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Real Estate Transfers

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Tliomas McCall to Warren and Frank Babcoob, 80 acres in i'ork, $3600. Tlms. II. Geer to Ana fSpeechly, 1" acres in Aun Arbor town, $600SaJ-ah A. Wales to J. V. Coroy, Manchester villagelot, 80. Thomaa L. Spafordto Franklln Spaftord, Mancliester village lot, $600. Benjamin McGraw to Gorge W. Browa, 5 aeres in A.ugusta, $126. I George A. Bissell to B. F. Whitaker, 1 parcela of land aggregatintc 2 acres in Augusta, $100. 1 fannora I Iannifan to george W.Oi'U . Viisilanti city pro))prty, Slöon. ICllen .McCall to Nülson S. Durkeo, 80 in Augusta, SIOOO. Lydia T. Conde to Arthur D. Conde, GO acres in York, $900. Edward Payne to Franklin Hall, 20 acros in Manchester, !?S00. Joseph Donnelly to 'Félix Donnelly, i A. A. city prqperty, $568. Edward W.CushuuintoDaniel White, Manchester village, $i75. Jesse E.FIncher to Stephen V.IIitchcock, 10 acres in Tork, $1200. Henry M; Taberto Xoah W.Cheever, 80 acres in Lodi, SöOO. Cyman Woodto IraE. Wood,80acres in Lodi, $6000. J. Gottlieb Zalm to John Geo. Zalm, 39 acres in Lodi, 47ö0. qi'lT-CLAIM. Dudson Webstfer to Marimla M. Isham, 80 aerea in Salem, $1. Fredefick ISneta to Ilenry Van Voortus, Kiü acres in Salem, $1000. George A. Kellet to üuy Beckley, 20 acres in Ann Arbor town, $2000. Guy Beckley to LydiaL. Kellett, 20 lacres in A. A. town, $2000. Edwin Vorce to Amos Kitclieson, 40 acres in Aimusta. S(il0. Edward Duffy to Mary G. Wliiting, ' Ann Arbor property, $49.60. James B. Gott to Mary C. Whiting, Ann Arbor city jHfpperty, $200. Catberine IC. Cook to Herman 1). Coolí, 80 in Sharon, S1000.