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Proceeding Of Circuit Court

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Thursaay, Nor. 11. Tn the case ot tUe People vs. Churlos T. Collitt of ypsilanti chwyéd witli larceny of a watch from McCollum of Ann Arbor, the trio out on fti evaning of dlssipation, was found npt guilty by a jury. Case Of WillianiCoulsonYs.township ofLyndon goesoverto January term on paymen of attovney fee of s.",. First National Bank of Ami Arbor vs. Cliarles J. Klntmer goea over the terra. George Meseenger brliiRs action agalnst Milton F. Davison to recover moSey acfvanceSon purchaae ofland on the liiie of the Toledo road. Trial had and decisión resorved. TYidnv, Nov. 12. Cliristina nnsbhider Tbrings action agáinst Jacob Haselschwert charging hira with malicious prosecution growingont of a family quarrel between sisters. Jury disagreed standing 9 to3. Patimlay, ov. 13. Gèatfc MeasMiger obtains judgment of $560,56 against M. S. Davison, late proprietor of the central railroad eating liouse. American Express Coinpany obtains jnrtgment against Joseph Martin of Vpsilanti of Sö7l,((. Edith V. Browneli Rranted a (livores f rom J eróme Brownell on grounds of desertiop. Two cases of Malilon Miilford vs. Arclus A. Bedell and Win. B. Martin are discontinuad. Monday. Nov. 15. In case of John F. Binder vs. George Wiedman secunty for costs requircd by court. Clias.C. Wheder vs. Addison Fletchr ,r. Jiulyicnt on trial by court of 72. Tuesday, Nov. 36. Wm. P. Campbell vs. Walker B. Sherman. Case brouglit to recover about $325 valué of a certain lot of apples alleged to have been sold by the plaintlü and another, to defendant's agent at Manchester. Norria, Craue and Kinne for plaintiff; Ilewett, Froeman and G. D. Gridley for dcfense. W'ednesday, Xov. 17. Ilarriet Spaülding vs. John J. Rolñson. Continued on motion of defendant. In the matter of appeal of George II. Mcflean from decisión of commisBioners In the estáte of Sarah C. McLean, case discontimied. Case of Toseph M. Quivey vs. Lambert Giersko. discontinued. Thursday, Xovember 18. In case of Campbell vs. Sherman plaintiff rerieves judgment of $273. Sixty days allowed for biü of exceptions, all proceedings meantime stayed. Case of F. II. Payne vs. village of Clielsea, continued on motlon of defendant with attorneys fee of 95 to plaintiff.


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