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The tenth animal raáetinfc of the Michigan state borticultnral society wil! be held in Ann Arlmr. on Monday, Tnesday and Wednesday, Dec.6, 7, , in acceptance of an invitation from tle Washtenaw comity pomological sociei y. Ampio nn-angomciits will be madelxy the local society f or the reception and entertainment of membeffl of the state society and delefratea frombranch socleties. Others will Bndgood hotel accomnioiiatioiisat rodiicetl nitcs. Tlie MicliiRan Central Railroad will sell round trip tickets from stations on all its roads in the state at !wo cents m mile to tlioseholdint? certifirato, whicli -an lie obtained by applymK to unas. VV. Garfield. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A cordial [nvitation isextended to all interested in horticulture to be present at the scssions and jfi in the diSCTHsiona upon tho various loj ics presented In the following fuoorammic: Mondny evening, December . ■ 7:30 o'cionkj- Address of wekomo, nnd Paper. "The onks of Michigan and the forfd," by Pn.f. W. J. Beul, Disrussiimof same, led byA.C.Town, Barrv coimty. „..j, Paper,1' Migration of Michigan birds, by i'rof.' J. 15. Stoere, Arm Arbor. Tnesday forenoon. 9:00 o'clock.-Paper, "SluilJ tree asente be enconraged?" by E. M. Potteit, Kalama.oo. . Disönssion on same, loa uy Donlev, Jacksóc. , l'aier. "Cntture, value and imai of the less conimim vegetables, by ,. T. McNaughton, Jackson. Dlscusafon on same, led uy J. -n. Stearns, Kalamazoo. DiSCTissioTi "How tn utilize onr fnnt erop tn nrake it most remunerative," Messrs. Watkius, Conkhng, Carr, Hili ana others. Tuesday afiernoon. 1:80 o-clock.- Essay. "Heoiprocity," by Mrs. Pierre of Arm Arl)or. Essav "Origin and advantages of asB.ciation." by Mrs. [clloynolds, Ann Arbor. ■ , Paper "Our trip to the college,'7 by James Satterleo, GreenPaper "Tbe winds. especially tbose of tlienortb west," by Prof. Hamngton. Ann Arhor. DiscussioB, " Memorial trees, by Measra. Glidden, Ualilwin, and others. Tuesday evemng. 7:30o'clock.- raper,"THfflcultypfmaintaifaing pure and ird seeds, by W. W. Traoy. Detroit. Paper, "The school garden' by Prof. Daniel Pataam, Ypsilanti. Discussian on tho same. _ Paper, "Climatology of Michigan, by Br. Alexander Winchell, Ann Arbor. Wednesday forenoon. 9:30 o'elock.- Paper, "Danger of overdoing fruit culture in Michigan, by S. W. Dorr. Manchester. Disclission on same, by Jiulfte Lawton. Wm, A. Urown, and others. Reporta of offlcere. Miscellaneous business. Electton of oflieers for 1881. Wednesdrn aftirnoori. This session villbe givon to committee Work, vialririg object of interest in the city. etc, etc. Wednesday evening. 7-RO o'3lock. - Committe report. Paper, "New insect enemies - and ni-w nictbod of Bchtiiifr noxioua insecta," by Prof . X J. Cook, Lans infj. Memorial exerclse in memory of Secrfitiirv ,T. V. Thompson, led by S. L. Fuilerof Grand Rapids. Rpsolutions. Adjournment. ' The exercises of eacb session will begin promptly at the hour designated, unless otherwise ordered by the society. Everybody intending to go over the Michigan Central railroad shoukl apply raily for a certiflcate. It is very destrable we havo a béautlful exhibit of the best winter apples, and the èxecutive board offer the followjug prizes to members of the society: Best 5 varieties winter apples for market, S5. Beet ö varieties winter apples to eat. ■ Best 5 varieties winter applestocook, S5. There mustbe exactly five specimens of eae.h yarïety, and the awarding comtnittee will consider not only the value of the varieties for each particular purpose, bnt tlie character, beauty, freedom from ilefects and general perfeclion of the specimens. Entries must be made by mail or at Ann Arbor the afternoon of Dec. 6, We desire a large exhibit of fruit, in variety; and, aside fróm tke special exbibita named above, it is hoped that fruit-growers will bring in from their abunrtance, especially of varieties rejiarding thenames of whicli there inay be soidc doubt. Let ns have a large iittendance and fine exhibit, T. T. Lyon, President.


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