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A big White röoatef ii) Wilüiing'o, N. C, makes himself n-ei'ul by ontcliinjr inicc, uf whiúh lie is very fond: The Pope's hair is snow-white. lio has a stri.ii'.' and vibraliníí voiccj aud lienra hlrasBlf wiih graat dignity. Near Hood rivcr, Orogoii. liumori gkeletOTi wis foiind in tlio fork ot' a tree, íiltecn f. et fVum Uic gvound. Lorillard'scxp'.orfrsiii Mexico havo uní aiilioíl from an Indino eemetery, coppcr idols, cup per triukets, vasos f tn-acelul forma beautifully paiincd, . tuys for c'uildrén, aud taaúj ya and pots. When Gambetta is gpeaking in puV lie he proiiounccs 2'M.) lo 24u worda a minute. An onVnmry apenkor pronounces ouly about 180 worda in the samo t me. 'Lord Macaulay used to pronounce 33u woims in a minutoi The new mili of thp Williniaiilic Linen éompaiiy atWillimantic, Conu., Í9 890 ieet lon by 17-i witle, uní is a one-story stnictui'-c. (he whole bciiíg onc gi-cat rouiii unbrokeii bv any jiarütioiij and ca pable ol' holding bctween 80,0üü and Uü.Ouu people Immense quantitiea of implements belonging lo tlie stoue and brouze age have just been discovered ncar the rapids of the Dniéper, it is also said thatan ancient boat, datilig back to the time of Burik, hasbecn uueaitlicd. The largcst lathe in the world has been erected at the St. Chamond steelworka in the departnient of the Loira, Franco, where it will be employed 111 the turning of one hundroil-ton guns. The latlie was made at the Whitworth WOl'kSj in Englandi The depeudenciea of thé British empire, according to an article in the London Economist, include an arca ot' 7,910,559 square miles, a population of 205,264,000, a coast line of 33,000 miles, and a total trade, exports and imports to-etliei-, of $1,579,400,000, A cat, cavelesslv sluit up in Rousevillc, N. Y., while the iainily weru away for the suiimier holiday, w,is iöund alive aftei1 thirty days. In ihö anonics of starvation it hait torn down the cnrtains and mutilatcd the wall as high as it could reach. The Prince of Wales is slill a little short of pocket money; 11 will take (roni two to thrce millions toenablo him to niake his creditora entirely happy. The Prinoe is doing a good deal toward awaking our Biitish friends to the cost of royalty. Mrs. Hora ce Dobell is the name o1 nu English lady who luis underiaUeii h w riting down of tUe auiüoroM of "Jóiin U1aliiax,"aild to tiiat eud eniittcd au entuc bpok. Mrs. Ciuig, it appcars, "knows irothina; wliateyerabout wonien, or men ciilie;.'' ïül will surprise uiany. ' A mound near Swansci, suppocd to coniain geological and antiquavinu li-casurcs, was opencd for tho i-diiica; tion of .1 tere party of ïacii of sciencc of the üriüsh associalion. A ineinber of puxtiament suyervised the coiomony, but tiie niouud provod to be nothing moreimppsing than a gravel and bowldei' heap, ''accuumlated by the centiipelal acüonof uvo sinali springs which niet at tilO spot." Lieutoiif.nt Condor haa measured the barleycorns in tíyiia, and iluda that, according to statement thaia cubic is cqual to i$ Larleycorus, tlic leinjth oí a medium cubic is 16 incbes. From this resul t it appcars t liíi t a furlongis 58J yards; u, Öabbathday's joumey 868 yards, or half a miie; and a day's Jouvuoy's 8,825 yards, or 4J miles. Tlie ycarly incomcs of the hends of the Ang-iican (Jlnacli iro as l'ollows : The .rchbishop -ï Canterbnry, $70,ÜUO ; the Bishop of York, $50,000 ; the Bishop olLondon, $50,000 ; the Uishop of Durliain, $10,000; the Bishop of W'inceatt'r; $36,000; the Bishop of Ely, $27,500; the Bishop of at. Asnph, $6,000, and the rcstnot lesa tlmii $20,000 and not more than $6,000 eacli. Each Bishop lias, inoieoveiÉ,a "palace," or official resiueiice. The Austin (Nev.) Ilerald says; "We are sorely in nced of a preacher, hut we don't want any cheap irash.- We want a good. nmscttlar Christian, who can snalcli sinners by the scriiff ot the neck nnd thein howliug "P thfi nlaïieof riirhleoiisness; ono who will nol drink inon tlmi ht'Cftn hom, muhvhiiwill hot oopy after Ueocher furlher tlinn IosIimI liis sonnon-. Öllfll a nuil will ïti a right smart laj out liere. IL lie eau plny llic fidille fiir tbc recular weckly dance, il will augineut his salary gomewliat." A plucky Yaukoe woimn in Pitlsfleld, Maine, senred :i qmtnk out of lus seven genios onedfty i-eeently. HohaiL promiscd to cuni her ot' uouralgin it sbe wonld lay a loll of greenba -ks on the kitclien tablc. Shc put We mouey on the table is ie requested. He tlicn asked for pen.inknnd I when she wantup stairs to fetch thein he disappeared with the moiiey. Lu a moment she wasbelmxl hhu with a revolver at, bis ear, aud sho kopt ït tliere iniül lic liti-l crau le I back into the kitcjieu, pul down the inoney anU begged for niercy. FrankforUon-Uie-Mnin, witha populatÁonofaboutonehundrodilioiisniMí, is rcaukd as tlio rioliost city in ihe whoïo world. isasserted that thcre are 100 Fráftkfortera woitli tV6in $+,- UOO,ÜUÜ to $5,000,000 eneli.awl 250 who aro woith ii,P0ü,000 and upward. The city is ono of the -reat banking enters of the globo. lts nggrogiite banking capital i estímate.! at #100,000,000, more than one-fourth of which the Kothsclnlds, whuBeori.'inaland pareus house is tliere, owu and conirol. ïhe street car company of Genova, Switzerlaml, luive dooided to inurcase the pay ot' tlieir eomluctors and drivers by giving tliein a sitare in ilie receiuts. Tiiis participatiottin the business done wil I bodoublod alter eigUteeu moni lis and iuereised again twelve inontlis later. It is thougtit tliat tho adoption of this plan will increase the receipts of the eompany, by causing the drivers ind conductors to be careftil and obligiug, and to keep a brighter watch lor eustomers. Clark Divis, a farmer atXewllochelle, 5.Y.. has a port nút of Maj. Andre, paiutod by himsoli with the nid of a lookinsfglao, during the brief imprisoinnentpiveedini; hisexeoution. luthe pioture, whioh is mounted in the origiual frame, Maj. Andre is representad as attired in the uniform of lus rank. witli a red coat with lijfht green l'acinga, ornamenteJ with large uilt epauleis, buttons and einbroidery, and with cambrie rutiles around the wrist. Mr. Fawcott, the Postuiaster-Geneï-al of (reat líritain, has hit upon a very clever device for the purppae ot encouraging the saviug of money among üw folter classes. Tliegoverumenthas issucd at lts vario us pO3tofiices au otlicial strip of paper, havine lipón it places tor twclvc, postiigo st nips to be gtuck. Xlio jilwwttorj man, woiimn, 01' ehild, r, ui, wheuuver lic has a spare penny, uuva stamp and uut il u pun the slip. W'lu'ii tlio slip is iull, liniL i, when twelv.; Btünipd havo in-cn glued on, ilie lioMer feifilsby laking tlic slip to the .oiullici', et il tftTingii bank recciil I'or a shilling;, tvhiéii is ilic min. iiiuin tl"i)(.siL tliat the pos.ollice giVm8 bank will, Lake. The crown jewoN vliii;li Mie Frencli govurnmeiit ia uixious to t-ill. cousisi, in part of objects wliicli liaye ueHliel' artistio valuu nor l.istoricil assoèiiitions. Tlie minister of line iirti states thattlie snni of 1.500,000 whicli íl is estiuiaie4 Ihey will leicli wonUl onablé hini lo t'oriu a reserve fujid tor the occasiuuttl pil reliase of works ot' ai-t (ur the nalioiiiil museums. At. re-ent the adniinistration ot' lino arts has the disposal of a suni of $50,000 votcd by the chamberí every yi ar, bnt tlie ibi-i:e of rontiii is so grout tliat tlie ininister is obliged lo spend tho Avlioleof ihis within tho tvvelvu moiH.lvs, uiieiheiHiere are favorable oppormnities lor buying ui' not, and can nol exieed tho gum by a singlo franc wheíi ilicre aro MVeraï important saloi darUg thé y car.


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