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Rosiland's Repentance

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The Tieavy crimson enrtaina nro drawn, nhut'ine out the dreary Octobcr darkness, the pis is lit, the flre bnrns briehtlf in the polished gvate in Mrs. Francia Mnywood'BcoBydrefWr iiijr-room, 8 that lady sits beiore the saitin-diapcd toilet-table while the quick, deft finpfers of a vosy-clieeked maid pile up the soft dark hnir into a tiny pyramfd of airy puffsand crimps. "Make me look ray best, Mary," says Mary's graoeful young mistress, gaily. "I expect to meet soinc great people at Mrs. Danf'erth's to-uight, and I want to look as nice as possible. What jewels shall I vvear, pearls or diamonds Mary?" 'Óli! diamonds by all mean?, ma'am; pearls would not look half so well with that lovely amber satin, and if you'll allow me to put the diamond arrow mastcrgave you on your birtlidav, in vour liair, you wiil look just perfect, nia'ani." "Very wellj I'll vrear the diamonds." Almost as she speakg a hasty knork comes at the door, and without waitiii! tot pennission the door opens, and a gentleimn enters. "Why, Frank, you" cries out Mrs. Maywood in surprise, "and 1 declare, alter all my entreaties, not jet dressed lor llie recept ion." Tiie intruder is a handsome man, witli an arisiocrntic, high-brcd laco and air, and is slill young; but just liow llicre is a grave, soniücr expreBion in his bruwn eyes as he upeaks, thatalinost mai-B his boaiiiy. "I :ini not going to the rcce)tion, Rosp." 'Xot í?oii)g - oh, Frank!" "Vc musí disapi)oint Islrs. Danfertli this cvening," pui'suoa tlic geutleiimu gravely: "we must reiuain at home. liosilaiid, do yoU kuów littlo llorbcrt, i.s horiously illi" '111!" ropeats' Roso Maywood, pct(ialily. "Wliy, what nous use yon talk, Franftl ílorbcrt is well cuougli; you only lancy beoüiise hc's a liulu flushed and cross, tliat lie is ill. You canuot mean such a trillo as that sh;ill prevent our goiilg lo ilic DanierUis' ball and rccepiiou, Frank?" "I do, indeed. I repeat, the child ia unwell, seriously uuwoll, and we cannot loave liini," responda tlie üusbaud coldlyand decidedly. "li'ut, Frank," persista tlo girl, rising and going over to when; lier husband slands, "tlic Claverings are to cali lor us iu thcir o&vrïaV, and I proinised Mrs. Dnutortli wc vrould nticnd her vecfiption ; tliink liow nulo nnd din.ppoiiiting it will be if wo sllOllidll't !iO." '■Hy cliild's heatth is of fur more oongc.'iueiwe to me tluui our aoqunint anees' disappoiu tuien ts,and you sliouh tliink iu tliis matter jreciscly as I do liosilaiid." 'And of coursc I do," says Ttosiland wilh peuilaut toss of hor protty, ilark liiiiied hcad. 'l ara stiro I lovo lier bert very dcarly, hut 1 don't soc the use of deprivinz mvselt' of a groit iloasure lor llio sake of a foolisli exnggeratcd faney of yours. For it is au oxagguratcd fanoy, lear, isn't it?" continuos Itose. ploadingly, '-and it will be a terrible disappoiiitinent to me, if I don't go. I havo looked forward, tor weeks past, with sucli delight to thisailair. Madcmoiselle d'Auorte has made my deettö so beautii'uily, it is sucli a perfect fit, and theu you know the BujflUh Ambassador nd the Countess ofElwaydeno are to ha theie to-niglit, aml l'iu just d yiny t seo them, purticularly the counless. Madgo ClAVoring says she is a very giiiud lady, and that lier youngest sister married a prince. Say you will go, oh, Frank, darliug, make me happy, and say yon will gol" lie flings her anus around his neck, aml looks up at him with the winning dark eyes so full of calilos t pluading, that í'or a moment Francia MuywooU is temp teil to kiss the lovely excitcd face, and grant her request - Uien ho Biiddenly remembers the bright, t'ovorish eyes and burning t'aceoi little Ilerbert, and realizes wnat a thoügfltlcss, selflsli request it is; and lie uuwiuda the cliuging, coaxiug arms, and turas his head resolutely aside lroni the girl's besoeehingeyes. Nevertheless, Hosilanu, we cannot go." ltosiland leaves Mr. Maywood's sidfi "lier oval oheeks buruing a dcep red, her Ups tiglitly coiupressed; her black cyos, blacker uiaii ever witli swit'i, intense anger; slie tlirows the ivorybacked haii'-brusli in lier hands, impetuously froin her, and tunis quiekly and taces lier uusbaud, her whole manner l'ull of recklesaness and defiance. 'I teil you 1 shall jo! You may reniain at lioine if you choose, but 1 shall nut manyr and dlsappoint myself l'orany ridiculous whimof yoursl" Aud Mrs. Maywood gives an angry stamp of her elippered ioot, as if to strengthcu and empüaslze her deularation. 'rank, soarccly seeining to notice hls wite's show ot' temper, turns calmly towards the niaid who is busily arraying the lace trinuniiigs of her mistress' baü dress. "Leave the ïoom, Mary," he commands, in that quiet, lirin voice of his that aiakes even wayward, capricious Kose inwardiy tremole, "and dou't return unti) Mrs. ïlaywood rings for you," &o, witli bowcd )ie:ul and nicck air, Mai-y obodietrtiy ioparts; tlicn Fruncís Maywood addiesses lus yuuug tito : "Kosiland, fond of cxcitcment and n-aiciy as l kninv you to bc, 1 eaimot iring niysuli to boücve you aie no liorougnly seltlsh, o utterly heartloas s ti ivally wisli to luave vuur iitlle ïclploss duld sick at lióme; lo ilic iiorcy oi'oiu'clcss aervams, wliilu you jijoy yownsoll in a b:iil-rooin." 'VVlio suya the sorvanis ;ue cúreles? OKI Jiiuo is tlic most devoted of nnr.scs lid is lo louvilig iny sickciiild - tlnU's ill ï'ollyl 1 don't boliove Iw's sicU, auU '-" You won't bclicve it, you nicin! nteiTU[)ta Frank, scoruluüy and saica.siioally. 1 gay 1 donH belicve Hl" fl:islios lioso, passiouaiuly. "llerbert is croad, all babies aro aL bis ayu- lbo tcoüi iroublc them - ihat's tlio illncss yott icprcsoiit lo ino as so alariuing. Xlio trutii ol' il ali is," slio nuiá on, boconiing anrier antt uioiti exoitud every insúul, "yon don'L caro loi' enjoyinont and ido- 1 fraiikly confew - you'd rotter slay quioily at borne tlian go to thisaffair lo-uight; you woiild like to pra vent me gowg, too, und tbe baby serves ns an excellent excuse and reason for dealrlng me to stop away fi-oni Mrs. Danfertli's bfill and l'eccption; but I havo no iiitention of ob living you in tbis particular. 1 say Pil not disappoint Mailgfl ClaVerinjt when she calis this evcning. I sball go to Mrs. Danfortb's wbolhcr you accompany me or not, and enjoy myself all the sanie. Francia Maywood gnzes at the dofiant wonian before him, wilh grave, lispleased eyes. It is not the first time since his marl'lage that liisyounf' wií'e has so unnecessarily displayed her quick, uncurbed temper, and used íor iharp Hule tongue iu hot, uncalU ed-for words; but just now he is Bhouked at her apparent want of motherly affection and solicitude for their cliild; and in that honr Mr. Maywood fervently wishes he liad never visited the Long Island village and fallen iu love with and married the village bakeP'a pretty, dark-eyed daurhtei Fór Mrs. Francia Maywood, wcalthy, courled, t'ashionable though she may be now, had been, a year and a halt' since, no greater personage than Miss Iiosilaud Heath, the jolly, redfaced, rough baker's daugluer, but very haiulsoine and graceful, and although different t'rom her undignilied good-huniored, easy-going parents. Miss ltosiland Heath was no favorito in her native village; tlic gossips c:üled "pivud" auil "8tuck-up;" she lield hersclf cntircly aloof froui the villagers and UiL-irmerry-makiiigs, and searcely noticed the love-loru young fanners who langu ished ford smileor a kind word frutó lier; hut wlien Franc is Maywood, aristocratie and wealthy, cain'c boaging for her luart, all her prklo and ouldness mi .1.ed, in the inU'iisity of her warm, impulsivc, airiisli love. Mr. M.i.vwuoil was all nnxiety for tlieir wedding, au l so one bl; Augustdiuy, Husiland Ueutli was mode Bosilaiid Maywood in the litile chmvli Oi the village, and in the cool of the evening sii kissed the lionest baker and is tluifiy wile, aml badc furewell to the dwll little lowu in whicll she had rcigned a proud young queou. lietora Frank had been married iiruiy weeks, he noticed liOW ibml of truiöty and admiralion and dress she was; ai lirst lio thoiight it quite natural, lor llosa was vcry young and unaccustODtWid to the grandeur and pleasure oí' her new lile ; Liut as limo rau on hc .saw how muuh iomier fhe sceiued of lookiug pretty and dreSJog well than of her liusbiiud'a oouttbri. For soa.e time afler the baby canie Rosiland grew iiidilfercnt lo every oilierjoy ; she was the niosl devote l and idolizing of mothers; Llien by do(fifes, iliu ïiovulty of the swoet briby Lee ilird tivmy, and ttOKO was the gïiy, ploasitif-loviJig llooe of foi-merly, ["liiii" for tlie g'lainor and oxuiiemuiit ofilioali-ruoni, caring liule or uoiliing lor lue pCcioeful uiei, oi' 1jo...ü lliL'. As she slands there now in tlio fluwilijf lobe of wliile cashinure, 1 1 ie Iiol ilnsli hlowly fading fmm her duik, p.quanl. liicn, UW angry light dylllg trom lier black eyus, she forms a yivlty, pcniient p.cture, iur Hlreudy she lOgl'oW hei' ha-ity, unijciuouá Wui'ds, illiXiady sue U.'el-s she has acled boiii uoldiy itiiii hOÍÜlly iñ wishuig to ucL'y her Uuibmid and l'orsiku liule Herben, lo aliena the D.uilertli reueplioa. Jiut, lepenlant and ashained as she fccU ut hui' behaviur, iluso -May wood has too mticii fuulisli pnde 10 acknjvled;e i , so siie has only glances aoio-.s at Frank, and suyg, carele.ioly : -it' you deiire me 110L to go lo Uie Danfertlis', ot courso I üli'au't go, Frank." Friiilc, who has not vet forgotton, or foigiven, her exhibiiion of bad temper of a itow minuies bei'ore, walks ealmiy to the door, aml, with hishand upon tlie kuob, he answers her : "I desire nothing; you may picase, yourself without reierunco to my wislies. lf your own lovu and natural feulings for your sick child are so light tluit yon can willingly go and enjoy yourself among thatgay blage - it' your child's hcaltli ana comfort, arn of so li tl lo coiisequciice to you, 1 shnll noither reinest nor ('orce yon to remain at home;" and wiih thoso plaiu words tlio gentleman o pens iho door and loa ves his wil'c alone. Roso, v lioso former anger has scarcely entiivly evaporafed. orosses tlie room with one long Stride, and ;ives the bell-ropo a quiok, vengoful Jerte "IJe thinks, b_y 1 1 is reproaohos, ho can frigUtcn me into pleftging liim and staying1 heve," slie says, to hersolf, with a short, mirthless laugh, and a defiant flash of her angry eyes, "but ho shall soon sec how vcry nmeh mistaken he is. I might have slaycd at home if he had acted loss coldly, but when lic assnmes that freeziiig look, and that stern, uiiapproachablu air, I'd do anything rather ihan please him. I missed the Diuiferth dinner party and mustcale, partly becaueo Herbcrt had a sliglit cold, partly becauso Frank declared it wou ld be possibly wrong to leave him, and novv i'm not going to sacrifico tlie Dani'erth ball and reception for the samo foolith reason. I can go with the Clavcrings; thank goodniiss I'm not depehdent on Frank to tako mo to-uight. Mary," continncd Mrs. Maywood, as Mary makes her re-appeartmee iu answer to her mistress' ring, "Mary, lay out my jewcls, and get me dressed as soon as you can, for Miss Cl ivering and her inay be hora at any minute Ï1OW." lu halfan honr Itosiland Maywood, looking positively radient in thetrailing amber satin, is whilied away iu the C la ver ing eulpage, towaivls the haudsome, illuniiuated Daufcrth sion, wliere niusie, inirlh und excheiiicm regu Blipruine. Mrs. Daufiíitli, a Btatdy lady of nvo aml forty, greet.s the C 1 1 vciiu party willl qiiao a show ot' ('Ilusión, und presuutly K)se ia introdtiowl to iho counters, vvhoiii alie titula la be a vury formal, very chilling, very uiicongeiial poi'souuge indceit. The Eujflisli amlMSAidor nikes Mrs. Jiaywuoi to supper, and coiivorsea on subjeetS so above Jtoac's ratlioi' menger intellect, tliai slie begins to repent ciiining,and wisli slie liadstayed uwny fruui iiiis aristocratie assemblage. As the night, grows so doc Hose'g rog rei; she beeomes thyrouglily (,'uvd oiPtho dancing, tliougli lie lian had luit two wailzes and a quadrille; slic contrives lu escape from the hule gi-oup ot' ulkauve adlniivra iliat surroiind lier. and screens lierself in ine doep recess ota Frencli wimlow, leeling quilo weary and niisei'aolo. Kránk's displcased face haunta lier, his grave, reprouchl'ul vo uu siill sounds iu lierears; .slie loves liini, in her own cupricioua, iinpulive way, and shü CiinnoL i'orgel hosv duflunt and lieariless has been lier conduet to liiin ; she thinks oí' her baby, wlioni shu lias lelt siek al hoiue - .she liad not willed to believe it, she lold herself Frankwas tbolish and fanoit'ul,aiid the cliild was not ïll, but now tne iruth will intrudo itselt', and sne kuows how true wero his words. Oli! it' slie wcre only home again, away trom all this noise and nien'iinent and grandeur ; what are they all iu coaipari8OU lo her own passionatc love, hei' geuerous, noble husbaud, the litile iiinucent cliild wlioin she has so cruelly neglected. ïlie loud crashing sound ot' the biiiss band makes her licad buru and aclie, the lieavy fragiuuce of tlie flowera decorating the vast parlora sickeii lier, the iucessaut talking, the gay laughter, the lile around her, al most niaddens lier. and she feels like throwing all reserve aside aiid bursting Luto a paroxysni of toare, and esuapiug lïom the inerry, careless crowd. Madge Chivering, looking eagerly around in search of her friend, espíes lier, half-üoncealed by the flowing drapcries of pale violet vel vet and fine laoo, aiid, hiu-rying forward, she lays oue white, patrioian, ring-laden hand, lighlly upon ilosiland's arm, androuses her fruin her wretched rêverie. "What is il? You don't seem as if you enjoyed the reception. Do you "want togo home, dear?" Rose vaises her brooding eyes, and Madge sees her face is quite palé and tear-stainod. "Oh, Madge, T want to go home to my husband and my baby. I left Herbert ill at home, and came hore agaiust Frank's wishes, and 1 fear - oh, Madge, I fear he may be woise. "Will you allow your coac liman to drive me home now. Uien he can return for vou and Harry?" "Ceriainly, my poor little Ko=e,' says Miss Clavering, promply, stoopiug down to kies Roso's npiurued face. "And I'll go home, too. Dou'tworry, dear; perhaiis Ilei-bcrt is botter, sicíid oí' worse. Harry declares lie 13 borcd, and I havc a liorrid hcadachc ; thc lieat and crowd aro intolerable. Mrs. Danferlh shows oor managemciit iu over-erowdhig liw rooins. Are you ivady to go now, ltoseV "Olí, yes!'' Mrs. Mtywood replies, eagerly. "l'll put ou'my wraps at Olifl'." '■V'ery well ; I'll trll Tlarry, then we can go 10 tiie ili-essing-rooin logeilier" and Hád ge lúoves awíiy to spenk to her biolhüi'. The carriage is driven nround to the front of the mansión. Madgo apologizes for tlieir early ilepnriuro, siys the reception is ver'y areeablo, eic, etc, and ihen ilic Clavering party utter tlieir adieux, fuul are pivsi.'iitly enconoed in the velvei-ciishioned uquipage. The ride home is a long 011e, Uut at last the state! )', ipobiuui house liuse calis lióme, looms 1111 in siirht, and the horsesaie pulled up boforo the sione siep; and kissing ümlg". who Is ilready ï, a warm goud-niglu, Mts. Alaywood aliglns, and llurry Claveriug esaoi'ts lier up the groat flightof sieps tü tlie poiidiu-ous enstiaiice door, wliicli is openi'd by i blinking-eycd, individual, in Ii uidsoniü livory, and wno bucuines red and oxcitcd (, siglit of li I-i iiiiatro-a. Mr.Clnvcrliig polittily rtiisoa his hat and dlsappciu's down the steps, tlio door üloiei vvitli u bang, and llose iho diinly-lit liall ligitt, lier tiieo quite palé. "is aiiyUiing wrong, Cappoisï" she a3ks, oagurly. "On, uiii'iuu, the young iniisler t.ook vo-3 at'Lor you Iü.d tor Mrs. Daufurth's, and, nh, in.i'ain " But lrs. Maywoml waas to hear no iiio;-e; slie pushes past liim, tliug'wg uil' hor tur-lined wr;tps 11 suc riune up tlie smii-easu towanl the uursory. - tíliü Lhruvvs oyen itio dooraiul secs lier htidband, the tiiiruly jjhysicmi, and oUlJiini! tiie uurae, surruiiudiiü Uie sinall iutiu-cuvoni i, lioo-Upod Liet on wliich lier baby lies, uyu wildly, fevorishly brighl, liis lips pareacd and dry, ins ürcaili in 110L, paiulnl gasps. -iiose, is it, indecil, you?" Frank axclrtiuisi iu eold surprise. "Ve, iL is I. Oh, Jfiuuk, my baby ; is he teil in ■ !" tí .o Uiiccls down besiüe the beil, her face vory wliile aitd seare.l, ulid kisscs passiotmtely tlie baijy lace. 'ilerbert- Hurtas, dariing, it is mama. Un, lleaven, lio dúos not know iuo!" wails Uiu e.ciuil giii. "Mr, iiaywooi - uiy dour inndame, pray be buha; tho chiíd must ue kept uxticuioly quiet; it' ha geis exciiüd 1 shall íioi, aiiswer í'or tlie consequi:nccs," reiiiousu'aLus Llio doctor, uoverely. "VVill ho Hvo? is lie very ill?- only Bnswor me, au'-t i uhall bo quiut. Oa, doctor lio i uiy only onu; do uot say that he will dio 1" 'Eiio piiii'ul ory touches a soft spot in tlie giutr, clderly little physiciau's beart; sae Jooks so very yxung and lovoly thoro, in tlie ihiuuuemi satín dress, kneeling beside her sick child that Dr. JMollaon uuswcrshur as hopeí'uüy as lie, wuli truth, can : With gi'cat caro there is a possible chunco oí' h8 recoveiy, but tlie attack is a severo one ; ttie lever luis boen gradually comiug on, and had I beeu suminonedatb.v hours e&rüeiyit niigüt have saved the eliild nmoh Bofferiug, í'or I could have preveiued tiio lever froin getting suen lieaaway. The nurso there knows wlmt to do - I gave her directioiis - so there is no necoisity for your íitting up with hini my dcar niadamo, l'll stop in again in the nioniing. Good-Mlgfit!" The physician takes np his hat, throws a careless glauco at tho babypatient, gives an abrupt littlonodjand vanishes from tlio ñürsery. J'jjse watched beside tlie little sufferoraü througU tho long hours of the niiílit, lier lieíirt llllcdwHli miii(t led íeinorso and leir; and Francia Mnywootl, lien tlicii) how fervouily elie regiuis Imr nogloüt and desertiou of lior un i y clii ti; Little timben MnjrwocwTíbaby-Hfe liangs M it' by a Uiread, fot thc next lew days, reudj' to snip at any muhiuiil; it ;i[ipe,rs u-í if his recovery to liealtli and stiengLli was inipossiblo- nií if lie musí iiie ; an.l wlicii tho tcri-ible orUtapoS and tlio doctor annoiuices jftecfiilly Hint he is lo live, liutfv, wliuM huftrt is nlinost brokeiij vvho-esoiH is tiick wilh liopelessness and de.-iiir, filis down upon lier Unues in :i very paiioxni of juy and docpesi gi'uui'.idc 10 tlmuk lloaveu its gr.'at nierisy. Olie sleils to lier husLaiid's 811UU1) liour afier, whon baby luis i':il leu iiiio a quka sliiinber, uid ])iits kur tliin haiidti upon liis shoulilors, and looks uw iuto liis face w i tli bid i lin ., liappy eyes. 'Frank, 11 aven lias aparea my baby's lite, aiiii íoryiven my wiekei actiDns. Oh ! darlnií, wun't youV" lío bends d.iwn iuul pre-ses passionnte ki8üüs upon tlie palé, vvan face - palé and wan witli incessant waiehing ovor the child's sick bed, buton whioli v radiant sinile re=ts. and puta liis sU-oiik: anus aboiit the sleuder figure. 'My doaret,I forgave you long ugo; the ïiuht you returned home 1'rom Mrs. Daufertli't so uuuxpcciedly, 1 knew you re pen led. ever goin.;." "Ou ! noirt jiieiition tliat night. Rose erie witli a little shudden "It biinga tlie niemory of ïny seliisliness and lieai-Uessness so vividly kwelt to niö. 1 ain going to turn overanew leal', a3 tney say, and prove to you and baby liow Uearly I lovo you botli, Frank," And ltosilancl Maywood kopt truc to lier word. From Lh aday l'orLh, all tlie intense love of dissipation and pleasuie, the willt'ulness and vraywardiiess tliat liad mide her so ind.tfei-ent to her husb.uut's liappinoss and hinden lier realaiid svveetuaiure, vauIshed forever.


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