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- Mrs. Owen Fawcett of Ypsilanti has removed to Flat Boek, Wayne county. - C. W. Rifrgs of Sylvan, averaged 274 bushrls of wheat to the acre, off a farra of 80 acres. - Mary P. Townsend whose death notice appears in the usual place, was a resident of Superior 44 years. - A cnlvrpd bflrhT of Ypsilanti refrised to have a man of Ml own color, and there lias benn mach talk bout it. - C. L. Hall of Ypsilanti bas been granted a patent on a coffee-roaster. Miller and Lighthall of Chelsea on a plow. ■- TCepresentative Allen is shalring the Mood-stained garmentinhis usual styl at different points of the local political eompass. -John M. Cutlw of Ypsilanti formerly manager of the Follett House, died Thursday night of last week of paralysis. - Examination of Mrs. Silus of SharoH, charged whith bigamy, set down for Thursday of last week, was postponed to yestenlay. - Hon. E. P. Allen was unanimousiy nominated for representativefora third term, at Ypsilanti, on Saturday. It was a lightly attended convention but a few delegates being present. -The f araoiis actor, John McCnllongh opens the season at the Ypsilanti opera house Monday, Sept. 20, in the play of "Virginns." Tickets on sale at Brown & Co.'s drug store, Ann Arbor. - Under the statute of 1879 making it a criminal offense to "impute a want of ehaslityto any female" without being able to prove i,t, Tlios. Welsh of Milan, for slandpring one Gould and wife, was assessed $1 and eosts- total $55,02, by Justice Jaminet of Monroe. Welch appealed. - Through his attorney Mr. Albert Crane, Millard F. Clements presented the common council of Ypsilanti an itemized bill of $304 for damnges snstuined by his wife by reason of neglect of said city to keep a crosswalk on AVashington street in safe condition. The claim was compromised at $100. - Geo. LeVan, a painter employee of [ Gilmore & Rogers of Ypsilanti while working on a scaffold Satmdav forenoèn, feil a distance of 20 f eet, receiving several injuries. It was feared at first that his back was broken, but a physicianwho wascalled,says his spine was injmed and he probably would be laid up for some time. -Messrs. II. J. Beakes of tliis city and S. M. Cuteheon of Ypsilanti have Vippn pngaged by eommon council of Ypsilanti to prepare a brief and argue in behalf of the above city in the supreme court of the United States, the case ! therein nsndincr wherein Moses Taylor is plaintiff, in error, and the city of Ypsilanti is defendant in error. - Therehave been shipped f rom Chelsea this season 44 full cars of wool and three or four parts of car loads; beside Chelsea buyers bought and shipped two car loads f rom Manchester and one f rom Ann Arbor. The average weight would be 11,000 Ibs. to the car load, which would show over $500.000 lbs. bought and shipped from Chelsea this season. -The York Snnday school gathered at Chas. AVheeler's grove ThursdaVand had a regular oíd t'ashioned basket picnic. An invitation had been extended to the neighboring Suriday schools, but nmifi rfisnonded with the exception of the Mooreville school, which contributed a load of "good looking" iris. The usual amount of singing and speaking. The' enterprising officer of the school had moved the organ and chairs, appropriate mottoes, etc, to the grove. The platform looked like an arbor. The jeople of York do not do things by lalves.- Ypsilanti Commercial. -Charles Bartlett of near Clinton, carne here with a load of wheat on Friday last. He got in company with George Markham, and got on a drunk. Markham got arrested elsewhere, and Bartlett left his team here and went to Ypsilanti on the train. His father came here to look for him the next morning, and followed him to Ypsilanti, where he found him.buthismoney was nearly all spent. He took what he. had left away from him, and intended to bring hitn home with him, but before they left the young man gave his father the Slip and hewas obliged to return without him.- Manchester Knterprise. - The Ypsilanti Commercial, trusting to the word of a prisoner recently in the jail, gives currency to a statement that the food furnished there "would ruin any ordinary stomach in a few days." Our cotemporary ought to have learned by this time that assertions made by inmates of jails, penitentaries prisons andasylums are taken by those most familiar with such persons, with greatallowance. Indeed very few are worthy of belief. The superintendent of the poor recently investigated this very matter questioning each prisoner and reported there was no cause for complaint, and that there was an abundance of goodfood fnrnished. The Commercial has been imposed upon and ought to retract its statement. -John Walker, a Germán about 35 years of age, living in the western part of Manchester township, committed suicide Friday morning by sliooting himself through the riglit temple, causing instant death. About a year and a halt' ago he attempted to make away with himself by cutting his throat, but failed to cut deep enough, and his life was saved at that time. During Thursd.iy night before he madetwo desperate trials at selï-destruction,but was again unsuccessful. He first tried to drovvn himself in a ditch, but only suceeeded in covering himself with mud from head to foot. He then tried to ent liis ,hroat and inflicted a deep gash in bis neck with s jack-knife, but the wound was not fatal. He returned to the house and pro iiised the woman who was living wi:h him that he would desist from his attempts, but about 6 o'clock in the morning a pistol shot was heard in his room. and he was found dead on the floor. Walker had turned his mother out of doors a few days before and slie had then caused an attachment to be placed on his property, to secure her for a debt of about $1,100 which her undutiful son owed her. These family and flnancial ditïiculties, together with whisky and depraved women, caused his ruin.


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