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DEMOCRATIC NOMINATIONS. JW Prttident- VINFIELD 8. HANOOGX, of Penn. JW President - WILLIAM H. ENGLI8H. of Indian. ELECTORS. At Lrte- PETER WHITE, ARCHIBAI.D McDONELL. F1rt District- WIU.I AM FOXEN, Second District- H IRA M J. BEAKES. Third District- JAMES S. UPTON. Fourth District- GER MAIN H. MASON. Pifth District- HORACE B. PECK. Sixth District- JEROM E EDDY. Seenth District- WII.DMAN MILLS. Eightl. District- WII.LIAM R. MARSH. Nintk District- JAMES DEMPSEY. STATE NOMINATIONS. 0rrnor - FREDERICK M. HOLLOWAY. litnant-Governor - EDWIN H. THOMSON. Secretar? of State - WILLARD STEARNS. Attmey-General - HENRY P. HENDERSON. Sute Treasurer - ISAAC M. WESTON." AïJitcr General - RICHARD MOORE. Commissioner of State Lana ornee - JAMES I. DAVID. Siperfntendent of Public ïnstruction - ZELOTES TRUESDEL. Iftaber of Board of Education - ALBERT CRANE. CONGRESSIONAL NOMfNATION. Fo Repreientatirt in Congress WILLIAM H. WALDBY. COUNTY NOMINATIONS. Tot Senator - DAVID G. ROSE. Tot Jvige of Probate - WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN. Tor Sheriff- EDWIN W. WALLACE. Tot County Clerk - EDWARD DUFFY. Fot Register of Deeds - MICHAEL SEERY, Tr Cannrr Treasnrer- JACOB KNAPP, Tot Prosecuting Attorney- CHARLES R. WHITMAN. i"o Circuit Coort Commissioners PATR1CK McKERNAN.1 HOWARD STEPHENSON. tot County Surveyor - CHARLES S. WOODWARD. Jor Corone rs MARTIN CLARK. CONRAD GEORGE.


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