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A committee was appointed by the Pioneers Society at its meeting early in the present year to engage a company or some person to compile and pnblish the history of Washtenaw c.onnty. This committee is known as the ITistorical coniinittee and is composed of tliree of the best citizens of the connty. men who are tboronghly interested in preserving the history of the lives and Aeeda of the pioneers of the county; they are also men of experience, of literary taste and excellent judgment. For several months they labored earnestly to engagu with competent and responsiMe parties to carry oit the enterprise. They conferred with different r.avties, 'out not unülSeitember 30, 1880, (lid they make permanent arrangement for the publication of our history. At that time the committee after a careful examïnation of the plan of historical work of Charles ('. Oiapman & Co., made a contract with thom to compile and publish the historv of Washtenaw county. Below ye give the contract mado by ttiis conmüttee with Messrs. ('Iwpman & ('o: Ann Arbok, Mich-, Sept.w, issu. "We, tho undersignedi HistorieaJ committee of the Pioneer Society of Washtenaw county, havinfï examinen the plan of historioal publfl?ations adoptéd by ('luis. C. Chapman & Co. of Chicago, til. , heroby give our offioial approva! of tlie samo "and recommend thom to the pioneere and resident of tliis county as worthy of thoir confidence and patronage is compilers and publishers of its history. . , AVe do also, as inslnioted by rosolntion of said sociftty (rive tliem access to tlie records and archives of the society in the. hands under the supervisión i of its secretary.


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