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TVmisyivanla H forty-two flint, i twenty-'ihrcc window, and thmeen bottle glass faetones. A cavo of Urge ñimennions has boen fliscovcred on Lovnlsook Creek, Lyconting coniity. l'ennsylvaina. Octave Thnnot,,'' the magazine -writr is Miss Alicc Frencb,,óL Düvciiport, low.a, a f-rvaduato of Abbott Academy, Amlover. Mrs. Van Cott, the femaleffivivalist, has broken down nervoiisly fromoverwoik. She has been preaching and wovklng tor fouiteen years. Miss Ilivierr, of Charleston, B. y-, I Ims i court divas once wom by Marie Antoinotte. It is of purple satin, and is sdll in good condition. Of the bishops, jódges, and otherofli.-uil personages who toolc part in ._ -. ta ■ ■■ - i tvvo years ago, all are novr dead. In thfl collectAon of the Babylonian inscriljed cimeitbrin terra cotta tablets i-ecoütlr purchased by the BnMshj museum are additions to the lcgeud ot the creation. Indiana lias a woraan who weigbs 510 ponnds, yet she rau a tramp over threc teneos and across a meado w and pounded liim mitil he had to be takeii away ib a wagon. Mary Aun Middlewood, of Liverpool, testifled in cour.t that her husban.i George had yivcn her a black eve sixteen times during tlie four and a"ha)f years OÍ tlieir niai-ried lite. Gi-oorge was sent to prison for two EQonths. A cilizen of Novwicn, tonn.,wen khovvn as a liberal giver for religious objeets, luis ollerred $25,000 for a nevv translaüon oí' tho bible in wlnch the doctrine pf bapüsin by imiuersion shall iveeive what he considera ita just promkiencei It is coniplainncl tliat larties still continue lo car"outsiile jacUet pockets," notwithstauaiug the solepin re-i iiioñsh-aiuies ágáinst this fasluoii addiT.ssed lo them by magistrates as ono wliich aitbrds facilities to pickpockeis and a temptation to dishonesty. Mlle. Leona, a female athlefe,gained muoh popularity in Geniuuiy by her teats of strengül and skill. Oue act was to hang by her knees trom a traneze ainl lioJld anotlier ..crobat by hei teeth. Eeoeully inttamburgsixof hei icuih ana a part of her jaw vvere, toru out, 1 lio man í-al. Sixty-í'our years ago occurred the year without a summer. May 17,1816 ihe snow t'eU eíght inclies cioep 011 a leyel in Hartford. July 5, that year, ludían com was so that the ..-roacer part. was cut dowii and dried lor fodder i" Conneeticut. Tuero vvas trost cvory niouüi oí the iu the Northern States. "To provide a home for gfi'la wlio, froin the ovil exaniple, extreme povcriv or ileath ot' their parents are exposVit to leuiptation," is tiie object of the Keniiutoi (England) Industiial bcliool lor uní, j-" ij "„-"■ - ■iris require looking alter even more than br-ys, because tliey cumio t so easiïy recover theinselvea aftor a lalse step. Kev. Dr. AVoods, of AndoTcr, was once giving his class soiue instruotions about preauhiug in sucli a uianner as to gain attniction and apnlause.- 'Young geiiUciiien," said hl', -'U'saH coutaiuedin a nutshell. Wheii yuu go to preach in tlie city, take your best coat; lut vvlien you go to pruiich in the country, tuke your bost sur111011." Sheik Aboul Huda, the cliief adviser of UieÖuhan of Turkey, is about 3o yearsof age. He lias a grcat repute t.K)ii as well for liis learniiig as lor tlie ijurity of bis lile. Ho traces lus üescent through the line to Saeid Almiet Kifai, the nephew ot the pronhet, and by tho motlior's sido to ki.aledibu-Veíib, tüo coiiquerür ot Syria. The American Dairyman says that thedairy industry ot the United b tatos represents an investment ot over !,- 800,000,000 and an aimuui uuu. of butler and cheese of over $3oO,000,ÜUU 11 value Which is $50,000,000 more thiui tbc vvheat örop of the country, oue-seveuth more tlian the hay erop, thrce times more tlian tlie oat erop, one-thinl more tlian tlie eottou erop, and but one-liitu loss than the corn erop. Over 300,000,000 rjouuds ot choese and 1,500,000,000 youUiii ot butter ure ïaaae annuully. A Georgia man ligged himsclf tip as a beur, to have sonic ftin, and ho ?t it tor the inhabitanta turnea out wnn dógs and i-on him four miles over a stonv country, before he could nwUo tin-m believe' tbat he vasn't a oear Aml thon thef talUeil of tumiig ana ferftheving him for temling the wo-, men folks of the neighborhood, and ; linally "ivehim tliree days to leire thecounty. llewon'tpluy bear aiiy i more. ! Thesadcst Alpine accident of the vcar occuned vecently at Tele No bass, some distanco boyond thehotol.on tlierondtoCImmonnix. Mr. Blvington of Babbicombe, Torquay, was travel, ing with his wifè and fartiily ni two "ri-iv-cs A horse in the iirst oarv'iaoe becanie i-estivc, kickcd over the traces, audupset the cai-ncn-er the pree pice, AVDicn w n' v ;.,, Vi that oint. Tlic wilb was killed, tho , lathor received injuries on his body, , and had bolli wrisls brokcu. Col. Gordon, the En-lishman ; mous i'or bravery in China, is saul to bo a partieularly ccccntric man, and is so honest and clover iiu his own special lino that his ecoontncity is ove.-looked. O.i his last vhit tf Engj land he was iayited to dmo with the Priiioe of Wales, and he rctused. lt would be inipossiblo for hun to go, mountsin hud ownbinod a-amst n.e. he said : lie was usually m bod at halipast nine ; and he did not go. An Indian scjiooj nndcr tbo Charge of the Sistei-8 of Cburlty at tho Coeur d'Aleue Aiionc,y,in VVaihiugtou lerntory, muiibers tweuty-seven yupils, ramrWinago fï" 10 ts,li The mípils re:id, write, spell snt asplahïcalculatiunsiiianihinoUualmost as well as white chiUvcu of tlio siunc age and èxljerienoé. The-y are neatly ciad apuou1 lriteréstod in studies, audare evidouly making rapia pi'ogress. The tbr most notcil men in tho woi-td in point ofsuiure avn Cl;ang, the Cliinese lant, Ctteerah, a Ghiijeao ,Kvari;ai.(l Brast!, a Uil Norwc-mn. Ciibná stauds eigiH feet two incUea id hi-ht.lias aspauof ei-ht feet wvttj hls extended anus, weiglis 864 pomW and WlitóS bis name without eUóH on a sig post 10J feet ixv% ,p sijeaka live Uiiïei-eiit ltuigua,,,c'udiMg Kn-Hsli. Tiw NurwoiSUWg 7 feet a iiiobe tigli Wl wstelHöSW iiouuds. Tlie dwarf is pfwtooiyt tH siuailost man in tUc vrorld. lio is U yeflre ol I, ftliil li ia liilu, is only 25 inolics. Exnibitrd dwari's ure eommoiily at leáát threë feet hifi. Accordin.; to the UuiLed States Flsli ConiinUsiun, the vvoilil is iudubled to a woinan I jr the ai.scavcry Üuit the oil of tlie "ïueiiluideir lisa has uim;ii ■ commercial vulue. AboÜt the ■ ir 1S,jU Alji-.s. ijolm L;u-ti(Ht, 01 ülue Uill, ïiearMoUiit IX'sort, M.„ vvlulo uoilmg louie Üxh toi' her eliickeus, iioncea.a thick ücuui ot' oil iiijon tire surüira; of tliu water. Soine ol' thiê süe boiluil, and wliun on a visit to Boston soon aller, she can-ieil samples lo 6e of the leaüiiig oil uierchauM of that city, ■who encourayed hur to bring inore, ïhe lollowing j'ear the Baruett laiuily industriously plied tlie gi.l-ncis, and sent to markftt thirteen barrels ut' oil, lor wéiiuli they wcro [ail ut the rate of $11 per barrel, in all $H3. A has iust transpirad nt Si i'-f -yoan widow, lelt pemrïlSss, who tl'ied cvery ordinary ines to eara a Living, buc l'ail' eii, "resorted to strattgy. Assuining i the nauie ui' her deceat.ei hüaban I, gue ! (lonneel male attire, obtained eni])hiyment in a lactory, an.t worked lucro jt'u.r yuíU'Si un.u.S'-oV'jrí'il and, aíter a wiiiie sha met a yoiin n who was in:il ireatod by her paniuM, and, in arder to save hur trom pefsfeculion, proposetl mamaye, altoi1 having iiil'orunja bei' üther uwn scx. The wetïding cerenióny was drfly pew'ormed, and thu Hvod happily untü thc l'acts wei'o discovoreJ ana epcpose I. Tlie pair wre -arrusiud and hcld íbr trial, but tito courts are s puzzled by tlie case Ihat it lias bocii üeai l-üa Benate íbr decisión.


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