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Might Give A Wrong Impression

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The Linooln Guarda, coloral, were tmrchlng down strect in Galveston. en voute to the picnic rounds, bchind a loud brass band. Standing at the cornet', in front of a saloon, were two local politicians who have a greatdeal of influcnce with the colored votéis. One of the politicians was very mach annoyed by a large fly that persisled in buzzing about his nose in spite of the ctforts made to drive it away. A scared look came over the face ot the second politician, and he asked his com pauion, "Have you got $10 about yon?" '"No, I've not got a cent," responded the othcr, luaklug a still more violeut pa3 at, the obnoxious insect. "Tliou, lor heaven's sake, quit makina; thoso motions." "WhyV" respond'd the other, waving liispaw more violently thau ever at tho lly. "BecaHHO those oolored troops will think you u'i3 jiiotioniug to tiiein to c.:n;o hl and Irivu boor, and tliey will stack arms and accept tliu invitatioii." Tae fly had it all its ovrn way after tliat.


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