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-Prof. E. O. Thompson and wife are viaiting relatives In Dexter. -"As the old inarrs age advances bis Intellectual powr lecreases."(?) -Dr. Walker gave G. Wall three onionsfora "sample" which weighed over three pounds. -.1. Af'iicy Koith anii wife of tlie Leader office, are nisticating on the verdant. billS of MttOd. -Miss Mitinie Oostello returned home gaturdav f rom a year's pleasurable journ in New Vork. -Edwin VVillits wiehing to keep himpplf postrd nn politics in this vicinity has subscribed for the Leader. -Chas. Colwell, and not ('has. Grepn, of Hochester, N. Y., will manage the apple-drying enterprise at Dexter. - Dick Trevellick pxpounded green baokism to nn exceedinfrly sniall audi ence at Costello's hall the other even ing; no new oonverts wore made. - Profs. Vinkle and Wilsey, Dexter' Blondins, have given a series of exhi liitions at Nashville, Vermontville an( Charlotte witli splendid success las woek. -John 0. Welsh, accompanied by hl daughter Mary, left for Fort Wayne, tnd., Satnrday. Mr. Welsh will visit his son and place bis daughter in an aeademy at thai place. -Hiere are a large numner 01 cunen of gickoess aronnd here at present, the disease prevalent heilig an affliction of the throat, aml althoush not of a serious character. Some think it a species of dlphtherfa. - We. are a little apprehensive that onr rerl ribbon fiïends are biting off ; more than they can conslstently chew when tliey propose toturn their already good orgardzatlon into one. which will exclude members from their fold. We liave reference to the movement set apog by certain members of the club to organize themselves into a secret societyto be known as Sons of Temperance. Will this not be a little inconsistent witti their by-laws which are adverse to sectarianism? -■Republicana of this vicinity burst j the bonds wliich bound them and ', carne enthusiastic nnder tlie burning eloquenoe (?) of Edwin Wfllits and A. j .1. Sawyer at Tostello's hall Friday evening last. The most notable tures of the evening were the conspicnous absence of some of the "bigaruns," a superabundance of oratorioal lush, and the. provoking and ill-mannered way in whicli the party feil back to their anathy bnrrows. from which Willits& Co. had used such strenuous efforts to draw t.hem. -The death of Miss Kllen Molony of New York, which oceun-ed at her ter's residence in this villagp Tuesday morning, sadly tcrminatcd what was intended to be a pleasant visit among lier relativos at Dexter. Miss Molony was 86 years old and came to visit her sister, Mrs. Cavanatigh, wlio was quite 11, and aftera short sojonrn she herself feil prey to a disqpse with above snd results. The funeral was from St. Joseph's chnrr.h ïhursday, Rev. Fr. Slattery officiating. - Since their profitable excursión to ] ..ansing, the red ribbon element of Dexter have been very eloquent and profuse in their praise of the Chelrea band and nqually extravagant in tbeirdenunciations of ourown band. To the nu inind the question natnrally ames, Why? The solution to many s obvious. The Dexter band eould not alTord to accompany them on üie occasion of their excursión gratuitously, and asked hut a comparatively --lisflit compensa - tion for their services which they claimed they could not give. The mmrnittee prooéeded to Clielsea where the i band at that place volnnteered their ; services, which was perfectly rigbt, tliey feelin-r so ilisposed. But how they can consistentlyconsiderwhatthe band did dishonorable, and why the band should exhibit impartiality to thein more than any other organization is more than we can comprehend. -Dexter has al last had a sensation, and a very unpalatablc one at that. üuite a commotioii was created vvithin our villaje precincts Sandfly by the circulation of i repon that an unsuccessful atteinpt to outrage W.T. Keal's i yefti' 'lil danghter bad been rommitted Saturday niglit,the perpetrator lieing a horetoforc respected young man named Blood. It (vppears as the child was passing 'i the street 3he was ceized by bim with the above mentioiied design, but was foiled by the girl getting away from him. The story was imniediately relatcd to the mother who unwisely concealed il frotn the futher until Sunday morning and then he got but the outlines of it when he, but too leniently gave the scamp until morning to make his immoraJ presence scarce, an opportunity he embraced quite effectually. Since departure it has lcaked ont that this rara avis wasno novice at this helllsh work and that two weeks ago he had committed a like attempt upon the person of Myrtie Gucker, a 11 year-old daughter of .Mr. Gucker near the depot, who, it is reported, accepted a money consideration as hush-money instead of giving hirn over to the proper authorities where justice would be meted out and the licentious body of " pions elder" Blood would reposo within the iion enclosure at Jackson where it rightfully belongs.


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