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- Oyster month has arnved. -Pumpkin pies are in order. -Local politics quotable as fairly activa. -Malden, less than four months of lenp year remain. - Á npeclul meeting of the regents Tnesday, Sept. 14. - Monthly meeting of common eouncil on Momiay eveninR. -House and lot' for sale on West Iluron St. See advertisement. -Services in tlie Unitarian chureh wtS be resumed one week from Sunday tiext. - Janitor of tlie conrt house, Jeff piivis, will sacrifioe himself on the matrimonial altar next Sunday. - Lnbnrors wnnted to place ties d timber on the Toledo extensión. Cash p;id for ties. See advertisement. - Annual meeting of school district lío. 1 will be held at the court room on Monday. Polls open from 10 a. m. to 2 P. K. -The tfdest son of T. TT. Jerome, republican candidate for Rovernor, will enter the University next month as a "fresh." - Ttemains of Marm Torld. whose death is phronipled in t'e usual column, werf! hrousrht from Kalamazoo to this city for interment. - Mrs. Philip Winpsrar places the A JIGtJ office under oblifirations hy the presentation of a houquet of dahlias Taised npon her premises. - Montlily meeting of pomoloeical Fociety to-morrow nftemoon. "Tiinl? Injurious to fruit-crowprs"' a subject JeTetofore flisousseri will be continued. Otl'T subjocts wW Bé presented. - Grecnbaokprs to the numher of showt twpnty-fvp met in mnss ponvention on Patnrdny aiul vient tlironeh the farpe of nlacing in the field candidates for ponntv nfflrps. The trapt known ns LathrmVs aiidition to tho fiity of .TapVson, was sold un der morteasre, to Mrs. Lncy Morgan, of Ann Arbor, for $8,980, and it is saicl to be wort)) $85,000.- CltiïMl. - PonsideraWp inquiry is made for Vovises to rfnt liy peopie from abrond ■v1o lesire 1o come to this city to live wtth tlie view of edncatinpr sons and darhters. Tïeal estáte dealers are bn sv. - Ladies, Mr. Israel ITall snsRests you ouslit to be represen ted on the board of edueation. The Argus will chéerfulry and (iratuitotisly loan the use of its columns to make public announcement of candidates. Who wants to be heardV - Tn etrmply witn the terms ot snrrrription tlip cars mnstbe running ver ♦he, Toledo extensión by Jan. 1.1S81. WtW is nnw go:nffon rapidly and pro■ppt-ts iivliontp that before the new year srrivps trains wUl be running on schedi'e t'iTie. . , -"F rom ncorty of tbXPAvTiruns-n-'p1-, the faot is pioaned that Bpv. Dr. TJ. H. Steele, rastor of the f-rst reformed cbnrcb of the above city for the past ten years, aimounced bis resipnatinn on Snnday last.prepavatory to apwpfmtr the pastorate of the PresJsyterim nhurch of Arm Arbor. -Col. rean, business manasrer of Oifl Aun Arbor Register printintr and pubiisliin? company, resigned on Friday and is suereefled hv Mr. P. J. Oourad. The sVofU beid by the, Pean Brothers amountine to 514,000 bas been purohased bv Prof. Wivlson. the possrssnr now of nem-ly all the stoelc. Col. Dean retiros from the profession. _ypPfls oV property to the amónnt oL $o.0P4, swMTÏns the ripht of way to tlie TVtroit, Butler & St. Lwi ralrond, in Aneusta anfl Yorit townshirs, iiave boen filed at fhe clerii's office durinc; the past week. There are 43 separate deeds, and the largest amount received by any onn pprson for rielit of way aoross his preiiises is that of $3,250. received by J. Webster Cbilds, of Avxgusta. Several otliprs oniy cbarged $1. - Tbose persons interested in seoirng the rem oval of the janitor of the court hoise are irformed tbat they shoill tum their efforts toward the board of supervisors in whom power to hire is vested. County officials have riothinR to do with engaRiiip him; he is amenahle to them onlv so far as he glects to perform Tus duties. Leaders of the "independent party" ought to post themselves bef ore making war on JefMïavïs. - ■WhUe-wasVier Tisdell will not he in town Nov. 2 to exereise the right, of wiffwifcfi on account of a ninety day= soynrn at Tonin. ITis wife Iwing dead z flaneliter attempted tokeep Tiouse for the family. She Twre his intemperate hairits and muscular chastisemonts Mutil life hecame unendurable and left to work oU. Since that time Tisdell has dranV harder than ever. The other niarht he brongtit to his home an abandoned womart, Who in the morning, arose, and findincr S in her purse gone accnsed Tisdell of stealing it. He was arrest ed. convicted and removed to lonia. His son, a bright lad of ten yenrs asked him just before, his departure where be shonld stay durin liis absence. The depraved father replieil: "Ton must take care of yonrself for yon may never soe me again." It is a pity Justice Winepar was limited by Btatnto to rivincrhim ninety days. - Tlie committee consisting of Mr. A. J. Sawyer and the editor of tliis paper, chosen by tlie oflioers of the county agrictlltural society to invite speakers to ndfiress the vwople attendlngthe county fairon Tlmrsday. Sept. 30, invited the republican and democratio randidates f or trovernor to be present. Mr. D. H. Jerome has kindly aecepted and promii-es to be present on that day. Mr. ÏTolloway declinf-d by letter on the pround that the Ilillsdale county fair -vvill be held on the same week, and ing tlio main pillar on which tlie society rests Vielieved lie ccmld not leave his home fon a day. Meeting the gentleman at Manchester last week, he reronsideml hís decisión m so far as to pive us mucVi enconrafrement that he ■vill Ve present, aml witti Mr. Jeronie tiiTk to the faTmers of "Washtenaw county, The committee rill invite Mr. ■pavid Woodman, 21, of Faw Paw, ïrreeniiacV candidate for -govemor, und Satnijel Dickey of Albion, tlie ptohibitiion candidate.


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