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Is Experience Valuable To The Public?

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Experience is duly considerad as It shonld be by many voters in Bcanning the list of candidates offered tliem for their snffrages, as n valuable acquisition. Especially lathis the case witb offlcers who possess a certain fitness for acertafn position. Probably no man haa ever filled the offloe of Judge of Probate more acceptably totbosehaving business at that court than has the present occupant. Judge Harriman's administration of the office bas fully justiflpd the eonfldence of those who elected bim, and it is no disparagen 'ïit tohis excellent predecessorstosay M-nt noJndpre of Probate in Washtenaw county has ever discharged the rtutiesofthe ofïlce in a more satdsfactory manner. He is not a practicing lawyer looking after the interests of clients in circuit conrts; his entire time is devoted to the dutíes of the position, and pon each week-day of the year he is fonnd at lus post of duty ready to attend to business. Hia uniform courtesy to all, minors as well as adulta, widows as wll as orphans, make him a very agreeahle gentleman with whom to transact business of the delicate character that pertain to Probate courta. Nis rulings are made with care and due deliberation and vet with promptness. Tn very rare inatances have his rulings been set aaide by r liiffher court, and in many cases his decisions appealed to circuit courtshave been afflrmea y tne supreme court. Within a few months, for Snstance, a decisión rendered by Judge llamman in the Braan case, (Freedbro) was reversed by the next higher conrt, and in July the highest oourtof Michigan decided that Judge Harriman's decisión was correct in law and equity. He seems topossess the facnlty.of an intuitivo perception ol right and justice, and his knowledge of the law governing tlie administration of estáte and of the rulings of the conrt of last resort upon points raised theronnder is both profound and exact. An earnest and earef ui student it is not too nrach to BRy that there is no member of the Washtenaw bar so thoroughlv equipped in all that pertains to the duties of the office as Jndge Harriman. Can the people of Washtenaw afford to dispense with his services, valuable as they are after four years experience, for one who bas had no expenence, whatever? Very many menhold to the opinión that there ahould be no politics connected with the judlciary. In no other wayhowever thanthroughparttes can nimbe brought before the people for theii support at the polls. Having been tried and found competent; having given an administration of nearly four years so free from criticism that rarely !ms there arisen a word of complaint; having condacted hia courtwith that (Vm-nity and eourtesy he should, there is no reason why Judge Ilarriman is not deserving of and should receive not only the enthre vote of the party of which be is a member, but of hundreds of republicana, whï, knowinjr him to be the man for the place, will imite their aid in keeping him there.


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