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- PorterBrow ir of Manchester raised 2S9 busbels of eirs of coni from twö acres. - Prof . Vennor predicts 1H f pot of snow Doe. 22. H 'ader. yoU are warned in time. - W. Holmes of Ypsüanti has been Kranted letters patent on a wi id-mill and pump. - Frèderick Hützel, brottier-1 i-lawof Philip Bach, and bis sister, Mr-s. Lohr, botli vcsidents of Pittsiield are uerióüsly ill with pnpuni mia. " _Tlie popularlty of Mr. AJbertCrane with his urijrlibors is evinced by runnhiK 178 votes ahead of the elnetoral ticket in the cou -ity, beating his opponent, Mr. Eexford, also of i'pailanti, 605 votes. -Farmers' horses more or less tteoflghout thü county are suflering from the prevailin.íí eplzootto. Au animal sufferíng fröm thia rtweaa ■ needs as (jood chre as a man suffcrin; tflth inllíimmation of the lungs. - Mi-3. .íano t'reer wii'e of Jonas Kreer of Sylvan was commltted to the insane asylum at Pontiao, tlie last of Ootober her insaiiity having been eectified to by Drs. Gates and Gilkltiy of Chelsea. Thls laja, case 0Í long standing. - A print ing ffirc in STpsUantl, tljflt braga about dortng a Urge amount of job work and whlobagreed to print and deliver a record on or brfore September lst, last, hftsn't vet pcotont the job. The terma npon which this office bid on the job were, thit it shonld be finisbed in Ihirty days einliii witli A-Ugust - Andrew Shuda of Ypsüanti town was on the 12th instant by order of Judge Ilairimancommitted tothe l'ontiac insane asylum on certifícate of phypicians Drs. Batwell and Dwenof Ypsilanti city. Shuda has been oommitted before and was let out on trial. but bis neighbors became af raid of him. -We called at tbe Courier offlco.were very kindly received by the gentlemen of that office, and had the pleasure of an introduction to Mr. R. A. Beal. He seem pleasedto makecmr acquaintance, for meeting Wip aftèrwards in the street he came up and shook hands with UB. Of course we were pleased too.- Dexter Leader. -Compared witli last season wlien Mr. J. D. Baldwin shipped 10,000 baskets of peacbes, this vear's erop has been more prolilic furnishinR about 18,000 baskets beslde a large waste owing to the hot and wet weather. Last season's erop thpugb yielding about half as mueh as this season, was more prontableto growers. - Mr. John C. Taylor and family of this village has had a hard time witta typhoid fever. The oldest son, Rennie, was taken down íirst- then his daughter, Celestia- then lúmself. The son and danglvter are around and in a fair way of recovery. Mr. T. is still sick; but is getting alpng as well as could be expected.- Clielsea Ilerald. - J. L. Stone has rented the Follett house, giving possession the flrst of next May. Meanwhile lie has elosed it fot repairs. ïh'first of May he resumes hotel business at Manchester. The Follett house has been occupied fot hotel purpoaea about 20 years. ít is for sale. It is eügibly lócate!. 12,000 would make it as of vore. one of the best in the


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