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The mrnof a JNation uievuaoiy wihkö the woiiien wlmt th'ny will, and the ■woinen in return impwea upon their ehildren wliat they have received froin their own falliera. Ilencc it comfis that the existence ot' the Amovioan woinan has bcconie ahnost as purely objcotive as that oi' the nmn. .Her iileal of hie from her eradle ha3 been associated with the maximum of eertion. There is. do qiuetr.ile amons Amerïcans, and wonuerfully little egofisin in social Life. It is a ievei--eiidiii;j senes of sensations and mental shocks, which keeps the whole being in a nervous qhiver,niKl aïlows 110 time lr tmy quality save that of enorgy to develop itself syinnictncully. Tnc Amalean ■Wonian is as uuciuiet.m her Uiou-ius and easlaVed by her duties, hotfeteï lio-Ut, (IS the Min. Even wlieii Sfte Visitó she bas no oï repose; Heiconversation is not tliougnuul, but aciual. olie tells you wliat, shu does ar sullers, nol wliaL lie iluiik ur iccls. Wcre is nu revene aliput lier, no suggeation of that broo.iiny spirit Whlöh iridicates a capucity för inipaèöioiit-a aüecUon. a cauucity wlcli 10 üaclielorsisaíwiys"iic;ily seilucüve, however liUlö fcUa niarnea nuui uiay anprecíate or retui-n it. Yel. yenuïuiiy sueaking, uju4enipnstra.tive as tüe Amei-kan gkl laay b,, sli? w;ll vveai her lile out in wommg ior w she loves. Bbé tor-ets all abom, bemg fof him i" i-!iat KwSroiiess awucgy whicli always drives lier uno UUWtfiov huil. , Thora is. ftgaio, auotlier rcason why the Aiuerioan gii-1 Wf colü t0 l , superlioial oDserver. It is because slie is lrec. Slie is eclucuted to represa eniotídn, beeause lier ïnüepuuueni nioveiiienis exyoaé ter tocuuuot wnii men ol all cmssus, tmtotts Wteoiu tiiere are ïuany vevy '-vile peisuus. üe-r eoitUwss of ueweauyr, ineivioro, is uer arnior agaiust imrtiueuce or even worse tUüig-s. S"u passes, Diana-liKe, ihiough cruwds ol .men every aay, not one 01 whoiu ior one iiuuit snspeuts her of bciiig otiitr Uian sUo is, uecause . aknitffl hAI' :lL, OllCti Lü UO il ■ iVee-uorn, si)uüess Amena" woiuaiil Tuey üeyer uream tuat bpöause 110 olie is wutoiiuig tier siie meaus to go 83 The' defccts of the American girl may beüoueuway wi'.li by giviug Jëtó pi-ouiüieuce to Uw pmely ïiucüeoiuuJ purely praot.c.ü siao uf her eauoittiou. For wlule oue class oi ïncn ia strivins to solve the prouie m ui jiw . by edueatAii wouieii uitellectuaUy, there is auotüor clans whicu íesiioiAMg tor euucaüoa iu üoinEsuc maner. W hile the professors at liarvarJ are ieiuiciii ■ over sowe girl wiio ciu UliW m tUeii'lThilosopüiesiii tUuir luuLli.maLks, tne newspapcr ealtor uuigs tlw uraisea ot lier wuo eau roasi a turkey, üake biead, or uuke Uur own ür=es. NeitUër givês tue poor girlae nuice 10 cxi,t, bu-t only to woi-K, wiili oí i c hiuid or bram. No o nu saya to Hei, 'You are not only yourseU, bul uOösibiy tlie i'uuire iiioliier ot otüer ueiuu-i Do not lliereiore alloVf yourSüu to be driveu by eiiher schools ol auoatles ucyuiui what you .ay 'do ! casily couii'ortably, or jjleasumfriy. The healthv bauiaee of your nervous sv u-.n lar more imyWt to you 1 nd vuur luture lauulv relutns uu;. Wil tí it üoes nol como up to oinej body elso's standara, learn to Colueiit, Two fellows naraed McGrath nnd Boleniau, who liavo peniiuated thj-oügli'oWminïia cainjm tor somo timo pickingtip odrts nml eiuls, arvived ut TitwhB, Cal., visiting the oldsiuolthi works Ixüow town. la all Binultog t'uriiacea thiivc w.a cei-tafii Binouiit ut leokHgn of tUe bulllon whicli worts on down through the the fiinmce and penetrales the rocks ami fiooring. The youn;{ men reterred to were sufflcioiiUy versuil iu naiiii)..- maticis to lciiutf tliat thei-u is a liire ftuiöunt of bullion .-cattnva the rocks belovv the fuvwjcc, and that it yras worth moSSliJSïr Went to Ju.l.ue Kelser, ÜWWj Ure smcluiu' woi-Ks, amferritwriïli oncj-tlurd OÏ thu uvvMfütíatytt Wm U-nc, and a l Ihuir ailvonuieniVltnjMiWW:ífe WHliou, weijíliiug iirfíW 1AMRo'l-W!VWijl bnthiMf at tbeif own luanes, wnUsswt


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