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Salixe, Aug 31. - Pied, yonnc-t son of George E. Schairer, on Sünday , Aug. 29, of congestión of the lungs, aged about one year. - Mrs. L. Klein of Ypsflantí is on a visit to her mother and sisters, Mrs Hauser and the Misse3 Ella and Anna - Lightning struck a large oak trep in the cemetery on Saturday and split it from top to root, but did not wake them up. -Died, on Tuesday, Ang. 24, of cholera infantum, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Colgrove, aged six months. - Mr. A.Milton Clark has come home from the sanitarium at Battle Creek and thinks he feels better, but not enough to brug much on. - Married, at the residence of Geo. W. Hall, Esq., by Bev. D. R. Shier, Mr. I. W. Hewett of Wisconsin and Miss Frank Hogers, sister of Chas. Ü. Hogers of Saline. -The dark-skinned population of our town have raised a Gartield pole with a new broom at the peak with the words below: "sweeps clean." We will see after November. - There is a nice hickory pole lying by the side of the street near Davenport's store, which the democrats propo?e to raise some day during the week. Il is abont 16 inches at the but and is a very nice taper the whole length which will be when completed about 115 feet. -On Saturday last at 4 F. M. there were only two teams in town, and the marshal was trying to iind out who they belonged to. He wanted to eitlier put the owners in the caboose or have an extra deputy appointed to drive them out of town. I don't blame him. AVho wants such a crowd around all the time.


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