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Real Estate Transfers

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Alonzo Leonarc to John Gilbert. - Ypsilanti city real estáte. $800. E. and J. Oullinene to Timothy Walhipe. 80 acres in Sylvan. $5000. Frank Ruck to Jacob and Jno. [ Ajin Arbor city real estáte. $75. David Henning to G. and E. Luiek. Ann Arbor city property. ?700. Jolui IJ. Parks to Ehzabeth Elliott. 2 acres in Salem. $950. Clinton H. Feit to Elizabeth Allen. Manchester village property. SfiöO. Francia M.. Oukley to Walter Culver. 160 aerea in STork. $2000. John fSchmerderto George Schmeirle. Ann Arbor real estáte. Í550. Congdonand Saylerto Sarah J.Wines. V2i) acres ol' land in Lime. $6425. QtrnciAiM. Comelius O'Xeil to P. J. O'Neil.- Manchester village property. $1. Milo E. Gage to ('arrie A. Lemon. 60 acres in Superior. $450. Caroline McMUlan to Thomas Morrison. Ypsilanti city property. $800. Jno. Eschelbachto Jacob.Eschelbaeh. 20 acres in Freedom. S400. The Circus. - There is nothiiif; in which theyouthful boy so much dehghts as the circus; but whcn he grows old, and suffers with a racking cough, and dreada the approach of Consumption, he talces llall's Ijalsam as thu only snre remedy for his ills.