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- (T-rístTvr? iu ooniïift - ppnd u? nll ti'? newB. - Tlie turVevH berin to Iwnhlp. -Tlianksgiving Thursday of MXt - Nov isthe limo lo subscribe f or the _T?aw l tlifl timo to advei'tise for tlie holú'ay trrdp. - Tlie (Vnirnl Tiailroad ia doing a lan'p frpigM 1i?inp?p. __Tle voxt rolitirül pxcitement liere WÍH 1)P tle fiiriiipflpction. -'sintoi1- 11-P coTpsp 01' ti'P " TtkIppen.iPTit '" party upon whieh to base an oliitnnrv. -Tiiíit''tiii;"f tnwt into a bngffy n-i ?tiiripf, riMfp. Bfn of Prof. B. E. Nlehoin. ffl' and hroVe a lotr. _Tn the MnynBTd store reopntiv pnrrlnspd nn.í rp-fttd hy himwif. Mr. r;porge Cterken wül open a bilüard room. - Miisicn"y-incliiipd ppopip wi'1 reao witli satisfrtion thfl miiioiirppniont in otir advnrtising columns of director C. B. Tadv. -farv .Tanp. Wíislnnp-tor.svs n rorrpppondpnt of thp Monroe rommercinl. lias nmtnved from South Rookvood to Aiiti Ariwv. - TiifihiïH school numíwTSÜCRptipils, a eain of ÍS ovpr 1S70-S0. Amone tlu-in are 212 non-residents, a gata of 22 ovet last spnson. - Tt is niiripTstroil ooiin'v treatmrer Knapp will ppvform the fnnotions of tliat oflVo thronfrh a deputy. WbX) he will 1p is uní yet known. - .Teff Pavis IipIípvps liimsplf to heco Folid wlth the board of gnpervisoTB tht a yoke of exen will ht) unable to pull bim out of the court Iiousp. - Mr. and Mra. T)r. Cocker wpre surprised Frid.iv evenine by n larce wwd of frlends each of whom presonted a canoffmit.tlH'yliavingbeeninEurope durinK tlie fruit season. - Tiev. Mr. Runderlnnd will spea MttSnnday pvening at the Unlttnan rhnrrh on " A Unitarimi's Idpa of cíes." Morntaft subject, "Beautïful Lives in Hurnble Places." - Tlienimor üiat Howard StephenMm, of Ypsilanti conlempiated removng to tliis c!ty after January next to exercise the duties of circuit courtcommissioner, is denied by the gentleman liimself. - TIerhevt, son of John Wliii, resirent of Detroit Street near the depot lied from injury received by beingbit on the head witb a stone thrown by a boy named Pfeifle who has been senteneed to the Lansing reform school. - After Jannary the east and west corridor of the eonrt house will divide the county officers politicaÏÏy. The treasurer, sheriff, judRe of probate and circuit court commissioner will occupy the north side, register of deeds and covmty cleik, the soiltb side. - Mrs. Peborah Kellogg, late ot tuis city whoce death is chronicled under the regular head was the mother of fourippti ehiMren, two oniy snwivins With her hushand tho lato llorare Kellop-rr shp rpriM to. and settled in the township of Piftstic'd in 1W1. -The remsine of Mra. Dr. Oasebeer. of Lu OntTipe, Indiann.were brotiprht to thïncity Nov. 11 for bnrial in Forest llill pcmEtery. The deceased waa a i1au"liter of Oeorsre Speechly of this ■city 'mul nwiieil n sjradwt of the uniypreity. Slu died in child-birtli. -Au aftent of a tplepboiw comnanyis In the city endeavorinjr to establisb an Mechante. Tventy sulisfribevs luwe een securefl 'ui Ypsiiarti.andprovided Tii equnl nuitiber are ohtainrd here the cilios will he comieden1, a convenience prrntly to be desired. Ami Arbor is I.eliind mnny towns of ita size in tlus v.-oiidevful improvetneiit". -Bami POBeert for tlie benefit of th uniform ftmd for tlie Aun Ajbar Citj bnnd on Weflnexday evening next, tb S4tU, at ITilVs opera bouse. Her AVülielm l.irlerer, tlie eminent violin jst atid fr. ITomer Varren the popv lar tenor botli of Detroit, will appear. Polos by Mrs. I. TI. Simonds and Mr. I). Oteóme. Baritone florn solo by Mr. John ("base. New music by ful) Iiand. - TJememher Rev.Tnvil S-K-rng's Iw1urp Uiis ereninpr. His subject is. "The Placo of the Novel in Literatura, ■whioh ha been commended wlierevi it lias lifPii delivpred. ■ Trof. Swing i one of tliose Taro men in wbom ai ,„-,) (i niniii rtiBTiners. honest hertednEB8, profonnd learning without pedantry, and thorougb culture without affeoUiUon. H3 preaehes every S:ilb;ith to one of tlie larpest and most Iiite11ient conprreírations to he fonml anywlieve. He is loved and respecteil at liome wiiile bis neholarly discourses nre read all over thia romitrv and have -won the admiration of all classes ano gect. The price of admission to Lis leetnre is 50 cents. -At the dedication of thenewcourt lionse in Wonróe on Wednesday cveniiip, Gov. Felcii, one of the pkmeers of the Jfonroo bar, was the hcaiOTed Kuest of the county aml the orator of the evcning. A eorrespondent of the Free Press, writes: " Ilismasterly and scholarly addvoss was received with mared attention and rendered the occasion both impressive and notable." A banquet by the bar and board of supervisors was spread at tlie Park hotel in Gov. Feleh's bonor. Toasts followed. Tbe ex-governor held a rerpption in tlie aftemoou at tbe room of the cirrnit jndgein the court house and received the calis of a large number of Monrop"s cittzens. - A one-half interest in theChandler (formerly GTegory) house bas again ebanged ïiauds. It isno secret thai tlte recent pwelmser. Mr. Chandier deslred to dispose, of liis interest thereln, and the large real estáte transaction recently effected is the sequel. Besidea tlie hotel proper, eifcht stores and land in rear of same belong to it. One-half of thia profierty vaiued at $2-"),000has been purchased by Xelson Hootli conveyinff in consideraüpn tlie farm of 400 acres located in Pittsfield and valued at $80,000 trailcd by him about one year ago with Wm. Burke, tho occupant for the past year. Mr. Burke' receives four tlwellings located In this city and Manchester, property of Bootli, includlng the Grenville property on "Washington Street, the Morton property on Washtenaw avenue, a dwelling on Grove St., and a fourth in Manchester of total value of $13,000. Differenees in exchanges are adjustedbypaymentln cash or secnrities. Mr. Booth will come iuto possession of his interest: in the hotel I)ec. T,aml it is tobe hopedwill refil and refumish it, constitnting it 'mU whatit can be niacle.afirst-classbostel ry, a credit to the city and proütable to the laudlorU. Priae of coal adyajused to $7. - Adjourned meeting of pomological Bociety to-morrow afternoon. -Winter is npon ns eartier tlmn nsunl, with raany owprepnTed. - Artemnfl riiayer wlio diori in Flint Wednesday was a resident of this city In 1836-87. -Post office l'ouvs fnr thankögiVinft day wil! be froÉn 9,80 to 16,30 a.m.. and (i.i'O to 7.80 v. M. Money order business vrill not lo transactod. v-TIip calling attention of thepW5! to'tlie appearance at Die opera house of Mra. Scott-Siddona is sufficieiit. For further partlculars, sec advertisement. -Captain "Wyllys Hall, paster of tlie Kpiseopal chlirch, liavinR resitrnod the cliaplainoy of tlie ñrat regiment of state troóps, P.ev. B. T. Hütchlns of Momoc succeeds him. -The circuit eonrt has affivnipd tlie decisión of probate juílfie Ilarriinan rendered in Öie Clark (Saline) contesteil will case, and the matter bas been settled gatisfactorily between tbe heira. - l.itllc Maclc is linil1ing np a fine trade In custom tailoring aa well as in ready made olotlnng. He employs nearly a dozen bands in mamifacturing clothes to order, all of wbom are very busy. -The ITnitarian society have finally ptirchased a one and one-half story brick dwelüng house on east side of State at the head of Liberty street of Georire Williams of Northvillefor $2,030 eonsMeration, and intend to erect thereon a church the coming smnmer. - A telegram last week eonveyed the s;id newa to Prof. M.C.Tyler, htB brother-in-law, of the death of Rev. Charles A.Gilbert, rector of Key AVest, Fla„ Episcopal clmrcl). During visits to thia city the deceased occupied the pulpit of St. Anilrew's ehurch. He died of yellow fever. - Tliat apple stiit from Manchester occupiéd the attéBtiqn of the court to considerable length this week. It will t ike a good nianv apples at present prices to re-imhurse the trio of attorneys on each side for the forensic eloquence displayed to say nothing of the cost to the county. -In the examination of atts at Adrián charged with stealing the corpse of Nathan Mlriett buried in the above city, he was boirad over for trial. Huff, an assistant to Dr. Herdman of the university, testified to receiving the body. Nbrton the other accused person, had owned up the whole affair. -On Tuesday evening, Nov. 23rd at the resWence of Dr. Ford, Washtenaw avenue, there wül be an entertainment for the benefit of the Ladies' ary, eonsisting of a paper upon Ba elais by Prof. W alter and of ënjoyable msic. Admission fifteen cents. The ntertainment will commence at half ast seven o'clock. All are inviïed. -The Washtenaw County Pioneer ociety will hold its second qnarterly meeting for the present year at Ypsianti on Wednesday Dec lst, 1880. The puWishers of the fortlicoming istory will 1)0 present. Alatters of reat importanse in connection vith ,he history will come before themeetng. A laVge attendance is requested. - Ilenry P. Boylan, wlio was arrestid at Ann Arbor on Thursday, on a c-liartïe of embezzling SH.OOO fxsm Louis ('ook. a Cincinnati caniage manufac: curer by whom he was formerly employed, was arraigned at the Pólice Court yesterdny, and was released on his personal recognizance toappear for


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