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KI!.:. 'S OI'KHA HOI SU, ANN Alt ISO H. C. J. iniKKï, Looauu i il a .htii:igiT. Dramatic En nt f the 8eaon l'uMlivcly Ooe Niirht On'y. FIUDAV, NOVEMBER 28. Mrs. SCOfï-SIDDÖNS Stippotted by IAJUH LABLAUHE au i i powerful Dmmniir Oompuiiv iindcr the uiaimjremeot t H. J. Sn i-geut umi .!. C. Sc.uilun. Bhtikespeare'scometly "S -STOXJ LIKE IT." Rosai.ind (hor fnvurito rhamcter) MES. SOUTTSIDIjONS. Beserveil peats for wile it Wilt ts' Jewelry Store four daya In iidvaoce. witeeTteum OF ANN ARBOR uöiiyyi ui itiiüjiii OI'ENS SSTo-v. 23, ISeO. -i :F1A.CTTIjT"2" : CAtvmB. ('adv. Director. Teacher of Piano, Orirau, Ilannony, Counterpoint, Fugue, and Oomptwitiou. Mr. Wjt. Ludbmr, Teacher of Violin, Viola, and 'Cello. Siooh Guisbppk Nicolao, Teacher of Voici Culture, italUm Opera, Oratorio an 1 Solo Singing. Miss Jeannie May, Teacher of Piano. Miss C. L. IIuggins, Teacher of Piano. ÍIss Anxa XicnoLS, Teach. of Piano. THE CHEAPEST 1TE77SPAPEII IX THE TWO COPIES FOR ONE DOLLAR. - OR - FOUR COPIES for TWO DOLLARS WitU au extra copy fhrown in for every Club of four. These are the new terms of THE ECHO, the best weekly nevapaper in the Btute. EVEUYBODY WANTS IT. Address, THE ECHO, Detroit, Slicli. THE BVENTNG NEWS, Daily Circulation 27,000 Copies. Iirigbt, Newsy nnd Indepemlont, By Mail, $5.00 a Year, Addrees, The Eknino Newp, ' Detroit, Midi. A NEW GRQC1RY ! AT16EASJ HU RON STREET, CAS PAR RINSEY Has opened a new stock of Groceries at the above location, comprisinfr everythir.gin the line nt bottom prieel - iind purchased exclusively for cübIi. Trom a lonp exerioncein the trade, ronil nnd whoH'sftlo, he bel ie vee üe ctiD 8ellj;oods aa cheap as the cheapest CALL AND SEE IIIS PEICES All (Joods Wnrrniited First-Cins. Furmfrs produce wimted for whith tho hii{he.-1 casli price wïll te piid. &W Eemembcr tlie place, 10 East Huron Streot, Ann Arbor. Tlie XJiiivei-sal JiatU. „I -.MAM BATOS fc & "t-r- w-'"I] Wi 'none B JWÊ1?" i= px-: „,.--is;- r- J-' -- -■-.-■?■ - "- = ; CJt : . -trr.c_f- J 1 s . "r.i'i'mi n,.", feadSCsv;. ajr ? la enliut tlu' worl.l. taH CJ-"" -i ÍS Priw KclUL-e.! Hil BnUW Klwwnrl. ' S,n,lor Cirrulart. E. J. KNOWLTON, Aüll Afbor, M'lCh. Fursuleat the Drug Store of L. S. Lerch, Cook'i Hotel liluck ; also by C. lCberbach: Sun. South Mak Street ; aod alao Wy the luanufacturer, E. J. Knowl. tou, No. 24 Nurth State Street, Ann Arbor, Jlicli to whoin all correaooiideDceahould te tuldreBaed. eí-'Vlí Piease write for S h }?$ S oup Prica List, ü I f'ftam prices nd j rMf scriptionsofaügcods ïiiifv wffl In ssnersil us8, emBkI' bracing Dry Goods, lnrirfYBll C!othing,Boot8,Sho8S, K Har nes s, Saüdles, Bi Guns, Sewinq j irics, Musical Instru■nrail r.erts, Jewelry, Eror i - BI ceries, etc. Samples i mil of any cla83 oí dry :. i' "í j iinaiionsto byy. j ,: , ? i tofaction guaranteed. I ' Montgomery Ward & ! S1M!iij Co., 227 & 229 ipfy Mmñ bash av" Chicago, IIU? Abstracts of Titles. All partios who are doalrousof 'vacertfiininpthe iondltion of the title to their IandH, or purtiep who wish to loan meney on real estatewill dowellto 3flllatthe Registei'toölce and consult a Coinparod Set of Abstract Books. eádhooksare so far advaitccd that the Register au fiiriüï-li un short notíec a Perfect Statement as to the Title of any parcel of land in "Washtenaw couuty ab shown by the orginal records. C. U.MANLY, Register. WÁNTED1 FARTIE8 WÏIU WII.I. PUT TÏES OR TÏM3ER OS THE IJne 'of tlie Toledo, Aun Artoo anti MortheuHtern Itailroad. The ('ompnny luis bflh fnr al.nuf n.oon of cu ven umi MtUa iiis timbar for wliich it will PAY THE HIGH EST CASH PRICE Assoon nsili-livLi-ed on thclineo Ihe rond. The wil] ulso ]ay aafa lor lies H follow : BS cents for Onli ; 25 conts Tor Asl and Tiimttrnrk. Dimonsions: 8 fcot long, 8 Inch face, 6 Inoh thlck "'■' Any pnrtvwhoivil] put milis 'ntn tnp wooi' and enntrnrt for n large quuntity can obtalo od Tanlageoustgrms. For speciiicatkms on timber, 4c., apply to H. W. A8HLEY, Corner Washington and Main Street ANN ARHOK, MICH. Tbe damp weather and cfcillïng wlnda of thf npproMcliin : HPiison Mibjccts si,t. to oxpomro, nn mn tr how healtliy, we re none Uu Int pninccétible to an attnek i CorfiüS, ('OLDS BRONCHITIS PLETTRJBT.Pptttikoof Hi.oon, Cattaiihii of the CJ ' ''"' properly nttpiidpd to end in LA ,v! l .Ml I IOs . Towk's Bboschiat, Pyni-i' li K l'OSITIVE CüliK. wtth hut the nnminnl fot of 75 cents you pri-ciiri' this lruh wrtTtign romedv. IIHONCHIAI. SYRlfP is giartmtetd l.y nll djnirrnst nnd deulcrs in medicine to ttive rbtirk íATlsricnoir. Try it and be couvinced of its keal MEHXT. M.ARfEAT-S T.TVER :md Anti-Uilious COMPOT7ND furrs uil Liver nnd hilioüs dlseOxM, pur Hes lli hlood, 'qnKlizos the irr ulation and rustort lo perfect lieslth Ihe enfeebled syslom. FARRAMï, WILLIAMS & CO., AlU'nf, Dl I HOI! For sale liy" ff. ,1. BEOWN & CO., Ann Arbor. JT IXSKY & SEABOLI'S Bakery, Grocerv, AND FLOUR AND FEED STORE. We keepconstantly on hand J BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &c. For Wholcsalo and Ketail Trade. We shall also keep a supply of DELHI FLOTJB, J. !W. Swift & Co's Best Wliite Wheat Flour, Itye Flour, Ilnckwlieat Tlour, Corn Meal, Veed, &c, &c, &c. At wholesale andretail. A seneral stock of GEOOEEIES AND PEOVISIONB conptantlyon liand, whioh tti'11 be solfl on as red onable terms as ut nny othcr house in the city. fLtr Cash patd for Butter, KggB, aud Countrj Produce gentTftlly. GoodsdeHvered to any pnrt of the city withi out extra charge. RIJïSEY & SKAIÏOLT. Ann Arbor. Jan. 1. 1879. EDWARD DUFFY, Wholesale and liet ai l A Lnrge, Xcw, nnd Clean Stock of Stapie & Fiiiicy öroccries ALWATS ON HAND. Together with a full and oomplete slook of BOOTS, SHOiSS, AND RUBBER (OODS, Also a choire assortment jf IndSen' and Ocnts' tinicrivenr, fSoslery (lovctt, ft"c, öpeciul ïuducements offercd ensh enstomers EDWARD DÜFFY, Cor. Main and Ann Sts., Ann Arbor K? Cash paid for all Farm Products. PAINTS, OILS, ETC. 'mili LAUGEST AND BESÏ STOOK OF ba II L %3è Lila 7 "Va,, ALL KINDS OF Painters' Materials, &c. AMEEICAN AND FEENCH WIITDOW CIiAES AU Slzcs. '2Q and 28 East Waaliington Street, ANN AEBOB.


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