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RAILR040S. Hll'HHíAN (i: VIRAL KAILIIOAdT ,1 31, T - , ISÍO. ao sa v g a i 4 w áM lL _ _r c_i ' j_ lf A.M I"-M.II. M.i T-.M. Driroit.leave, ! 7 00 p 35 5 55 i 4 05; 3 10 9 50 (■ T.JunctiO. I 7 15 9 y 6 10 4 Coi 8 2.. 10 10 W .yn JUMClioo : ,v ]0 "i 6 42 4 4ii 8 Sa lo 40 Yi'MliinU, í 8 '0 0 'S ' 05 5 0j: S ÍS 1 02 u wies 8 SO T 20 - Aun Arbor, 8 -lo i! 00 7 SJi ! ■;_. 53 l 17 [íhi, S 5. ! 7 4 Dexter, o U ' 7 .'.(i, 5 i i 4 ■ i':''í'tsea, 9 í: I 8 II 5 i 10 10 - &j.i?sLke, 0511 j„:, 6 1 . io 30 I P. M I I A.M J.a'kson, 10 ?0 ' 13 9 00 6 &;■ ' ' 00 JO Alliiun, i! 01 t I ó 7 ! i 40 I 16 Mnshall, II oO, 1S(i,-o 8];i018: - i : i. Ei.ttle Creek, I. ,i! 1 55 ■ S -1! I.' S0 2 00 G.ilesburg, li L-2 1 9 ],. A. M. K'iliimnzoo, I 1 16 2 06 4 50 9 S-3 1 15 2 41 I.-. wron, I 1 b.' 5 2 1 4T üeciitur, ' 2 H ' 6 42 2 0:! Dowis;iic, ! 2 S."i j 6 !i 2 Nlles, i 3 0.) i 01 6 Oí 2 4: 1& Bnchininn, 3 !! 7 K 3 00 'I hrce Oiilis. S 7 2.' S'ew linfflllo. 1 4 1'". 4 .:'.! 7 40 8 5. MioblguD Ci'y, 4 SO 6 JO 8 03 4 0_'; ö Ï8 1. ke. 5 ril ö 0:, 8 14 4 ö. j 6 18 tvvnsintOD. 6 00 ti 60 9 á 5 4 o j 7 10 C ' ■ v.-o, amve. 0 DO, 7 'O 10 :'jl i 6 SU 8 00 QO.G ËAï.. H f . .S & j . LÍ#= tí ? ? .wí- W I A. M. A. M. P. M. , "-M. r. M ('hicnero,leave, 7 O0 9 00: 4 00 5 l 9 lo Keimington, 7 .'-0! 9 50 4 50 6 OS 10 00 Loke, 8 ?,S 10 30' 5 42 SjO )0 48 Michigan City, i' SO 11 15 6 no 7 ÍO II So NYv. Bnffalo, 9 4t II S:J 6 53 II 52 Three Oiiks, 10 0;! 7 18 A.M. Bnrbanán, 10 32 ! 7 40 1 ■_■ :o Niles, 10 45 IJ líi 8 10 9 00 li I., Dowftgiftdi '1 1" S 38 [ l Oecntur, 11 ■" - : r 0" ' 1 1 32 l.awton, II 5. P2''a.m. 148 Kalnraa, 12 )S 1 "S 10 00 6 50 10 2.V 2 2ó Galesbnrg:, 12 b ' . TOS ' ■ Bnttle Creek, 128 L 15 .g H 7 40 II 10 ;; ÍS Miialmll, 2 26 3 00 p 8 08'ilü 3 40 i ■ A . K .' , AlbfoE, 2 Ri 3 21 a.m. 8 3"i I! .".' 4 12 Juekson, 3 45 4 05. 7 I.V 9 30 I'.' ' 5 On Olltsa Lake, 4 1 1 " 33' 9 50 S 2.. ClieldOB, 4 40 8 02 10 O; ! 5 50 Duxter, 5 00 8 10 10 19 6 05 Delhi, 6 10 8 r, . Ain Arbor, 5 22 5 07 8 40 10 35: i 06' 6 25 Gfddes,, 5 29 ' 8 4S Vpsi muí i. 5 38 5 23, 8 5.VI0 48 2 20 6 41 Wii'. oe.Iuno., 0 02, 5 45i 9 16 II 08 ; 4: 1 05 0 i'. June, 6 351 6 IB 9 ]". 11 SS 3 20 7 45 D ■;;l.Ai., I C 50! 6 ÜO tO 001 II gol 3 35 80" ' sitnafn ! excep.ed. íouliiiclay and fciunday exepled. 'Daily. H.B. LBDTAED.Gen'l .Mnn:iRer, Detroit. H.C. Wkmwouth.G.P. & T. Agt., Chicago. DtOlí', BiLLSÍJÁLE AND SOÜ'I'HWKSTERN EAU.ROAD. To take effect April 4, 1880. OOING WEST. GOING EA8T. H X. .1 M I M1 Exp. MmTMíV BJAT1ON8. A.M. A.M. r. M. A.M.:P. M.P. V. 7 MI 8 25,5 45 YpBilnrit! 10 4') 5 15 8 Í0 8 Ou. Ui 6 02 Pitü-fitld Juuc. 10 22 1 4 68 7 38 .8 80 8.)7 6 IK Saline 10 10 4 48 7 12 9 00 9 15 SS8 Briíigewitter 9.Í3 4 :;:! 6 Si 1) .".() ) ;l.i 6 48 Manchester 9 35 4 15' 5 50 1 CO 11 il' 8 22 Hill8lale T ÍS 2 45 2 50 1 ! II 30' 8 30 Banneis 7 50 2 SO 2 15 TraiOf) run by Chicago timft - 20 miuuics slower lbanColumou& time. W.F.PAKKEE.Sopt., Tpalanti. RANADA tOVTHERH RAII.WAY, V' The Üniy American líoute Through Cauada Traioi leeve M. C. K.R. Depot, Detroit, city time, as loliuwa: A i hun ie Express, daily, 4 00 a. ín., Wagner car to BofitOD. Fai Day Expres, duily, 12 noon, Wagner car bo New York and r'st Liiulted ExpreMí ilaüy exc;pt Punday, 7.1o p. m, Waffnercar to l'.ullhlo and Hoohe-ttr. I.iKhtnhiL' Exjni's. daily, 1135 p. 'm. Wagner car lo Biiilalo apd ltochester. Toledo traUlOeave 7 5üa. m. except Sunday; 3 00 p. m. daily; 7.!ó ]. iu. except Suuday, flLg For infoniiiition and tickets apply to TI. "W Hayes, age: i M.C. lt. K., Aun Arhor. M. C. UOAC'H, Western I'as. Agent, Detroit. ritANK E.SNOW, Gen. l'ass. aud Ticket Agt. Buffalo, N. Y. KEiT WESTIvlIN HAII.WAY- Depots fnni ot Third and Brusb streets. Detroit time. Detroit time. Leave. Arrive. Atlantic Expiess, a. m. 110.00 p. ni. [)ny Express, "8.35 a. ni. 6.30 p. m. New York and Boston Expresa, '7.00 p.m. t9.45 n.m. Detroit Express, 12.45 p. ra. Ste;unfmt Kxpiesa, 7.00a.m F:ist Express, 11.60 p.m. '3.40 a. ni. ÍDaily. Dnilyexcept8umlíiy. tExceptMonday. -0 For itlfonoatiOB and tickets ajiply til H. V. Hayes, Agent M. Ö. 11. lt., Ann Albor. . H.WRTH, WM. EDOAE, WWestcruPasB1! Ag't. General Pass'r Agent LEGAL NOTICES. Real Rstafte lor Bale. OTATE OF MÍOHKJAN, COUNTY öIWj)tfn,i, (d the matter oí üio eatiite of Hinry Vinkle, decensed, Notice [si t'ivr-n, that in pursuanci m order gruBtad lo tfai undeiaigned, Bdminútrator with lie ú-ill aun of the estáte of xnltl dtwased, l.y thc Hon. Judg( ol l.,r Ih. couot; OÍ VVa-htcliaw, OB-tbl twenty-firal day ol .luly, A. D. 1880, there will be sold al pubile readue, In the hlghtnt bidder, :n thi front door of the Dokter ËKChange, in the viliHgeol Di.xiir. in county of WnshteuaW, in ;rlil State, OU TPK8OAT, THK ."KVKNTII D Y OF SKI-Tnii;ri,,A. J. insii, nt tcno'clqck m thpfarenooi ui tli:it iiny fsiilijoctto nll éncumbrance ty tnortgge or 01 herwis ■ m ilns ai (.!„■ iimr nf Ihe dqat] ol said decéasedjthe following described rea] rs-'il: l.ot Uvo in bloc No. l:i 11 thc villagevf iJextn, VVashtonnw county, .Ukhjpan, ecpting nhd reserving thc iblowlng diKriued lamín. begiiiDJM ni i north-westej-ly rorner of said lot two (i) on th Ann Arborrond thoDCesouth-nesterly 011 the line ltween raid lol two aud iu Aiiidbiock to tho BOutbeasterlj corner of said lol two, thence southwesterl; at rieht anales wjtli said line Httcen feet, thmee ! rurty-thtee degrees nml tbirty minutes eat seven: ty-two fwi, thence eaiterlj nxty-oné fwt to a . mi on tbB line of said lol out ba Aan Ail.orrond rorty-one feet somhoasterly from tho nortbvosierly comer of BSM lot two, thence norlhwesterlv aloBg tbe line of said lot and Aun Albor road forty-oue fci-t to the plnce of beglnniog. Alo thc folknrinK land on said Hoek runtteen: All that pttlt of lot No. one (1 1 in block nin Meen fl!l) lïing nntbiTly of a line running' parallel to and elghlyone feet süuth of thc northcrly line of said lot mibjeot to the rigrit of way over and alfing iho northcrly ide ot raid laftd. Also thiit certain parcel ol land iu bloek sighteen in the v 111 se of Dexter, eounty of WasmenAw, state of Michigan known, boimdp(l,!iiMl desciibed is follows, to wit Commenclng on the sotith sido of the Aun Ar!r road at a imiiit Mventy-one IVet westertyfrom trie nol theast corner of said Wock eighteea sd at Uil mirlliirrsl romer of a pieos of land sold to John Croark-in and Aiexander Soulier, thence runnine ixirih (Uty-four degrees west twsnty-three fcei Rlongthe line of said road, fhence sbuth fweutysix degrees weat OBeliundred ml flfty feet, to ai alley twenty fee( wide, thenre Bontb sixty-fóar degreea cast. nhmg Raid ily Iwenly-thrie led to (He said pieusof gronnd sold to Croflrkin and Soulier thence north t wenty-six degrees east along the line of said piece ol' land sold to said CroarTtiu and Soulier one hündred nnd fifty fsel to tbe pluce o beginning. AIbo, lot No. two (2) in blrirk No. fiftcpn in said vil la-.'i' of Doxtcr, Waihtenaw countT Michigan, according to tho recqrded plat thereof Alsojot d. scien in lilock No. 'three in said vl lage of Dcxtcr, exceptlnp bo ipuon ol' Ihe north end iis is ent off i.y the Michigan Cential Hailroad. Uated, July 21, IWO. CHARtKS 8. OBEGOBY Admtnirtrator wlth the will annezed of the estaieof Henry Vinkle. deceased. lïoal Esrnto fr Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY 0 of Vishien:iw.s.s. Tn the matter f the estáte o1" Morris Örpgg, üeet as. d. Kot ie e in hereby -hen Ihal in oniBuanceof sd rwtTef granted totheuhdei :'.n'd admipiatTatrix M thc estáte ui'saiiï doeaaed by the Hon. Judge of Probate for tie county of kVash pdiuv. on Mie fwenty-sixl Ih day nfjuly A. T. ïssit. ilion' uill hpgpljjat pubJic v. nduc, to 1 K' lii-1'f-.t bid. Ir;-, al ilie east fionf d-ior of tlit. t li'ir Ho e Be in Uie ci(y of Aun Arbt,r,n fí)e eOuiif ■v of Was'iteiiaw, lu gaid State, on Tuejay, ihe IJtfSIttWW i'AY Sv(-ri-Mi:i;i:, A. 1). 1 --.-O. it enoctqdeiíi 'heïon.'nixui of that daj 'nmbra Dees y tnortgasrö ót bthefwïae êi Rtï'iS'a' ' ''t; ' nu' nf tiie death of said dectsed) the (olowiugdesciitfid real estáte, to wit: All thaj i o ;imi ti i .'( or parcel of ]i"d Biíüatefl in TTiscockN Bd'tico to Uu; city of Aun Arbtr a. ihIl:i' to Hu rsoided pial thereof, fchowpi boimded, and de ar na fuünws, to -vrit : AU that Wilt of the wst two-tjiirda (',) of lot ihiihLüt threeC3) ii t.-locii in'inher nix (6) Hot fteretM'oté conteyed 63 NetiPiU'nh P. i'arsona aiv njft to suid Monirt Gregg. Ituied, July2fi. 1SS0. ÁUCiUSTA GREGG, Adminisiratrix. Etate Ai Mitvy E. MiteheU. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY oi'Wnshtennw. Ni At 1 M'ssionof the Prnbutc Co t, for the Qounty of Washtenaw, Iwlilen at the Pi'ot'aieÖfflceintftec'itj' of Ann Arnor, on SJonday. tlie sixtentli day of August, in the year one thousaDJ eili i hundred and èighty. Present, WilHatw 1). il:n riman, Judge of Probate Tn l he matter of the estutu of -Mary Mitchell de.'ensed. On ruadipgsnd filinf? thepetition dnly verifiod o Jaae A. Mitchell, praying tfaat Jaráea C. Cnahnian orftome oiher Buitable person, ruay be appointeil aa :ii i 'i i-i rator of ihe rshiteof ud deceased. Thereupon it ia ordered, tl:at Monday, the tbirteeut'i day rf Sfeptcmbet net, ut I.en oVlock in the iorvnoon, be assigned for the hearina of sait peiit ion. and that the licita :it !;iw oi ffaid aèceased iTid all oilitT ]H.-i-scirs iatereftd in saód estáte, are reqaixetl tp appearat asesaion of aaid conrt, then to ie holden at tlie ProbateOiflce in the city of Ann Albor, and show cause, if i:iy there bu, why llie prayer of tlie petitiouur ahouid not be granted And it is turther orderecí thut saUt petitioner gire noüce to the persons interested in aaid estáte of the pendency of said petïtion and the hcav inirthprpnf. bv oaU$ine ü eopy of thia order ti) bi publislied in the Ann Arbob Argus, a newspapci pfra'led and circulated in said county, thrte suc cessive weeks previous to said day of hearing, "W1LLIAM D HAERIMAN, f A true copy.) Judge of Probate. AVm. G. Doly, Probate Reí?ister, I N THE MATTER OF THE ESTÁTE JL OF MAJiY !■;. lilIA.S'L JSotice w lit-reby i;iven that in pursuanpe bf a I Ícense and o'der gran leí to the undersigned LMuirdian of the estatte ot Mur E. BfHseldeceasedí by the Iton. Klu ■ n, pyrfee of Probate for Ji:o f-ounty of Wayne, 01 Ttiesoay, tbe 17th day of August, A. I). is,s. there wiJl be soid ai public auction to (hQ hfghest bidder at the front of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, county of W;ishtenaw and state of Michigan, ON TUE TVELl-TH DAY OF OCIOBEE A. D. jL8G; at 12 o'cloek in the forenoon, % o tbe Í4 interest in the west half of the noithwest tjiinrier of seciion nUmbot ten in township twi i,mli of i a-e nix easi, iiii'l reeonied in the utiice ui the Register of Deed 3 in and for eaid county. Dated, Ann Arbor, Anrrit P5, Ï880. FKBDERíCK CU.WVAV, Guardián iw Administrator. Coiajtinlflsióiiers' Notie. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of WasMenaw, ss. The mvlerbined havnii, been appouit.e$ by thu Probate tourtfor suid Coua1 y. ('(iiiiTnis.sii'ners to reccive, examine, aud adjust inl claims and dcmaniïs of all persons ;Lriini tlu estáte of ftlcbard Beahan, late nf said coonty depe8eü-'. heicby gié notico that six inonths from dfiteare n:otel, by order of said Pzobate Court fór crediiora lo present theïr claims against the estaieof suid deceased, and that they will meet al tiieFiobaie Onïce, in tbe city of Ann Arbor, in 88 id coun'y, on Tnësday, the sixteenth day of Novembev. and on "Wdoesday, the sixteenth day oí J'cbruaiy next, at ten o'cli)ck a. mm of eachofsaid days, to ieceive, examine, and adjust said clttims. ÍJaied, Auyuat lö, A. Ü. ISSC. AMBKOSE KEARNEY, JUICIIAEL BEERY, S 4w4 Com m issionors. Keal Kstüte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Wasliienaw. rjC In tbe matter oí the estate of Li.zie Kt-lf' gg, minor." Nutice is hereby gires ,thai In 'Himi; ucjoÍ nuonltr gnmted to the iioiiei'aigned Kuurdiau uf said uimot the Hou. Judge ui Probate for the eounïy of Wïwhteuaw, on lie tbint day of June, A. I. I8S0, tliere w)l be boW ac public ven du, e, 10 tie hlgbest bidder, at the eat i ■ out tVdor of tiie court hou-e in ibe city of Ann .Arbor. in the ei uui tv oi Wtishteuaw, in said State, on Sattim1 w, tii !■; blGBTEËh'LH DAÏ OF SePTEMBEB, A.D 'SSi'. at ten u'c'ock mi the forenoon of t hal day -i'ibiert to all ent unilnanccs by mortjza$6 er 11. w ipe t ; fSfing ut the unie of the sale} Ibe fullowing deflcriiwd real estile, tfl wit: 'J'he e%ual undivjded one-sijteenth part of the no Ibeast ajuar ler of the porrbeast tjuaiter oí seo.ion number 1 liicen in to witii] i', ur i-o;uh j í" i a 1 : l; ■ six 1 'it i Vu b) in MIch'gaD, copraiüipg fóity aerea ui' land be the same more or ess. Dated, August 5, 180. ALBfiE C ('.KELLOGG, Guardian. líoal Estáte for Sale. nTATE OF MICUIGAN, COUNTY IO of "Waahtenaw, ss. In itie matter of the estáte üi' Maria Fo id, deceased. Notice is hereby given, 1 iu . u pii BtmnceoT an order gran teel to tbe'-iuu adnnn sïiatnr of tlie estato of said Maria l'urii, d. ueaed, by the lion. Jude of Probate f'n ihe couuty oí Wasbtennair, 011 tne elevcnth (Hth) day of Jm'ie, A, D. SSü, there will he sold it public vent.) ue to tae üjgliest bidder, nt Iho south tront doorof liieC'turt IIonsei:i tbecity of Ann Aïbór, in tiie (-(.imiy of WÖÏ)S( QftW, in said slalr, On Sati BU.4T, 1 RE SEC05 T DAY OFÖCTOuBR, A. D.18K), hü 10 o'c!uik in tho fmvnoon ol ttaot day (Subject Idji 1 en':" i)'' finces by inortgne or utherwfee CXKiuat tlio time of th?e death of said dec uie 'oliuw iU'sl'i ïhcil n-iil pstate, to wit : _A certaiu pece íí paveel of land situated in tho city of Alm Abo:, -a Wastitruaw county, Michigan, being lot mm. her tb-ee (I-) in Mock two (2) souih. oí Hut nu bireet in n. n.e ti ve (5) Dated, Aun Ailxn. Aun-t 17, 18S0. CHARLES H.nTCKMOXT), Adiainitrator. PA1NTS, OILS, ETC. rpHt {LARGESX AS EL:T fe:0CK Cp PAINTS, OILS, ALL KINDS OP, Painters' Materials, &c. AMEÜICAN ANÖ FEEISCH WINDOW CLASS All Sizes. jt sofa's. '26 and 28 East Washington Street, ANN AEBOE. LEGAL NOTICES. OTATE OF MlULiüAN, COÜKTT kj 01 Wushltiiiuv ss. At h setsiol. of tlif l'tuluu, Uourt í(ii the County ,t WashU-lüiw, holdi i t'robato CJin.ce in (lie cuy of Aun Arbor.i n v, dy, thv twenty Bfth flay ol Aug., in the y, tbotuuKl eitfht huudred and cighty. Present, Willianj ü. tlurrimim, Judgeof Prohata In the matter of thc estáte "i Lewia I,. Juran deceastil. " On readingnndfllingthepetition, dnly niRti ofC'laruC. James, pruying thut n eertain nsh-u.' meut now 011 tilt 111 tliis court, purporung to ba the last willand testament of said deceasecl, inHr be uliuiíiedto probate, and thal abe aud I.oibiim a. Jones be apnointod executors Uiereof Thereupoa is orderea, that Munuay, tbe twcn. üclli day ni September next, at leno'eiock in th torenoon, be ussitíiieit lurthe heaurig ol unid ne, üüii, and tlwt thi-dcvisees, Icgiitees iii.d hematía ul aniel deceased, nud ill othor persona ínteiesttá in said estáte, ave required to nppear at a sessiot of ,-aid üourt, Uien tu be boldeu at tlie l'tobata Otüce in the city of Ai.n Arbor, and show cause il any tlieru be, wl.y the pruyiT of petítiunei should not J}e erauted. : Ana it i íurlhtr ordered that said petitioner irive notice to the ponsoñi uiterestcd in said estáte ol thu pendeuty of .a petiuoii and the beariiiK thereof, r,y causÍDe a ebpj ol thrs order to be ptiblished inthe Ans Aiíu,,, -k,,i -,a uewupupei ímnteü and circulatd ni said county, throe successive weeks previ. mu to aaiddat úf hearing. WILLIAM D. HAKRIMAX, (Atruecopy.) Judge of I'robate Wm. tí. Doiy, Probate Register, Estáte of George Smith. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, C0UNTÏ O of Washtcuaw, as. At i session of llie l'robati Court íor the County ol Washtenaw, holden the Proliate Office, in tlic city ol Aun Arlior, op Wednesday, the eigbteenth day of August, in the yr:i i ■ One ihotisiiiid eighi bundred and eighty. Préstflit, William D. HsrMman, Judge ol frobatt In the matter ol the. estáte ol (Jeoige Sniith, de.' ceasea. 6. Ncwcll Ilciúon, cxeculor of the last will anl testament of s;iid deceased, comes mto court aafl represents tht he ís now prepnred to rendei his tinal account na buuh exeeutor. Thereupon it is oideied, that Pntnrday, the fon n li diiyiif September next, al ten u'cloek inthe torenoon. be assjgned for exaroining nnd allowing toch account, afta that fhe cteviaees, Ifgatees, ana hei rs ii l l;iwof said deecaed,ardallotherpereoinintfrffted In sai1 entate, are reqnired to nppear al a sraaiOTi oí saiii ('tuirt, thfn to be holden at the Probate Office ín the city af Aun Arbor. in said comilr, und show cause, íf any tliere be, vtiy tbe Míd accmint sliould not be aílowed : And it is further orderrd. that Paid executox give notice to (iie peíaon in akl estáte, of the pendeney of said account and the hearing thereof, by sansina a copy ot thíaordeito be published in the Aun AiboÍ, i newspaper printed and Cirenlating in said county, twosueeessive weeks previoua to snij day of heai-rag, WILLIAJI D. HAK1UMAN, (A true copyl. Judge of Probate. m. tí. Bun, Probate Register. Estáte ot BUchael lïttllor. STATE OF MICHIGAN, CUUNTT' of Wasbtenfiw, ss. Ata sí'ssion of the Probate Court for the ComUy of Washtenaw, bolden at the Probate Ortice, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tn - day, the tentb daj of JmjjBst. in the yeai oü thonsan'd eiirlit hundred and eigbty. Ptesent, illiam D. Harriman. Judge of Proti-nte. In the niatter of the estáte oí Mii-hael .Butler' deceascd. On roadiiiir and fiünr tho potition, drtjy Terifiea, of iyinna [aller, prayjng that .lolm J. C'larkjëa, o "■ a, maj oe appointei adin!i::-tiiil:r i,l .i:u estáte. TTiereupontï is ordered, that 'lonilay, the iixlh dny oí Sc[ next. ut tui o'doci in the rorenoon, be nssigned tor the hearing of a tion, and that üie lieirs at law of said dt tind all (itlier peiKot:s intei-'stfd ifi said esi. reqiiircd to appear at a session of siiiil conrt.tlien lo 6e holden at the Probate OrHce in the city of Ann Arlor, all'i show oonse, if any thpie te, lïhy the praycr of Ihe peiititoner shoulo not b L'rxnieil : And it is turUuT ordt'?d that said petïtioneï ïire nol 't(' to the persons interester! m saii' t'.iatfe ol tha pèndehey 'óf 'said petition and the heannf thcrfif, by causint; a ccjiy tii tlus order to !e pnbliphed in the Ann ARBOB ARGUh; a' newspaper printer! nnd circuíate'! in said eouéty, three soccessiTe weefc previousto said dny of hfarintr. tTlLLIAM 1). TTArTRTMAl?, (A trne oopy.) . Judge o Probnte. W. G.IJott, Probate P.egister. Slieiilf's Male. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTT 10 of Washlenaw, ss. Tohn B. Prico, 1 Morris M. Peckand j f John Atkinson Clark Curn-vell ts. V } The Michigan Pap Ihe Michigan Tapor [ Conipauy. Com any. J ].y vijtiii-of awrit of een tion in eacli of thi ttboVeeutifkd causas i.-sued out of and undertlw seal qi the Circuit Court Tot the County of Wasbteoav, to me dirtded and deïlvered, I din on tbe lÜthdav oí1 June, A. I. IShO, lery dpob aS) ;tw viiiht, tftle aod interest of the Micïiigaa Paper d.'Mprmy. :n ;n.l to the (Q'ïowfn? desrribed realestatè, land s and tenemenïs, to wit : All those rta i n traot4-or paroeto of huid situated at Geidesburg. m the towüíbip oí Ana Arhor, cotiníT rf "Wjtshtenaw, State ol Michigan, comraencisg M tte poitt of iritenection of thenorth and somii -puiter sccLion line of' SfCtion number thirty-six, ia iowMsliip two sonth and range sis east, in said 9tetfWith ih' rjo'ii.h Hne of the Michigan C'n!n] Ba il io;ul. rnnning t henee south along said quana seeiïon lite tuur cbfiina and fifty lioka; thinca no: th eigbty-seven drgrtes west seven cbains and thtrty linfes to an oaktree; thenee uoitb one de'.■ - tiw chiuii- and pinety-flve lioia to tl Miü.ii ii;u.ii oi ilic Qatoa river; tbeñc -wn sA iiver along the soutli bank tbereof tothe pouther ly bank oí the race where aiü race etoytüs intotheriverj thenee up said tuf! race on thc wuth Pbiiiik thereof to Ihe center of the highway; theuc BOiftUerly to the south line of said railroad ; thenee wetsterly along the line of satd railroad to the pface oi' öegtnntng. AIso that patcel of hiad vïesenbed iuuiag where ilio lnp-hwy above iucntioned ■ th railrnadtm sain section thirty-six ;md ii: nu nir lioixi the east bide of snid liihway fa pavaUel with fhe center line of tlie present main track of laid ra il rond twenty-flve f eet; f henea noilh parallel with said highway tiity feetj tlience we i bwenty-five feel to the easi Hne of the hïffhv;-.y ; thenoe -ontli flfly feet to ihe pJaco of begin - ningt A1í that other paveel of land beginnmg at , 11 iVnt iifly teet south ui' tlie said Michiean Cenlia! Uailrt;f(], and on tbe wesleiiy line ot'tbesail highway which crosses snid r.tilroad and tho Huroi ríver on said sectioii thirty-six, and running t líenos parallel to the railroad west ninety-two feei; theDd south two hunáred feet; theneeeast one hundrel and five feet to the west line of wid bihway; tlieuce north on the wejt line ot saïd highway t) the place of bi'ginniiii?. together with the milis nod buildings tlu'ieon standiiiLT, antï all thc machio w and tools placed and nsed in and atout said milis and every part tliereof. and also the water privilege pertaining to said milis and property as tlifl bame lms been heretofore eujoyed, with all the rights, iuteresta and piivileges mentioned ie laiic il. ('onklin's deed to James Pusoy, Jr., aml Geori B. Kelïy, bearrng date the flfteentb day of May, A. D. 1872, xcepting part of the ürst above deserip tion ft Strip of land fonr rods in width nïentho east line of tlie am and south of said ïbÜio! ; and a!so excepting tho la.nda occupied by the Michi'L'iin Central Kuilroad Comjiany au a railrondT. Al bo all that certain pieee or parcel of land sitttsto in the towitehip of Aun Arbor, County of Wasbtc naw, State oi Micbigan, and described as fllows,to wit; Beginniusf at tlie south east corner of tnp north easi quarter of section tbïrty-üvc (35), arJ running thenee north on tho east linp of said biction to the south side of the Michigan Pen. Railioad; the nee west to the center of Maltin creek l calle); theneo northeasterly aloivi t"0 center of safd erfe k tu tho east Hne of buk! s.'cin tbiiiy-iivt' (35) j thenee north on eaid sewion line to the Kuron rivef ; tteoce up said river io a point forty-oneandone-balf rods east of the north and south quarter lino of said section; nence soutü parnllef with snid quarter lineunttl !■ strikes the enti anö west quauer line o!' said section; thence and on said quarter line to tho of beginmaj. Wbich snid Unds and tenements fshall acllatptf) lw vendue totbe bigbent bidder, at the north do of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, m said eounty ot Wasbtenaw, (tbat being ihv placeoi holding the Circuit Court in said eounty}, on tlis ElEVENTH DAY OP 8EPTBMBEB, A. D. ISSO, at töü oVlork iu tbe foreaoon of thut di'.y. ,Uated, July 30, 1880. JOS f AH g. CASE, Sheri1 MJ't gafje Sale. DEFAULT HAV1NG BEEN MADE in the condit'ons of a certaiu niorienge bea ing date tlie twenty-eiglith ü:y of rsoviinl". m ear of our Lord otíe thousftod cííí'il liunlrw and seventy-Blx, mailt and executed bv Wur!?irel Eyan of the village of Manchester, couniy of Wa-J' lo'naw :iml stiiie of Michigan, to Williani fOsius ot the township of l'itlstield, same cooofj ;iti1Si:m. and n i wded in the olli-.v of tdc Reg' ter of Deed8 of Waahtenaw County al'ojesail wp tlif tbirtietli rt;yot Jtily, A. D. 1STS, at 1.50 oVlot' r. u. of süid day, in liher ." l of mortgages, on pa? I 703tand theamount clnini.'d tn bedtu-at the daeol I this notice is 8634.87 isix hundred thivty dm" lars alid eighty-sevea oents), also tliirty doll ss rea-soDable solicitor'8 or attorneysfee,fn addit on to all other Ipsü! cösta if uny rroceedings shoaltl M tBkeu toforeolose this mortgage, and no proinga at law or in equity having been instiuned ■ recover the same or any part thereof: Notice is thereloie herebygÏTen, that ly virtue of thepowe of palo in suid mortgftge contñinel I shall sel! o Sa ! ruliA V, THE NlNTH DAT OF OCTOBEB DeSt, a' ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day at pnbW vendueto the hishest bidder at tlie south frW door o! tlieCoiirt Jlouseiu the city ofAnnArn eólinty ol Washtenaw aforesaid (that briiiR I building wherc-in the Circnil Comt f..r Washtem county is held), all those certain pieres or pan of land Bituate In the villape of Manchester, ta "8 eounty of Washtenaw and State of MichifraA knownand described as follows, to wit: Bei, üts namber the and six in block number forty-n in the Tülüge of Manchester, in said county aa state, accorcing to the recordetl plat thereof. Uated, July IS, 1880. COMST00K F. HII.T,, Administrator of the estm e of William í Osius. deceast'd. Kstatc f lSarnalms Case. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY O of Washtenaw, ss. Notice is hereby giyentn byan order of the Probate Court for the County of Washtcnair, made on the sixteenth dy ' August A. IJ. Isso, six months froni that date illowid for creditors to presentthcir claimsagai" the estáte oí Barnalas Case. late of said counijj deceasod, and that all creditors of said dee uv reqnlred to present their claims to said PruM ;ourt, at tbe Probate Office in the city of A" ' mv for ozamination and allowance, on or '■", he sixtt-eutli day of February next, and in such claims wlll 'be heard hefore said Court, Tumday, the sixteenth dny of November, and " Wednesday, the sixteenth day of Febrnary na itton o'clock in the forenoon of each of saia aj Datcd, Ann Arbor. August If!, A. D. 1880. WILLIAM D.HARRIMAN, 31H-4 JudKeProtate City ScavcuKer, Th f undersigned oflsrs his services asSciven!"' Vnnlts, Cessj ools, &c, ftc, cleancd to order or w he mtoil. at reasonohle pnces Iloufe dr „ nade to order. Vaultsniade, Orders may M' itJ. H. Nichei'B Meaf Marlet, state Streat. t_ BouthThayer Street, or mvde hrotiRh the f' pfflofl Work wlll bc done as chenp as the ctuw ,nd all orders promptly J ACTI0Ii.


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