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- Monroe's new coiirt liouse will be ready for business Nov. 1. - Sundaynightüfty shoepwere killed by dogs in Leoni township. - Ilugli Hogan is in Adrián iail :or drunk and disurderliness. Aged 16. - Albert Terry of Avon townsliii. Oakland oounty, a pioneer, died Jlon- NTearly 300,000 orick are diipned from St. Olair to upper lakepo-ts nearly every weet. - Indian cwumssioner Trowbridge is looking af'ter rtlief at SU. Clemen's mineral springs. -Prof. Mitchell of Saline, will be principal of the Napoleon public sclools next year at a salary of $600. - One of the attraetions at tle St. Clair races is a wies of bicycle races for professionals and a $100 pune. - Extensive preparations are irakin? for the meeting of society of thearmy of the Cumberland in Toledo, Sep23,24. - Mrs. Horning of Mason, adninistered a teaspoonf o] of ammonia.o her fifteen monthsbabe by mistake,caising its death iu a short time. - Domestic troubles prompted Itenry Valentine to make way with hirrself. The ball struck a rib and lodged il the left side. lie will recover. -Port Huron reports J2,506 inmigrants to the states during July. Of this number 10,3ö(i carne from theprovinces of Quebec and Ontario. -The Battle Creek Adventistsari flxing over tbeir old clnirch for a knitins; factory, so the building will still continue to be used for the good of soles. -In the sixth district democntic couvention E. B. Winans of Livinfton county, was unanimously nomimted for congress amid great enthusiasm - An interesting flend visited the stables of Washington Dunton, of xear Coldwater, a few niglits ago, and sabbed three fine horses with a pitchftrk. - Before winter opens there will be 70 miles of the Port Huron-& Xcrthwestern railroad open for tiaflic and travel. There are 50 miles airead1 in operation. -The Port Ilnron Times (Rep.) is f ree to say that the individual who tlrew overripe hen fruit at a democratie jrocession in that city Thursday night s a "cowardly sneak." - The State grange picnic held at Lansing was conducted by the propietors of the grange store. The gross expenses were 5306, gross receipt 4540, leaving the net protits $34. - Michigan jevvelers held a conveition at Jackson, Aug. 25, to improvethe trade, agree apon uniform prices for work, and to promote a f riendly f eeing among membersof tlie craft. - Coldwater Kepubliean: The vild rice sown in the river and lakes wes; of our city a year ago last spring and fall is now growing nicely, affording gtod food for ducks and their wild fowl. - Democrats of Lenawee nomin;i ed Rollin Kobinson of Palmyra, senator A. K. Whitmore of Adrián, sheriff; I. II. Wood of Tecumseh. judge of probvte; D. A. Bixby of Adrián, county clerl. - Detroit News: There is a rumor íhat several Detroit capitalists are negotating for the purchase of a site for he erection of a new and really flrst-chss hotel in this city. It is something whúh Detroit sadly needs. - Among the special prizes offeredby parties to the woman who will be mxrried publiclyin front of the grand stmd at the central Michigan fair at Lansiig, is one or 4U acres or Janü m nortiiern Michigan. Title perfect. - Sam Barsdale, " the villaje blaccsmith," has been complflined of by lis divorced wife for stander, anrl she las also applied for a división of property, under the decree of divorce granted it a recent term of court. Jackson. -John Qnirk of Detroit, who renda-ed snch valuable service in saving li'e the night of the Mamie-Garland disa;ter on the Detroit river, has been prcsented by his friends with an elegan; solid gold medal appropriately inscribed -The Port Hurón Times of the 26Ü says: Some fishennen in the employ o: Canham & Annstrong capturad i sever. pound salt water salmón in St. Olair river this morning. This is an evjdence of the sucesos of lish culture in inland waters. - Eugene Lusk of Marshall, while at work putting in a windrnill for a Kalamazoo flrm, at John Abbot's farm,near Lapeer, feil to the ground, breaking both legs and one arm. One of the fractures was compounded,and accident proved fatal. -The Livingston county democratie nominationsas follows: Forrepresentative, Charles Fishbeck; slieriff, Nelson Eckler; clerk, George Barnes; register of deeds, Nicholas Kennedy; treasurer, Isaac Stow; jndge of probate, Milo Gay; prosecuting attorney, Hugh Conklin. - Friday two tramps stopped at the house of a young married couple living near three miles north of üillsdale, and were given food by the lady of the house. The ungrateful scamps then assaulted her and committed a brutal rape upon her. lier husband returned to his home a short time ïftervvanl and seeing her condition quickly prised the neighbors and offleers, vho went in hot pursuit of the villains. -Friday night Mrs. Major, wife of James A. Major, a photographer of Monroe, met with a terrible fall and narrow escape from death. About 10 I o'clock, in the darkness, she walked off the roof of a building adjoining and in rear of the photographic rooms, and feil twenty-five feet into the abandoned mill-race. Three ribs were fracturad and intern'l inj uries resulted f rom which recovery may prove impossible. - Miss Anna Freemanimd her brother -in-law, Wesley Woodhull, living near ■ Linden, (enesee county are under arrest charged with murder. Miss I man was delivered of twinsAug. h at Woodhull's house. One was found dead wrapped in an old' shawl. T1k other was taken to Elartland township and left in the front yard of a farm house. Woodhull is believed to be father of the twins. -II. M.ailiday, a veterinary ïurgeon, residing in Detroit, committed suicide Saturday morning byjtaking tinctnre of aeonite. In a short time he besan to vdmit, and Dr. Rouse was tlien immediately sent for. When the latter entered the room the deceaseii said: "lts no ie, doctor; I have taken twenty cents wortli of pfussic acid and twenty cents' wjrth of aeonite, etlOUgh to kill forty men." The attending physician did everything in lus power to save the dying man's life, but he liiully expired. He V&a sixty-seven years of age, liad endeaVored once before to comniit suicide, and was inteinperate.


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