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Real Estate Transfers

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Itobert MeCreary to Alargaret Uurns. Lot in Scio villaje. Consideration $300. M;iry e. Goodspeed to M. Jennie Phelps. 34 acres in Scio. Consideration S1200. Frank Ruck to Christine Miller. Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $1200. Cbristian Saley to Dayotis K. Stringh;un 1 80-100 acres in bridgewater. Consideration 220. Florence IInson to Celeste Brown. Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $800. Cyrenus Bboads to Ebenezer Rhoads. 140 acres in Sharon. Consideration S40U). ('yrenus Khoads to Ebenezer C. Ilbóads. 130 acres in Sliaron. Consideration 1000. John W. Wise to Don C. Batchelder. ÜTpsilaati city property. Consideration S50. Simeón Meyer to Lonis F. Atber. Aun Arbor city property. Consideration $450. Cornelia Antier to Franklin IJutler. 95 acres in York. Consideration $8824 Daniel Larkin to John Christenson. Bexter village property. Consideration S100. (jeorge K. Williams to Florence S. Williams. 112 acres in Superior. Consideration, love and affection. P. VanRiper to Richard McQuillan. hu acres in "Webster. Consideration $47.50. B Day to Patrick II. Sheelian. Ann Albur city lot. Consideration $77.1. Mack and ScVimid to Mrs. Eveline Kent. Manchester village lot. Consideration $78.76. W. F. Jsnd to Cathenne Gonnon. 80 acres in Lyndon. Consideration $3000. W. F. lSírd to Edward Gonnon. 120 acres in Lyndon. Consideration $3000. De Volson Wood to Sarah II. Bishop. Aun Arbor real estáte in Smiths addition. Consideration $3000. QUIT-CLAIJt. Darwin A.l'almerto Robert M.Creary. 8cio village property. Consideration f50. Geo. F. Davison to Franklin D.Cummings. Clielsea village property. Consideration S-r. Mary Merker to W. L. Watkins. 24 acres in Sharon. Consideration $500. VVm. Kent to John J. Robison. 56 acres in Sharon. Consideration $1. Thomas McGraw to Mary Ann Williams. Ypsilanti city property. Consideration $1.