs. J. V. L. i'iuyn, oí AlUtuy, the otüer of .Miss Tweeule, ot' tue saiae cay. Tiiu staircase was given by MUa Klecta Mann, ot" üallsLun. Üciicr prouiiueut parta ot' the building vrei-e jjiíts ot' llon. James M. Muuu, ot' tíarat,o4i, au.l oüi.era. By tliu side ot' tuo Iiousj isa well ot olear oold waLor. Tuo lii'.st, uso tlie walüf was tuit to was to baptizo tho chikl oi' tho man wlio dug' the well. Building inatori:ils al low tígm'os (at the unido!' its orootíon) ana ecououiy in ínaiiiigoniont havo bi'ouguc tlw oost oí tüo Uouse witliiu $,01)0. Ml m --- ■ ffinglfiBil pakl GL-rmany tlu-oo milUuub sterling ft potfctoo lst year.


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