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Once in a few yoárs a tcrriflc epidemie visita ül American cides. H sparos nono. The litUo hamlet of a month on tho prairie, the proud Queen of Llie Lakes, tlie Future Great on tlie Long iiiver, and all tlie long train of railvvay stations, all are aliko deeitnated. It is vvell, if thoy loso not, oue lit'th, one fourtli, one third, oí all iheir citizuns in a singlo liour. Tiim-c is no lolüng ot' bells. Thero are no íluifral eulo.4ie.s, no lona' processions, no sculpuired ínoiiuincnts. ïhe püoplu cut olij go in suoh a crowil thut uü suoh note can bo taken ot their dcpdrCore. Thcy aru all cut oli' at thu same monient, and iu eacíi cuse it is done by one, two or three, í'ell strokes ot' that migütiest oí' all instrumenu - tlie pen. ïnis pen is mightier tlian tho sword, deadlier than laminé, more torrilic than diseasë, than all disoases, accidenta and crimes coiubined. iiy one, two, or three i'ull strokes of tlie pen, ot' the census liend, tens ara cut ott' IVom the population of tho hamlet, hundreds froui the village, thousands froai the city, and scores ot' thousands trom tho metropolis. ïhe Siuntnïng up of tliu Census lioport is ïhe dead iist oí all Atnericau epideinics. Newark, N. jT7"last year inanufactnred 100,000 kegs of beer.


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