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-The regents after iloing considerable business last weck adjourned to Jan. 12. - An inventory of theproperty of the university sliows the fotlówiag summarv: Personal 232,117; real estáte t449.33P. Total $681,442. - Wit nearly l,fiOO studenta, every department is crowded. The question ai-osc with the regents last week: '-Vhat shall we do for room."' - An auditing board of the university is estabUshed and consisls of tlie presidnt, seeretary and treasurer. All requisitionsfor the purebas oí supplies or apparatus must be submitted to the board and approved by a majority of the same bcfore any purchase eau ba exceeding $25. - Acting-President Frieze suys tbat in the 3n years since the doora of the university were first opened it has liad ander its instruction no less than 8,835 ] studente and now at the opening of a nev year it has enrolled not less than 1 ,- 470. and will undoubtely register not less than 1,500. Of all those who have been nnder our instruction, 0,249 have been gradüated." Wlipn tho editor of the Ann Arhor n(us saya tliat tlie Enterprise pretcinls tu lit; neutral politically it utters i falsehood. A (ïlanoe at the heading f the paper wil! show that we claim to ie "iöaependent in all things.1- Manchester Enterprise. Olí. ali, i'iadepeadent" The' AKetrsctiarged the Enterprise wlth selhug out to Jacobs. Do not evade answer, but deny or admit the allegation. If you doiy, we will prove it by yur columns. If you admit, pirase say what you received from Mr. Jacobs for the three puii's copieil from the Ketrister the week before eleetion. We are glad to learn the Enterprise is "independent" that is, willing to insert puffs for any candidato in its local columns without mark even to show them to be j fulvertisements, for a eonsideration, no matter if the politics of the canclidate are opposed to those of the publislier. "Independence" therefore, means according to our cotemporary, the sale of lts columns to any candidate who will pay the price demanded. That is all the inference we can deduce from the Enterprise'a "independence.7'


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