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"de Fun Ain't Begun Yet."

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To those havin1? a fine sp,ii=ío of humor, the scpiics enacted in our polioc courls, are frequtntly intensely ludicrous. Allsorts of qnccr characters aro to be niet, from tho sober looking, sodato aml pmegniatic Höllamlor to 1 1 ie lively and fiin-loviii' Irishman. tho throng, ono of tho most frequent to appear, is the colored broiher, and baing more open and frank tlnin the white cUizcn tlio scènes in wliich he appears are of the most huighable. One of the sorest of the colored citizens of Gothain N. Y., took his trick at the bat1 of the Jtíffiírson Markct pólice conrt to-da'. Ilis head ivas liglit, but his eyes were heavy, and thero was a woight of conealed blooil in tho cyeliils that sluit out froin Henry Moutl'ord's rather muddli-d intcliüct the benelits of the Ligllt of diiy. "Yptl had a glorious timo last oight, llcnry," saii Judge OttRi-bourg. '"Le.-!, yo' lionali, an, 1 supposc yo tink Vso habiu' n gl'ious linie dis inornin,' but it aiu't 110 fan, í can teil yon tbr a tac." "Why? don't you onjoy Jnly, 18S0, as weli to-ilay as yuu did ycsierdnyr" quericd thu cóurt. 'X.i, salí. Dat's a Ueajj of dilT'rence bel ie b me." "llow sol" "YVell, de fun aint boerin vet." 'YVliat i'iui do you luoauï" -Well, 1 eau't zaclly tolo yor rhat is coinhi', but it' you iet me outcn dis place and jijeóme romi' to de house bout au liour i'nmi nuw, it' yo' don't sco BOiiiQ ob de libliest times yo' eber seed in yo' lito iny llame aiu't Heu Monttbni." "1ively timos? What do you tncftn?" "Oh, flat irons, stovc lifters, sua' bowls uu' wash bosins, the ole gal kan siin.41 'cm pooty well, i tolo yer." ■i uudei'stand you Heury. You are disoliarged." "Au' do oo 1 Lord hab mercy on yo' doul, Hun." udduU the prisoncr, as üe eluwiy sti'ode out ot' coart. Seeds oí tlie coue-bearíng trees of Calilurnia wure t'in'ineiiy in iloniand ii j ruad ut li'oin -üiluU Lo íilL'J a jumiiil. and tliero are ïiiiUions ot' ü'ol-s iiow jrovviim1 in Ëngluud and on the oontinent ot' lüuropo l'roni seeds snit ti'óin California dul'illJ the last twenty-live years, Many ot' the trees are uovr üeuriujt seed, and lieuce the deinuud lor .sueds ironi Caliíornia lias greatly docroasüd. It is believed Texas will show nearly 2,UOU,IX)U population, this year, aainsL öLO,UUU in JÖ70; umi yet Texas lias no lare eities. Dallas, with her suburbs, shows Uu iu rouinl nunibera lüjUUO ueonle; llouston 17,0U0, San Antonio 1U,V)ÜÜ, G.uvestou -22,W0. These are tlie leading cilies ot the biate, all others lalnny lar below llieni. Tho London JLxaminer says that Oxford and Cambridge are mere boarding schools. The emperor of Austria has so t tho fashion of wearing a golden pig as a plu or wateli-ehurni


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